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Natasha Richardson Laid to Rest

3/23/2009 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Liam Neeson -- joined by his two sons (left), sister-in-law Joely Richardson (middle), an unidentified person, and niece Daisy Bevan (right) -- wave to well-wishers after Natasha Richardson's funeral yesterday in New York.

Liam Neeson


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I was a kid when I lost my moment & you don't grasp it right away, give them a week or two when it finally it's home.

2041 days ago


I agree- it's time to leave them alone. I also want to say that the comments on this site referring to the family's calm demeanor are cruel and thoughtless. Some people actually have some self control during their grief. Would you idiots have been happier if they screamed and thrown themselves on the gound? They were gracious enough to accept TMX intrusion--give them credit for trying to be polite.

2041 days ago


That kid is smiling because he's self-conscious and uncomfortable. Maybe if the press got out of his face and stopped making a public spectacle of this family's private grief, he could find a normal way to express himself.

2041 days ago


My, the girl on the far right has the classic Redgrave look. Let's hope, with these genes, we'll see and hear more onstage and onscreen in coming decades from this family.

2041 days ago


I guess asking for "privacy during this time" doesn't mean a lot to some reporters, does it?

2041 days ago


why all the hate? it's just a news item. and the folkes who lodged the venemous criticism STILL checked in to read about it.

2041 days ago


What is up with her kids?? In every photo I've seen of them since the accident they are smiling and laughing.

2041 days ago

Karen Ann    

18. 9. I can guarentee the children havent grasped the concept of their mother dying. My son was closer to his grandfather than us at times and when he passed a few months ago, my son at the age of 13 was laughing and being goofy at his funeral, it wasnt until about a week later when he realized his best friend wasnt gonna be around to talk to or to help guide him then it hit him. These 2 boy are young but trust me its only a matter of time before they start going through all the emotions of a loved one dying. I'll pray for them because its heartbreaking.

Posted at 9:59AM on Mar 23rd 2009 by ps

You're right. They have a lot of people and support around them now so I don't think it's hit them yet. It will be very difficult when it's just them and their dad and they realize mum isn't coming home. I went through it.

Posted at 10:36AM on Mar 23rd 2009 by WTF

This is totally true, I am adult and I didn't totally grasp that my Dad died until AFTER the funeral. At the funeral I was too busy trying to talk to my relatives, and was busy with how the funeral was going. Afterward, it really hit me, boy did it hit me.

2041 days ago

Mr. Ed    

These kids are not truly smiling or laughing - they are very young men who have lost their Mother. It is my thought that the reality of the situation has not yet sunk in because it's been a whirlwind. I am 44 yo and my Father passed away two years ago and I didn't cry at the funeral or the wake because I had cried my eyes out for a week at the hospital and you just get to a point where you are numb and you can't cry anymore. Besides, I didn't want to cry in front of everyone and have a public emotional breakdown, I preferred to do it in private. It has been two years and I still expect to see my Father come through the door - it takes time for it all to sink in. Also, at the funeeral and the wake we started talking about all the funny things that my Father had done and things he said and yes, we did laugh because they were happy memories and we preferred to honor my Father by honoring his memory with funny stories and anecdotes - don't let the pictures fool you, these kids are going to have a long road ahead of them.

2041 days ago


Maybe the kids are reacting to the sheer stupidity of being photographed by paparazzi as they are trying to mourn. And, it is okay to smile every now and then as you remember all the memories of your loved one. Please don't judge these young men as they try to grasp the fact that their mother has passed. Such a tragic accident, but I think the good we will see from this is an increase in skiing safety.

2041 days ago


Thank you Rose #21. The rest of you making nasty comments about those children need to STFU!!!! I cannot believe you heartless bastards would judge this woman's children.

2041 days ago


23. What is up with her kids?? In every photo I've seen of them since the accident they are smiling and laughing.

Posted at 10:58AM on Mar 23rd 2009 by TJ


As someone who has lost a parent at a young age, my siblings and I were talking and laughing at my father's funeral. It's weird because you're obviously sad, but life goes on and you can still find humor in things.

2041 days ago


I think everyone should stop talking about these boys. Next thing you know, that repulsive toad of a "Dr. Phil" will be making another bundle lecturing on how kids handle grief. Ugh!!!

2041 days ago


I know why the kids don't appear to be grief-stricken. When I was 11 my mother died suddenly. At first I was too distracted from my grief by the ritual of the wake and funeral to really grieve. I had never seen any of that stuff before so it was all new to me. And of course people were treating me and my sister like royalty, spoiling us rotten and giving us anything we wanted. It was only after I went back to school and life started to return to normal that it really sunk in. Life was very very hard for a long time after that. Those two boys have a very long road ahead of them. God bless them and the rest of the families.

2041 days ago


Liam is a class act.....even when surrounded by vultures.

2041 days ago
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