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Did Gloria Allred Frighten OctoMom's Nanny?

3/18/2009 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Forget the 42 kids running around the house -- OctoMom's Nanny is freaked out by Gloria Allred ... ALLEGEDLY!

Octomom & Gloria Allred

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ a woman who identified herself as Nadya Suleman's nanny called 911 last night and said she needed an unwanted guest to leave. Cops tell us when they arrived, Gloria agreed to leave the house and wait outside for Nadya Suleman.

Gloria tells a very different story ... that officers came and went and she remained in the house. Allred says, when Nadya arrived, "I asked her whether or not she had wanted me out of the house. She said absolutely not and that she wanted me there."


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Sorry last comment was for 47 and 48 but the numbers changed after comment I sent went in. To these comments below.

50. This makes no sense! The nanny works for the Angels organization that Gloria Allred is part of and the lawyer for. Without Gloria there would be no job for the nanny. Gloria could fire the nanny since she works for the charity. TMZ needs to check it facts.

Posted at 8:17PM on Mar 18th 2009 by Honestly

51. POST by Honest ,my reply to you.
You are an idiot. Gloria Allred can not fire anyone. She volunteered her services as a representitive.
It is the other way around, they can relieve Allred or Fire her as their legal representitve. Allred is not the
employer of AIW you retard. She is a lawyer begging for my donations. Get a brain.

Posted at 8:58PM on Mar 18th 2009 by crazed person
you are both wrong. 51. almost has it right. The nanny does not work for Angels in Waiting. Nadya had nannies before the 8 were born and she is responsible for hiring and keeping her own nannies. Angels in Waiting are only providing Nursses for the 8 born and other help for developmental and emotional help for all of the 14 kids. Gloria and AIW has said many times Nadya is responsible for her own Nannies. She had 2 before the 8 were born.

2043 days ago

Big Bear    

Just look at the face on ole Gloria. That face would scare young children. Gloria Allred has got to be the ugliest woman on the entire planet.

2043 days ago


OK out of all the people who were jumping all over the car and stomping all over the front lawn, they only called the cops on Gloria? They must have really not wanted her there. I bet she had a roll of toilet paper in her hand.

Posted at 7:52PM on Mar 18th 2009 by AnnoyedinOC

Go to radaronline and see where while she was i the truck getting ready to pull in the drive way she was on the phone with the police about the Pappers. she did call the cops on them.

2043 days ago


Gloria just wants attention.Nadya probably did want her out of her house. What was she doing there anyway? She had no reason to be there other than looking for eveidence against her to try to take the kids away from her again. She will keep trying. Angels in Waiting will be doing the same. If Nadya was smart AND I SAID IF SHE WAS SMART she would make as much money as possible and hire her own private nurses like she did with the nannies and get all of them out of her house and business. As long as she has the number of people required with the required knowledge and experience she isn't breaking any rules or laws. Untill then she will be under a microscope. They need to have like a web cam only in the nursery for the interviews. Those camera crews do not need to be around the babies. Bad judgement on Nadya no matter how bad you ned the money.

2043 days ago

Herpes Ho Hilton    

Octoleech could easily afford dem nannies for the first 6, considering 3 of 'em PLUS herself, have been raking in substantial SSI payments. And not like she had to pay for food with that money -- that came from the nearly $500 in monthly food stamps. Now she has private nurses, an over 1/2 mil $ home with vast improvements at no cost to her (to include INTERIOR DECORATING) & plans to go back to college on everyone else's dime, after she bums around for at least another year....

Suleman is nothing but a vacuum, sucking up every dollar she can from hard-working tax payers. Only a complete dullard, would believe her claim of not taking any more -- she's already been caught in many lies, & no doubt that's one as well.

The funds people are STUPID enuf to donate to her private website & her appearance fees, she has carte blanche over, has nothing to do with AIW. That's why she's purchasing so much over-priced stuff for herself, INSTEAD OF APPLYING IT TOWARD THE HOSPITAL BILL. Truly, this wretch is the individual equivalent of corporate AIG. Makes me sick. I'd love to slap that smirk off her fugly face. The kids should've been put up for adoption, clearly the are not safe with this freak.

