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OctoMom -- First Your Money, Now Your Man

3/21/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom Nadya Suleman flashed the press some shoulder during a trip to the mall in L.A. yesterday. Looking like she's shed more pounds, it seems like it's just a matter of time until Brad leaves Angelina.


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Linda Mott    

I hope she's calling her psychiatrist.

2011 days ago


1. Is that green cup for collections?

Posted at 11:52AM on Mar 21st 2009 by Kay
__________________ beat me to it.

2011 days ago


This bitch has her own WIKIPEDIA PAGE! WTF!? Lmfao. . .

2011 days ago

80's Gal    

As people have commented, it's hard to believe she is breastfeeding. This woman is a pathalogical liar. She lied about being on state assistance (but she is on food stamps), she lied about having plastic surgery (but she has bloated lips not seen in earlier photos of her), when confronted about the money she spent at the MAC counter she lied and said she doens't wear makeup (however there is one clip on radaronline where she has a full face of makeup) and now she's lying about breastfeeding. Would you believe she attributes her fish lips to the weight she gained during the pregnancy?? Yep. That's what she said. Does she really think we're all that stupid to think she gained weight in her LIPS? God she's an idiot if she thinks she can continue trying to fool everyone about every aspect of her life.

2011 days ago


Ruby- "I bet you voted for McCain" LOL really? What does McCain have to do with this? Do you get welfare? If you do then you better be thanking the general public since we pay for your monthly government check.

Oh and yes I voted for McCain!!!

2011 days ago

octomom's 6th born    

aww, they're spitting images of their test tube..

2011 days ago


To: Donna
I am not a single SAHM. My husband and I have been married for 5 wonderful years.

To: lun
No scams here. I have not compared myself to her. I simply stated that I don't believe there is anything wrong with shopping after you have a baby.

Final note before I go get my child up from her nap and give her lots of love, attention, and put her needs before mine: My husband works very hard for the money we have in the bank and we are happy to live in a country that helps out those who have a hard time making it by themselves.

2011 days ago

Sue Wong    

Post#18 is pure nonsense. All mothers, single or not in the area I live go shopping with newborns and older babies. Others leave them with a sitter or significant other. Life goes on and you need essentials. Also, one doesn't want to get cabin fever. I took my newborn out shopping with me, to parks, visiting etc. They sleep alot, put them in the stroller and go for a walk. Fresh air is great. Everyday I see mothers shopping with babies. I just saw the cutest 2 day old baby at the mall yesterday.

2011 days ago


Has anyone else noticed that this woman wears clothing ONLY from Hollister? My fourteen year old is afraid she's going to have to stop wearing some of her clothes because this nut job still thinks she's in middle school! Doesn't she have newborns at home?! What the hell is she doing wandering the streets instead of taking care of them? Whether through donations or welfare we're all supporting many of us have been out shopping for clothes, going to Disneyland, going to Knottsberry, blowing $1000 at MAC while someone else pays for our home, our remodel, our nannies, our furniture? When are her feet going to be held to the fire? Her daughter has been in the same two outfits every time she's been shown on television (from Target). Mommy should be buying ALL of the kids new things before she continues to hit Nordstroms, MAC, and Hollister for herself. Someone should also tell the Octonut that she needs to start holding her babies' heads and necks rather than under their arms. Preemies have little muscle let alone enough muscle tone to support their heads. What's going to happen when one of them gets hurt because she hurts them by improperly holding them? Where are the nurses to protect those children...probably getting some rest before her next outing.

2011 days ago


This poor excuse for a mother faked a back injury and sued and got $185,000.00 and didn't do anything except make babies. Where is the investigation for fraud? Clearly this woman has no back injury or she wouldn't be able to do the things that she done for the past 5 years. This bitch is a fraud and she sould be sued for fraud. We taxpayers are paying the hospital bill while this woman dances in the streets like she's something special. But history has proven that scammers always fall and sonner or later OcttoMom will fall and Dr. Phil won't be there to pick up the pieces!

2011 days ago


Hey E.'re the reason this lady has gotten away with everything that she has. People like you are the reason the system is as broken as it is. Until Nadya is held to account and forced to care for her children and pay her own bills (her children would be in foster care unless RadarOnline, and Dr. Phil had stepped in with cash and donations) she will continue spending our money without regard for her other children and the babies at home and in the hospital. If she keeps it up the donations will dry up, she will lose her home, and her children (all 14 of them) will be placed in foster care. Count on it. She's not just a mother trying to live her life. She didn't even have a pack of diapers prepared in advance for the 'one' baby she expected let alone all of the other basics she'd need for that 'one' (or the surprise other 7). She stopped paying her mother's mortgage on the home they'd trashed when she found out she was pregnant and drives a minivan that seats 7. It's cute she's admitted she shouldn't have done what she did, but she's still out shopping while the rest of us live within our means, provide for our children before ourselves, and for those of us with extremely ill newborns/children go to the hospital to be in the ICU with our children (and pay our own bills) because that is what responsible parents do. My daughter was in the NICU for 30 days because of a problem she developed at birth. We never left her side and certainly didn't go out for manicures, makeup, clothes, amusement parks, etc. while someone else did it. Here's my solution to this nightmare. Kick her out. Let the nurses and nannies care for the children in the home. That would keep them together and spare them the inevitable trauma of being separated once the donations dry up and she loses the home and the kids anyway. Hope her MAC keeps her warm. Those kids are all that matters and should be the only thing anyone does anything for any more. QUIT DONATING UNTIL SHE'S GONE because she IS getting the money and she IS wasting it.

2011 days ago



2011 days ago

They were in it for the money    

This is NOT a Mall in Los Angeles! This is Brea Mall in Orange County...I must be quicker than TMZ, this was reported by yours truly yesterday----LOL!

2011 days ago

Sue Wong    

I'm not defending Miss Suleman here but she's shopping with older children. Perhaps they needed shoes or something. They may have a medical appointment for example. The nannies may have asked her to get out from under their feet with the older children for awhile. The newborns may have been sleeping. Who Knows? It's her business. Also, she may have been getting an update on the kids by phone. People are just assuming too much without knowing the facts.

2011 days ago

love it!    

To any idiots defending her, yes you can go out, but it doesn't mean you can't take your newborns with you! I went shopping the day after I came home from the hospital, but guess what? I took my baby with me! If she was able to take them home, she can surely take them to a store! Besides, fresh air would be good for them!

2011 days ago
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