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Octo 911: Get Out, Gloria Allred!

3/23/2009 10:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made by OctoMom's nanny to try and remove Gloria Allred from the house.

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The call was made on March 17 -- the same day two of Nadya Suleman's octuplets came home.

Allred represents the non-profit organization Angels in Waiting -- which had offered to help Nadya care for the octuplets. Nadya fired them today. Coincidence?


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This woman is a walking nightmare. I hope to heaven someone's keeping a razor-sharp eye on those kids.

2042 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

I've said it before and I will say it again......Strange days indeed. A most peculiar momma.

2042 days ago


It's just a matter of time!

2042 days ago


OMFG this crazy bitch! Now she runs off an fires the FREE nannies and decides to HIRE some of her own? With what money? OUR tax dollars that are going to support this piece of crap? Bless those babies, they deserve so much better than this monster they have as a mother. This stupid bitch should be locked up and her kids taken away. She's obviously unfit, it's not hard to see that she can't afford them without all of OUR help, while OUR families will be hurting. She's a no good low life piece of crap.

Ever wonder how we can get us a half million dollar home, be able to afford 1-5k worth of makeup, plastic surgery, AND have our kids taken care of? Look no further than PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE...Octomom. Hell we should all pop out 8 babies on top of the kids we already have. Uncle Sam and the great Tax payers will pay for everything we need. GMAFB. Someone needs to beat this mooch's ass!

2042 days ago


WTF is wrong with this woman??? Disaster waiting to happen

2042 days ago


Please NO more news coverage on this FREAK.
Help those BABIES!

2042 days ago

porn star nannies it is!

2042 days ago


Lisa bloomberg is sexy

2042 days ago


This idiot needs to be billed for all of her "non-emergency" calls to 911.

2042 days ago

Al Baby    

She can't be too crazy I would not want Gloria Allred in my house either

2042 days ago


Quit giving this low rent, welfare collecting, low life the time of day, TMZ.

2042 days ago

she had the kids to get attention - imagine what will happen if we leave her alone - octuplets times 10?

2042 days ago


adoption is the only sensible option.......

2042 days ago


dude, i wouldn't want Gloria Allred in my home either. that woman is way into everyone else's business. whether i like octomom or not is irrelevant. if i ask someone to leave, they better leave or they will get escorted. just because the nannies are there, doesn't give Gloria the right to invade my privacy. if firing the nannies is a means to make sure Gloria understands she is not to come into my home without my permission and on MY terms, then so be it.

2042 days ago


Makes me wish we could involuntarily spay someone. This freaky looking cheap ass Angelina Jolie knockoff needs her tubes ripped out and beaten with them.

She's a complete waste of space and a drain on society. But according to her food stamps isn't welfare.....

And hey "I'm on workers comp....because I hurt my back, but I can pop out 6 kids (twins in there somewhere). Nah that's not hard on the back *RMFE* That stupid bitty needs to be beaten.

Poor kids.

2042 days ago
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