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OctoMom Goes to Toys 'R' 14 of Us

3/17/2009 10:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taking a break from trips to amusement parks, OctoMom Nadya Suleman hit up a local Toys 'R' Us yesterday for a little shopping for someone besides herself.


"Excuse me sir, do you happen to have ... I don't know, maybe ... 13 more of these?"


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Anyone who defends this Octo-C*nt is just as bad as her and probably pulling the same scams. Right, Denise? Maybe you don't care about where your tax money is going (if you even pay any) but some of us do.

1992 days ago


Once Nadya runs out of money and can no longer feed, house and clothe the children, they will eventually be taken away from her. STOP MAKING DONATIONS for the sake of the children! Keeping her in cash only prolongs the agony of these innocent babies as they begin their lives in the CHAOS in Nadya's home.

Since she "claims" she only wanted one baby from this pregnancy, then IF she REALLY LOVES her babies as much as she "claims" she does, she should keep the ONE she wanted and put the other seven up for adoption. There are so many childless couples that could give these babies a LOVING, SANE environment in which to grow up. And they are young enough to attach and bond to their new, SANE, loving parents.

PLEASE DON'T be an "ENABLER" for this PIG that would take every last dime of yours if she could. PLEASE consider what type of environment these babies will grow up in if they remain with Nadya. She will teach every last one of them just how to SCAM you and me and the system just like she does. So, PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT HER or her children so that they may adopted by LOVING families one day.!

1992 days ago


I want to know how she can shop or get a new home when she doesn't have a job? I have a job-my husband has a job-and we only have three kids, but we can hardly by groceries let alone anthing else!

1992 days ago

Jesus Effing Christ    

Check out her octoneck.
I wonder if she has an Octovagina.

1992 days ago

Maureen Simpson    

Holy crap! I am so tired of you freakin' douchbags with no life ragging on this woman! To all you wombless bitches that think you can do a better job..bugger off have no wombs for a reason. To all the side chair psychologists..bugger off..large families have been around longer than you and they will always have dynamics that you will try to place on the parents..because thats what you do..blame the parents. People are on this planet for a reason and everyone has a story. I'm sick and tired of tv psychologists trying to whitewash famlies. I'm tired of these jerks trying to put every child into a role..and then trying to fix 'em. Leave this woman alone..stop sending the paparazzi over and then telling the public the paparazzi is harmful to her children You are the problem. Large families are being paid for their existence right now on your networks..but I don't see them being reviled..I only see them being paid. I think I'll use the word douchebags again...aaahhh ..yes you are.

1992 days ago

Jesus juice    

#117 and #118......obviously you are Nadya, Ed, or someone from another country. Last I knew...The United States is the Land of the Free......(read this carefully) NOT Land of the FREELOADERS. Actually, we can call her anything we want....because the b*tch AND her family has proven themselves as LIARS, welfare cheats, etc.....and she herself has showed the American public that she is an unsuitable mother by doing her interviews and opening up her BIG mouth. As far as "sidechair psychologists"...she seems to think she IS one.....LMAO!! (And still has shown no proof that she has even been in anytype of school.) Ever bother to think that maybe some of us who are responding ARE psychologists??? If you think she is so great than shut up and go donate to her so she can have more "earned opportunities that she did ALL BY HERSELF". My....she has REALLY contributed to society by "begging for money" after living off of the taxpayers fraudulently and abusing her funds for plastic surgery, IVFs, and frivolous things. Oh......and also...I do believe she is guilty of CHILD ABUSE........she couldn't care for the first 6 ---which I thought was a parent's responsibility, but then decided she "still had a void to fill" so wanted 1 more......and had the rest of her frozen embryos (probably cuz she couldn't afford to store them any longer) and crapped out 8 more kids!!! THAT IS child abuse!!! I wouldn't call her a "whore" in the woman/man sense...since it is obvious that she CANNOT have a relationship with men---gee whiz---wonder why? Maybe because that the US men have a little more common sense.....she probably met a few and they took the high road after hearing her "f*cked up" thought processes!!! Sooooo.....if you don't like what WE have to say...why don't you just go to her site, donate some money, pat yourself on the back, and worry about your own country's issues...obviously besides our economy...we have 1 individual who "works" the system like a corrupt corporation.. Oh....and if this is Nadya....go do somemore interviews....we really get a chuckle because you are such a stupid bitch.....and it is just amazing that people like you aren't getting court ordered therapy. Oh...and as for your family.........Karma WILL get you all.

1991 days ago

Linda Collins    

I feel soooooooooooooooooo sorry for her new neighbors!! Their property value just went to crap!! Who would buy their house with a nut-case, a built in camera crew/ w the trucks in the front yard, and to top it off 14 kids, all next door!!
That Trailor Parks looking pretty damn good now, at least its quite!!!

1991 days ago

what about Jon and Kate plus 8    

Angels in Waiting is getting paid by Medicaid to take care of each child. Then, in addition, Angels in Waiting is soliciting donations from the public . Where is that money going? Jon and kate plus 8 had Medicaid pay for round the clock numsing care for their multiples for over a yeqar. ANGELS IN WAITNG IS SCAMMING THE SYSTEM!!! THEY NEED TO BE INVESTIGATED!!!!

1991 days ago

sick and tired    

I am so resentful of this media whore and Dr. Phil. I can't believe he bought any of her crap. I wonder what she would do if all of the paps went away and could not get any more attention...have a few more. She is disgusting.

1991 days ago


what a total complete moron.

1991 days ago


Where is Dr. Pimp Mcgraw? Why wasn't he there last night kissing the OctoKids. Oh, I forgot you and Allred are doing the media BEGGING ROUNDS!!!!

1991 days ago

pamela Woodson    

Why is she getting financial help? She is NOW making a ton of money off of her (idiotic) fame! She can afford to make donations to the help she's getting. MAKE HER PAY! MAKE HER PAY! MAKE HER PAY!!!!!!!! WHY THE F - - - ! IS SHE OUT DOING HER OWN SHOPPING!!!!! doesn't she have any friends? Any chance that she gets she runs out in front of the cameras! I hate her!

1991 days ago


whats the big drama,she had 8 kids wow,,she did it for a purpose which is actually working,,,idk why media is paying so much money,if everyone is so tired of hearing of this women,,we want to hear that shes working,,and actually going out evnen to shop with some of her kids,,to do a normal life and get use to the reality cause thats what she decided,,but get a job lady

1989 days ago


I'm so tired of her thinking she's like a superstar. All these things are being given to her she is shameless looks like they washed her face with urine and not water. And the little money she does have to spend is our tax dollars that we have to work very hard for. I'm a mom of three and it is so hard for me and my hubby. Wouldn't mind having a camera crew and a whole bunch of donations!

1988 days ago


I am so sick of octomem and all the women and kids out there having babies that I have to support . I have been a labor and delivery nurse for over 25 years no one is married so they can get more money from the government not to mention the illegal aliens that come here and are handed everything they want. I can't afford to keep a roof on my head because I am so busy working to keep a roof over these irresponsible people who keep having children they can't afford, can't support or take care of. So keep on people until we are in such a deep depression we may never get out of it.

1987 days ago
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