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Charles Manson

'Memba Him?!

3/19/2009 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charles Manson is notorious for leading the depraved Manson family, who committed the heinous Tate/LaBianca murders in 1969. Guess what he looks like now.

Charles Manson


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He isn't the devil OR scary. He was a criminal who took advantage of young people that were easy prey. Teenagers and young adults who felt "unloved" or lost. He fed them drugs and convinced them that the world was the enemy. He preyed on their weekness and fears. He used drugs as a tool to program them. He was telling these people he was "deprograming" them from society. He mad them believe that everything they knew and everything they were taught was "the man" just controlling them. What he failed to tell them was while he was deprograming them...he was also programing them to believe his ideas. It is that simple. These young men and women killed because they believed it was what they were supposed to do for the family. NOW..they are in prison for their natural life. Its sad, but true. I can almost bet there are many other Charles Manson's today working their evil ways.

2022 days ago


Hey jbird, it's not Willie Nelson, but rather the Bellamy Brothers.

2022 days ago


Does anybody know who it was that Charlie went back to the Tate house with to move the dead bodies, only to move them back to where the others left them? I always thought it was Brenda (aka Nancy Pitman) and Clem (aka Steve Grogan, the only Manson family member who was let out of prison), and 1 other person (maybe Bruce Davis)?

2021 days ago


What's sad is that we never got to gawk at Sharon Tate "all growed up".

2021 days ago


I think it is disgusting that TMZ would even dignify this SOB with a post!

2021 days ago


Come on T.M.Z...Why would you place Charles Manson a monster on your site...You have lost my hit to your site from now on..I am no longer a fan of T.M.Z. because of this.

2021 days ago


Not sure how I feel about the death penalty but this guy is evil, i can't believe that none of the other inmates haven't done him in. maybe a labotomy????????????? but it would be nice if he could feel the pain he caused others.

2021 days ago


Black rights? Are you retarded? He wanted to initiate a race war and hide out in the desert with his followers. He believed that the blacks would eliminate the whites, but would be too stupid to govern or take care of themselves, and once the black race fell into chaos, Charlie and his meery band of followers would emerge from the desert as their salvation..... and he would be in control of everything. Yeah.... he was some civil rights activist!!! Damn.....

2021 days ago


thats weird my comment is gone. hes a creep

2021 days ago

Roni in Downey    

#30 Mekito - You need to check your facts. Manson hated black people. He wanted to start a race war.

2021 days ago

Probably the Fourth Person    

are tmz's television ratings going down? you guys afraid of losing your empire?

2021 days ago

Proud American    

This goes to show you how precious humanity is, this man lead people to hurt and kill others and show no remorse. for his sins.. But like they say you will reap what you sow. He is living in Hell on Earth and will contnue therefore the future.

2021 days ago


TMZ - please don't give this maniac publicity. It's so sad when Sharon Tate's sister and the rest of the families have to go to these damn probation hearings. This monster should have been executed years ago.

2021 days ago

Trista Torment    

Ah, Manson... :)

He's looking ROUGH.

As mentioned, he never actually killed anyone, the most he did was cut off someone's ear.

I don't waste my time writing to Manson, I write to Ramirez instead

2021 days ago


That's not true that he never killed anyone. He didnt participate in the Tate-Labianca murders, but he did participate in the group murder of Shorty Shea at Spahn ranch and he shot the Black Panther Bernard Crowe. Charlie thought he killed Crowe, but he actually survived the shooting.

2020 days ago
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