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Octo 911: Get Out, Gloria Allred!

3/23/2009 10:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made by OctoMom's nanny to try and remove Gloria Allred from the house.

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The call was made on March 17 -- the same day two of Nadya Suleman's octuplets came home.

Allred represents the non-profit organization Angels in Waiting -- which had offered to help Nadya care for the octuplets. Nadya fired them today. Coincidence?


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Womb for one    

Well, I hope she has a plan cuz I sure as hell ain't coming over to help.

1935 days ago


#48 - A person, who is honest, builds up their Social Security payments over the years by working hard, paying through their bi-weekly paychecks, and so on, whether being a man or a woman. These benefits were put into the system years ago by the government to help decent, lawbiding citizens. If Grandma and Grandpa are receiving Social Security, they deserve it - they EARNED it.

Not like this dolt!

And what about YOU?!

1935 days ago


Agree...adoption is the only answer in this case as Octo-Mom is a psychopathic freak.

1935 days ago

Sue Wong    

Octomom was right to kick Alfred out. Nobody on this board would want a spy or spies in their house pretending to be a friend. That is, even if they had nothing to hide. I suggest she get the best nurses money can buy and have them sign a non-disclosure or something.

1935 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Pleasse, please remove those children from her nasty ass duck lips! This creature of the black lagoon, is insane and hideous to look at. I feel so sorry for those kids!

1935 days ago

Big Bear    

Octomom has all the money she and the kids will ever need. The simple minded public threw money at her in huge amounts. Octomom was hated by all but she used the cute kids to get filthy rich. Do not get mad at Octomom just get mad at the idiot public.

1935 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

I'm not sure why people start yelling about their tax "dollars". It amounts to less than a penny out of each and every Americans pockets to support this woman. Yeah, it was stupid to have eight more kids when she already had six, but now that the damage is done, this is what it comes down to. The American government uses our tax money in the strangest ways, and this is just another one of them. We, as American citizens, sit by blindly as the government spends our money on ways we can't even fathom, yet this woman is what we focus on. If you all are so angry about the way our money is spent, do something about it and stop the insanity. Look into how Americas tax dollars are really spent and you will see that there is a bigger conspiracy going on.

1935 days ago


I got conned by this crazy woman. Don't send anymore more money in support of her to my website. She's made lots of bucks off me and kicked us to the curb. What an ungrateful con artist.

1935 days ago


This woman just turned away over 300,000 PLUS dollars worth of natal nurses per month , and other people who will help watch after all of her children, even the few older ones who happen to be mentally challenged. She has slammed the door on a group of nurses that want to help her out, and provide the best care possible for the children.
Nadia is mad at Angels in Waiting because they said a group of camera men and others inside the house for a reality show would endanger the children. She has already stated this was a problem for her. It is more important she is on TV than her children are safe.

1935 days ago


I dont think Octomom wanted her attorney to leave. But it does seem weird to turn away an expensive service. Thank God I left California (home of fruits, nuts and flakes).

1935 days ago

Be fair    

Why is with all the hate? She is a single mother. Cut her some slack. You guys are acting like she's Bush or something. YOu guys are racists. She deserves our support. All these people are running around trying to take advantage of her. She doesn't have the luxary of having a husband. No one helped her. Thank GOd you people are going to be extinct under Obama. Ignorance!

1935 days ago

The 1 & Only    

"dude, i wouldn't want Gloria Allred in my home either. that woman is way into everyone else's business. whether i like octomom or not is irrelevant. if i ask someone to leave, they better leave or they will get escorted. just because the nannies are there, doesn't give Gloria the right to invade my privacy. if firing the nannies is a means to make sure Gloria understands she is not to come into my home without my permission and on MY terms, then so be it. "

I agree...

1935 days ago


I sure hope you dont have kids #64..the nurse had every reason to report her to CPS b/c that is what responsible people do who have the KIDS interest at heart. Nadya's primary concern is herslef and how she is portrayed in the media. Instead of trying to defend herself on Dr Phil should she not be at HOME taking care of her babies? ISNT THAT WHAT SHOULD MATTER? She is out shopping EVERY DAY..she has spent a ton of money on HERSELF and that is not money she has EARNED. She has been a liar and a leech for years and she does not deserve to be rewarded for exploiting her kids. If she wasnt such an immature, mentally challenged witch, she would not have people in her business..she craves attention and i am happy to see it backfiring on her..she is not going to be able to afford her own nannies for long before the money stops pouring in. No matter how much Dr Phil coaches her to be grateful, she never will be, and that is one of the many reasons she is despised. Thank God for people like Allred who at least have the guts to step in and call her out on her failings as a parent. I hope this latest episode convinces the hospital not to release the other babies because all those kids are in danger as far as I am concerned.

1935 days ago


#72....When you move your head do you hear the sound of rocks??

1935 days ago


Instances like this are not what 911 is for!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOOK UP THE DA*N LOCAL POLICE NUMBER AND PUT IT ON SPEED DIAL but quit abusing 911!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now maybe if Gloria was breaking the door down or slipping out the back door with a baby .........................................

Welcome LAPD to babysitting the Suleman household.

1935 days ago
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