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Megan Fox -- Same Old, Same Old

3/21/2009 7:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's Megan Fox in L.A. yesterday, not doing much of anything -- just standing around looking hot.


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she graduated from my high school. she used to be a guy named barry. chicks a dude!

2049 days ago


new stuff about the hot chick, so what’s the news? she was walking in the street, oh and wearing a new shredded jeans to support the trashy image, interesting indeed, I guess it is true one of TMZ staff is having a big fat crush on the overclocked plastic doll
she is certainly pretty, the tattoos are awesome in my opinion, but I also don’t get what all the hype is about! the streets are stacked with prettier girls, my inbox is filled with much sexier pictures
anyway her lips look ok in that pic, I remember seeing an interview where her lips looked really puffed up and that’s just ruins everything for me, I know a girl with fake botox’ed lips and I keep avoiding her cuz all I can see when she’s talking is her gross lips!

2049 days ago


Net me gues, the blond guy/girl wrote this headline. He is starting to sound dumber than Paris Hilton >"That's Hot". And by the way, some of his "hot"choices are only hot to him, leave that crap off TMZ and report.

2049 days ago


Major hot chick, but the tattoos are tacky.

2049 days ago


what does she except "transformer" movie? she acts so bad,she's very beautiful but she's a bad actress!

2048 days ago



2048 days ago


Absolutely gorgeous.

2048 days ago


this chick and angelina jolie are incredibly overrated! They look like cheap tricks with all those tattoos.....i don't get all the hype over them. I see a few women a day that are way hotter then them!

2048 days ago


Americans are a vapid, shallow, b o r i n g breed.
The good news is these "famous" people go away quickly as they eventually lose their "hot" looks whilst their character and intellect have already withered away leaving them of no interest to anyone.

Posted at 4:20PM on Mar 21st 2009 by Gio


Another ignorant, shallow, jealous foreigner posting on an American site to bash Americans.

Yawn again.

2048 days ago


She's pretty.

Pretty average.

Can whoever has the hard on for her at TMZ just spank it and get it over with so we can move on to more interesting women?

2048 days ago


Love how every dude posting said they would basically do anything to her and all the chicks have to say is "if you like fake plastic barbie dolls.

I hate to tell you women, but yes we all do love fake, hot ass women. The ones that don't have gf's or wives and are completly lying. Yes, we want our women enhanced, natural is boring and ugly.

2048 days ago

Lisa (swampass) Springer    

This chick could dress like Courtney Love and still be hotter than hell.

2048 days ago


She's not the only hot girl on the planet ya'll

2046 days ago


hahaha..tmz get a life .. this gurl is so freakin fake!!! if ur going to say someone is HOT then first actually pick the right person!! u obvisoucly need to get your eyes checked..soon all that surgery she took to make her self look "pretty" will go to waste.. u need someone natrually pretty and hot..lmao.. she has nice eyes and thats it what kind of dumbass gets a ugly tatoo like dat one.. o ya MEGAN FOX!! and #5 i think she already does.. like the other news about her with the waiters all around her and she has those sun glasses on.. nice look megan!!anyways i think im done here but i have to say that she is a good actress!!

2046 days ago


yea, she's hot, but i wouldnt go as far as calling her hot everytime there is a picture of her...i mean she's hot, but she aint that hot to be obsessed over...there are hotter celebs than her

2045 days ago
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