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"I Need a Jew" Was Fair Game

3/17/2009 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Seth MacFarlane and "Family Guy" first wished upon a Jew, then wished upon a federal judge (not a Jew) and came up winners on both counts.

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Federal District Judge Deborah Batts (we're making an assumption she's not Jewish) ruled the episode "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein," featuring the song "I Need a Jew," did not infringe on the copyright of the owner of "When You Wish Upon a Star."

The show, which was produced in 2000, showcased Peter's frustration that he could not manage his family's finances. He lamented how he needed a Jew to help him with his money and broke into song:

"Nothing else has worked so far
So I'll wish upon a star
Wonderous dancing speck of light,
I need a Jew."

The court tossed out the claim the parody was a copyright infringement. Judge Batts (we still think she's not a Jew) also scoffed at the notion the parody would create "harm by association."

Way to go, Seth!


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ladies and Conway Twitty.

2045 days ago



2045 days ago


You guys spelled his last name wrong. It's MacFarlane!

2045 days ago


Family Guy ROCKS! I LOVE STEWIE!!!!!!!

2045 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

Harvey never misses an opportunity to stick it to the Jews. One of those self-loathing types? I think Judge Batts is batty...and that the lyrics *are* offensive. If you wanna do Jewish songs, ask Adam Sandler how it's done with humor.

2045 days ago

stewie griffin    

I LOVE Family Guy!! Stewie and Brian are awesome =)

2045 days ago


let's face it, the jewish community didn't like the episode, thought it was racist since Seth is not jewish,because you have to be a jew to make fun of jews, and now the jewish community, which ironically enough is mostly filled with lawyers, want Seth to pay through the nose. I wouldn't be surprised if the song was owned by a jew as well. I hope I don't get my comment deleted directly by Harvey Levin (Jewish last name for all of you folks).

2045 days ago


Are you getting this celebrities? Treat TMZ well and they will treat you well. Seth is smart enough to get this! Family Guy rocks! By the way, can we do something about the idiot Canadian promoting his website on every TMZ post? We get it. Now stop.

2045 days ago


Since when was Lois a blonde?

2045 days ago

Linda Mott    

Really bad taste! Try doing that song with the word Muslim and see what happens. Torah Jews and Christians are fair game.

2045 days ago


The sooner the world realizes they need Jews, the better.

2045 days ago


That was F%#^#*G FUNNY!!!!
Hey LEVIN, can JEWS BE GAY????

2045 days ago

Michael Madsen    

For all of you uninformed imbeciles out there... true Macfarlane is not of the Jewish faith, however Brian is, and he wasn't offended.

For Godsakes! Do some research!

2045 days ago


Yeah, they could've used Bernie Madoff to manage their finances...

2045 days ago


Good ruling by the Judge. Just because something mocks and makes fun of your faith doesn't mean you should get uppity about it. This show is an equal opportunity offender. They had a Passion of the Christ parody, they had Jesus calling god saying that he wants to move in with his father but God said no (as if Jesus was the son in a broken family living with his Mother). They had God picking up girls in a bar. I'm sure other faiths have been mocked, but none as bad as Christians and Catholics. Take it in stride.

2045 days ago
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