First Ambulance Call to Richardson Aborted

3/19/2009 10:13 AM PDT

First Ambulance Call to Richardson Aborted

The first paramedics who responded to Natasha Richardson were turned away, presumably because the actress felt fine at the time ... which raises the question -- was the fall more serious than initially reported?

According to The Globe and Mail newspaper, the paramedics were called by the ski patrol but were called away -- "They never saw the patient ... so they turned around."

The newspaper quotes medical experts who say when there's bleeding in the brain, time is of the essence. Approximately an hour later, when Richardson began to feel bad, an ambulance was called to her hotel.

But here's the question. Why would the ski patrol call an ambulance for an innocuous fall? People fall all the time. You have to wonder if the fall was more than just a minor incident.

Richardson passed away last night. She was 45.