McGriddle Me This -- Who Is the McD's Attacker?

3/17/2009 1:20 PM PDT

McGriddle Me This -- Who Is the McD's Attacker?

One McDonald's drive-thru employee is clinging to life (gross exaggeration) after a crazed customer cold-cocked her with a McGriddle breakfast sandwich -- and watch out ... because the culprit is still on the loose!

Police in Peoria, Ill. are conducting a massive manhunt (gross exaggeration) for a man who became enraged at a female drive-thru worker last week when his McGriddle was served to him without the egg.

The man retaliated at the worker's unforgivable flub by hurling his eggless McGriddle into her unsuspecting face and then driving away.

The woman refused medical attention, but did file a police report. The heinous crime remains unsolved.