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Halle Berry Gets Bad Gas

3/30/2009 8:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The paparazzi saved Halle Berry's life!!! Or at least her car.

Halle Berry
As you can clearly see, Halle started to pump diesel gas into her Lexus SUV -- but the paps stopped her before any damage was done.

In her defense, diesel gas is better for the environment and provides better fuel economy.


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Wonder what she'd look like if her mom was black? Think she'd be in Hollywood still? Hmm......

2002 days ago

Lenn K.    

There are times when the pain in the ass paps can be helpful and this is one of those time.

2002 days ago


And you didn't stop her??? Creep!!

2002 days ago

We all knew she was a dumb ass. Why should TMZ reporter stopped her? Too bad it wasn't damaged

2002 days ago

snotty snob    

Umm, diesel pumps don't fit in non-diesel tank openings. No saving was needed people.

2002 days ago



Yep, I think she'd still be in Hollywood..and she'd look something like the gorgeous Gabrielle Union or Jada Pinkett or Kerry Washington. What makes Halle so attractive is that she is part black. She doesn't have to spray paint her skin or scorch in the sun for her beautiful skin color. It's natural. It's also why she looks so young too, black women age extremely well. Her daughter has the same beautiful caramel skin. If she were all white she'd look like she was 60 years old instead of in her 40's.

2002 days ago


She is still an attractive black woman...ditzy... but attractive

2002 days ago


Who is the ignoramus at TMZ who does not know the difference between GAS-GASOLINE and diesel FUEL. IT IS CALLED DIESEL FUEL, FUEL, FUEL, you fool. Fuel, not gas. Gas is a contraction of gasoline.

2002 days ago

Spandex never looked better    

Devon, I wonder what you look like considering your parents are a donkey and a horse?

2002 days ago



Actually, what makes her beatuiful are all her white features. Small nose (not flat and wide), regular size lips (not massive and clumpsy looking) and her straight, flowing hair (not a brillo pad all greasy and NON-flowing). Scorched by the sun? 60 year olds? What are earth are you talking about sweetheart? You sound jealousy that you can't lay out in the sun. Black women age well? LOL!! Hmm...highly doubtful. Face the facts hunny, withour her white mama, she'd probably be flipping burgers right along side you :)


2002 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

BioDiesel is better for clean air but reg/diesel doe`snt burn as clean as reg/gas in most engines.Semis get about 4 miles per gal on diesel.They took most of the sulfer out of diesel in the USA but worldwide it is much dirter fuel than our gas.Bio-diesel in the right powerplants and vehicles can get better mileage and burn cleaner.Diesel PUMP handles and imput nossles will fit into a gas tank filler neck-they are smaller than gas filler tube/handles.BUT gas will not fit into diesel imput filler tubes...diesel WON~T hurt your gas car motor but it will stall and they will have to clean all the diesel out of the system.GAS in a diesel will TRASH the engine and it will have to be rebuilt.She`s in NOT danger of hurting her SUV at all...just stalling and fauling...sputter sputtter Sheit.

2002 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

TMZ needs also to go back to school on fuels.Diesel is dirty fuel unless the american EPA took all the sulfer out ot it which they did.Now diesel costs more than reg/gas in the USA clean air act...remember TMZ?.Catalitic convertors in gas burners make gas engines cleaner than non-catalical diesel trucks mostly for better lowend tork.Biodesels yes can be cleaner MAYBE but the catalitica convertor has make gas engines cleaner in masse production mumbers for the USA at this time.Diesel is not are good a fuel as can gel and freeze in cold weather thus a winter grade and summmer grade.Nice save though ven hilter saved some of this own?.

2002 days ago


Devon your an idot. What white features are you talking about? If you seen her father she looks more like him. In addition I have seen alot of white people with big noses. If that was the case of ALL whites having small noses then no white person would get a nose job. Generally speaking blacks have similar features, but they are not all precisely the same. If that was the case then all blacks and whites would all look the same. Not all blacks have full lips and we do have different texture hair. And so what not all blacks hair are non-flowing. Just because you and other people feel that flowing hair is beautiful does not make it so. I have this Japanese friend who is trying to get her hair non-flowing and some white friends of mine too. You have your beauty standards dont think that's the way it is all around the world. And without her white mother she would be flipping burgers? Are you brain dead? All of these black actors and actresses in hollywood do not have white mothers, so how do you explain that?

2002 days ago


She's too excited thinking about who she's going to run over next to concentrate on pumping gas. She best hope that no one ever runs over her child and takes off the way she did to someone else's child.

She has a fugly soul. And no conscience.

2002 days ago


By the way, Gabrielle Union doesn't have light skin and a white mama, do you see her flipping burgers?! Jada Pinket doesn't have a white mama. Do you see her flipping burgers?! Queen Latifah doesn't have a white mama, do you see her flipping burgers?! Nia Long, Vivica Fox, Leila Rochon, Beyonce Knowles, Tyra Banks, Meghan Good, Lauren London, Zoe Saldana, even Oprah! None of them have white mamas, do you see any of them flipping burgers! Hell, they don't even flip burgers in their movies! They are all beautiful, talented Black women who have worked hard to get to where they are! No type of ignorant hate form a prick who hides out on effing TMZ is gonna stop them from getting that money!! Face it these women will make more money in a day, then you will make in a lifetime! Get over yourself!!

P.S. I went to Bruger King the other day and got served by a beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed WHITE girl!! I bet her mama is white. But it didn't stop her from fliiping burgers!!!

2002 days ago
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