2043 days ago


will someone off this welfare, attention ho, nightmare hover-parent from hell, already!

Ok, voting time. Octomom, Dr. Phil and all the media dirtbags that continue to keep this nightmare in the media spotlight should die in which manner:

A) Fed to live alligators
B) Dropped out of a bomber plane flying over the Gobi Desert
C) Put one by one through a wood chipper
D) Throw the only known copy of Octomom giving birth in the middle of these idiots and watch them fight each other to the death for it, on live TV of course.

2043 days ago


wasn't Gloria Allred a lawyer to support a case for a couple for same Sex marriage last week or two weeks ago?

2043 days ago


Ok, I know we each have opinions on the matter.....I kind of go back and forth. I do not want to pay for her kids and quite honestly I don't know how she afforded the invitro if she is on government aid, and how it wasn't flagged etc. But, she did. Until laws are changed where only a certain number of eggs can be implanted or a kid limit if you are on government aid then there is nothing that can be done. To me AIG giving bonuses but they are asking for Goverment aid is more important. We can't change AIG or the bail out but we can stop her attention. If people stop buying the magazines, viewing the website or posting these comments then the story would die down. Personally I would love to see more on the Duggers the have 18 children and we do not pay for a one of them. I think she is an example to all welfare bums out there. If you spread your legs to bring a kid in the world (invitro or otherwise) you have to pay for it.

2043 days ago


I'm really sick of the "octo-mom" title. She's an idiot, yes, for doing what she did. But its really dehumanizing to keep referring to her as "octo-mom". All the stupid news people who call her that should grow up and start being a little more professional. I'm old man, I'm i can tell you since I've been around a while that news and TV has become so pathetic,
trivial and mean-spirited.
The poor babies deserve to {eventually} know their mother was less insulted too.

2043 days ago


Excuse me #4 if you're so concerned about the kids you support them...if that over glorified puppy mill can buy $1,000 in make up she can support her own kids!

2043 days ago

Herpes Ho Hilton    

"Ok, voting time. Octomom, Dr. Phil and all the media dirtbags that continue to keep this nightmare in the media spotlight should die in which manner:"

A) Fed to live alligators
B) Dropped out of a bomber plane flying over the Gobi Desert
C) Put one by one through a wood chipper
D) Throw the only known copy of Octomom giving birth in the middle of these idiots and watch them fight each other to the death for it, on live TV of course.
Posted at 10:45PM on Mar 18th 2009 by anymouse

My vote is for 'C' -- Put one by one through a wood chipper!! It would probably have to be cleared after Octopig's mutant lips went in, but still the best option! LOLOLOLOL

2043 days ago


To Lorrie, Octomom paid for the IVF because she was working in a mental hospital and there was a riot and her so called back was hurt. She won a $165,000 settlement and spent it all on the Ivf and plastic surgery. Not a penny went to her mother whose house was being foreclosed and her and her 6 kids lived there for free. She didn't start having any kids until she was off on disability from the back injury. Octomom admits all this so it isn't a rumor or anything. She has not worked since. She gets a disability check plus three of the six kids get checks too. She also lived on student loans and food stamps. Amazing how your back is hurt that bad but you can carry eight babies at once plus having 5 other pregnancies in 6 years (one was a set of twins). She had plenty of time to watch tv and Jon and Kate plus eight and I'm sure got the idea that she could be set for life if she had all those fertilized eggs and here we now are.

2043 days ago


This Alred woman is a nasty piece... stop intruding in peoples lives you vile excuse for a woman... and Dr ain't always right ya know..... sanctimonious pair of nutjobs...

2043 days ago

John Edwards    

Two media whores !

2043 days ago


I forgot the link for the post above about the babysitter dropping the little girl. It's at

2042 days ago
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