New Twist in Natasha Richardson Death

3/20/2009 3:07 PM PDT

New Twist in Natasha Richardson Death

Natasha Richardson wasn't admitted to the hospital until nearly four hours after her ski accident -- three hours longer than initially reported, according to a new report.

And there's more. A ski resort spokesperson said Natasha was laughing and walking around after the fall. But according to the New York Times, paramedics who arrived shortly after the fall say they did not see Natasha laughing. To the contrary, they saw her sitting on a stretcher. The paramedics were told to leave.

A resort spokesperson said Tuesday Richardson was taken to the hospital an hour after her fall, but ambulance records obtained by the Times reveal it was nearly three hours after the fall that the second ambulance was called.

And when the ambulance arrived at the hotel, paramedics spent more than half an hour in Richardson's room before transporting her to the hospital. The upshot -- she must have been in really bad shape when they arrived.

The medical examiner has concluded Richardson died of blunt impact to the head.