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John 3:16 -- 86'd from Final 4

3/23/2009 10:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Some religious dude brought one of those "John 3:16" signs to the Siena vs. Ohio State NCAA Tournament basketball game the other night -- but as soon as he put the sign up, some random security guard rushed in for the steal and ripped it down.

FYI -- Siena happens to be a private Catholic school. Apparently Jesus isn't allowed to attend away games.

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The only valid reason for taking the sign away is that it may have obstructed others' view of the game. If he held a sign that said, "Praise Obama", most of you Christian-haters would be bitching about freedom of expression being violated, which it was. So let's be real. If I'm sitting behind this guy and he holds up a sign, any sign that obstructs my view, I'd be annoyed and tell him so. It matters not what the sign says. And holding up a sign does NOT constitute shoving an opinion down anyone's throat. It just expresses a point of view of the sign holder. Now, if I wanted to shove my opinion down someone's throat, I'd kidnap them and brainwash them for the length of time it takes to do so. Any contradiction of my analysis will be based on raw emotion and not rational thought.

1948 days ago


When I read some of the earlier posts, this scripture comes to mind: "Proverbs 1:7 - The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction." Jesus also said that the world first hated him, so they will also hate you (Christians). I am not offended, but I expect it. Christians are still praying for the lost and for their eyes to be open to the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus also said to go into all the world and preach the gospel of salvation -- not to be quiet and hide and keep it to yourself. So a true Christian will share his faith and not be ashamed. Also, if a person is not interested in knowing anything about Jesus or the Bible, then we simply are to pray for them, and not shove (as they say) the gospel down their throats, not my style anyway! John 3:16 is simply showing God's love for you. You can accept it or deny it, that's your choice, your freewill that God gave you. But remember that Satan is your adversary, seeking whom he may destroy. Satan is a liar and a thief. Again, the decision is yours. God loves you; Satan hates you. You decide because you will have to serve one master, and, yes, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Happy Easter or Happy Resurrection Day! April 12!!!

BL, keep growing in the Lord. I like your posts!

1948 days ago


Um, I'm sorry, but religion is NOT the number one cause of war and murder. Atheist regimes have murdered hundreds of millions, from Stalin, to Hitler, to the Khmer Rouge and the Chinese. Saddam killed his hundreds of thousands as part of a "secular" regime, claiming Sunni religion but openly being secular.

And it's not the religion that does the killing, it's the people. Unless the religion univerally teaches the death of others, and no large religion does, then you have to blame the weak people, not the religion. Nobody is being harmed by holding up a John 3:16 sign. The person who sees that can choose to look it up and then decide on their own what it means.

If I kill people in the name of Smiths, does that mean all Smiths are bad. Of course not. Yes somehow people want to equate people killing in the name of Christianity a weakness of Christianity and not even fathom they are disgracing what their faith teaches.

1948 days ago

Keeping it real    

I love how this only gets posted because it's a religious poster. Had this been anything else, we would have never seen it. (Oh wait this is TMZ, useless on the regular) Regardless, ever been to a game and sat behind someone wielding a large obnoxious sign? It is incredibly annoying and surely is the reason why they don't allow any posters. Take your religious debates somewhere else you nuts.

1948 days ago


Poor widdle thing! Did one of those big bad Christians hurt your widdle feelings? Shame on him for prying your mouth open and cramming his religion down your widdle throat. Come sit on mommy's lap. I'll protect you from having to see dangerous signs with (gasp!) John 3:16 written on them. By the way, does my widdle sensitive basketball fan even know what John 3:16 says? It must be very offensive given the fact that a campus security guard grabbed it and ripped it up before those poor widdle college students could be corrupted by its message. By the way, since when did censorship become acceptable on a college campus? But don't you worry; mommy will protect you from certain select people who think freedom of speech is a Constitutional right.

1948 days ago


why people reacts so rdidicoulos when somebody tries to share his faith,... nothing wrong with it at all. Let people believe what they want, you guys believe in nothing and nobody says anything about your empty soul.

1948 days ago


This is America. "NoThanks" is free to reject faith. However, I don't understand why he feels free to bash people of faith on a public web site, while at the same time decrying other's ability to exercise their own First Amendment rights. I'd rather live in a society where people are free to hold up "God is Dead" or "John 3:16" signs according to their own beliefs rather than a colorless, non-diverse, intolerant society. Viewing a sign is hardly having a religous viewpoint "shoved down your throat."

1948 days ago


It seems that hardly any of the people making these foaming-at-the-mouth anti-religious comments have heard of the 1st amendment which allows free-speech as well as freedom of religion. Yes, atheism is a religion too. Also, since when does holding a sign translate into ramming something down someone's throat. I suppose that I should consider all wacko left-wing protests as ramming down their views (and religiousity) down my throat. If a sign forced you to believe whatever it said, everyone would be carrying one.

1948 days ago


"52. Jesus was a socialist... why aren't you?"
No, Jesus was not a socialist. Keep in mind that all of your quotes rely on personal action, not government action. He says to give YOUR coat, not steal your neighbor's coat to give to another or tax your neighbors to purchase coats from the proceeds. Voluntarily being charitable is not being a socialist. Being forced to be charitable to the state, so it can distribute the fruits of your labor to others is being socialist.

1948 days ago

Truth Hurts    

yeah..that seems like a freedom of speech violation to me...he was just holding a sign...Many people walk around with marijuana shirts, skull caps and more!

1948 days ago



1948 days ago

barbara miller    

I don't understand how anyone on this planet can claim to be offended by John 3:16. God does in fact love each and every one of us, although sometimes I wonder why he does! Peace, Love, Hope, Health, Happiness to us ALL!!!!!!!!!!

1948 days ago


Religious nuts are the reason WHY people turn away from God and I don't blame them. I'm sure the security guard would've taken away any other sign that appeared on a frame cause at most events signs aren't even allowed. Besides, John 3:16 is generic. (gotta love the Religoids getting mad at this)

1948 days ago


Why must Christians assume that their beliefs are 100% fact and should set the standards for everyone? Just look at the people posting their bible scripture junk here like it adapts to everyone. Really, they don't. Not everyone believes in the same thing and you people don't set the standards in how we should all be just cause of what YOU believe. You morons give yourselves a bad name, not the world. If anything this is a great example of WHY people refuse to believe.

(however if this is private property so the security guards can take away anything they want including ANY kind of sign whether it's the generic John 3:16 crap or anything else)

1948 days ago


I would rather see that than an Obama t-shirt. And the Government forbid you should try and bring God into anything in the public view. I bet if he had held up a sign that said frre the Gitmo terrorists he would have been applauded.

1948 days ago
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