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McGriddle Me This -- Who Is the McD's Attacker?

3/17/2009 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

McDonaldsOne McDonald's drive-thru employee is clinging to life (gross exaggeration) after a crazed customer cold-cocked her with a McGriddle breakfast sandwich -- and watch out ... because the culprit is still on the loose!

Police in Peoria, Ill. are conducting a massive manhunt (gross exaggeration) for a man who became enraged at a female drive-thru worker last week when his McGriddle was served to him without the egg.

The man retaliated at the worker's unforgivable flub by hurling his eggless McGriddle into her unsuspecting face and then driving away.

The woman refused medical attention, but did file a police report. The heinous crime remains unsolved.


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ROFLMFAO! This is too damn funny!

2011 days ago


Did he AKS for an egg??

2011 days ago


I got a Happy Meal for each of my kids once. Neither one had the burger in it. I've been ripped off so many times at McDonald's! Chick should be glad all she got was a stupid McGriddle to the face. I've wanted to do much worse...

2011 days ago


It's not like the drive-thru worker made the sandwich... it's the people in the back, so there was no reason to mad at the drive-thru worker.

2011 days ago


I worked at a BBQ restaurant with a drive-thru during high school. You would not believe the crap people hand out. I had a sandwich with hot BBQ sauce thrown at me causing 2nd degree burns to my chest. Because she didn't like her sandwich, I had massive blisters and a painful burn right between my boobs at age 16. So, pd, and whoever else thinks it's acceptable to assault people over a missing burger, remember these people are handling YOUR food and can do anything they want to it before it goes in the bag. Also, try to remember that these workers don't get paid much for the privilege of putting up with the public's crap.

2011 days ago

d to the izzle    

Hey, it's a McGriddle, but it's still legally ASSAULT

2011 days ago


That'll teach em. People are broke as a joke, hungry, and usually in a hurry.... which is why they use the drive through in the first place. If someone orders something to eat (and this was breakfast so they were probably already grumpy from having to get up so early), make the damn thing right, or you deserve to have it tossed back in your face. It's not like their jobs are that hard, I mean, they do hire children and highschool drop-outs to do it. Ya just don't f*ck with peoples food!

2011 days ago


Haha! I'd love to know which location this was! I live in Peoria, Illinois. I can agree with people being angry. You're typically in a hurry when you get fast food and the last thing you need is for someone to screw up your order - again, and again, and again, and again........

2011 days ago


Honestly, the past 6 times I have gone to McDonalds they have screwed up my order. I can understand that's it's busy, but I mean seriously, forgetting the sausage in sausage McGriddle is ridiculous.

Then you have to get out of Drive Thru and go inside,...........and then the people look at you like you're the retarded one when you ask them to fix your order. They probably spit in your food as well.

Every time I go to McDonalds I end up late for school all because they screw up my order!!

2011 days ago


I don't care what is missing from the meal - AN ADULT DOES NOT ASSAULT A CHILD - with food.
i hope the find the person who did this and charge him with assault & battery or whatever charge is appropriate and his sorry ass ends up in jail. i hope someone knocks the crap out of him - only a petty insecure man with a small weenie would do that to a child.

2011 days ago

Mario Dopoza    

I once work at MCD and had man put a poop in hand not money. It was humen poop. I quit next.

2011 days ago



Yes, they do spit in it and worse.

2011 days ago


The worst part is that the girl who worked the drive thru, the one who got the food thrown at her, probably had nothing more to do with the order than putting the boxed food in the bag and giving it to the customer.

2011 days ago


If McDonalds would hire people that SPOKE ENGLISH this wouldnt happen.

But seriously- nothing ruins my day and pisses me off more than when the fing order is wrong.
I'll send 10.00 to the guy's legal defense fund.

2011 days ago

Jesus Effing Christ    

Ha! And quit Mcf*cking forgetting the Mcf*cking ketchup too! Mcretard.

2011 days ago
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