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Natasha Richardson 911 Calls Released

3/30/2009 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The series of 911 calls made after Natasha Richardson's fateful accident have been released -- and they paint a very vivid picture of what went on that tragic day.

A video put together by Toronto's The Globe and Mail strings together the radio conversations between paramedics and dispatchers. It's all in French, so the video translates the calls and helps explain what certain codes used by paramedics actually mean.

The video is about six minutes long and incredibly depressing -- but it's truly a fascinating recount of the day's events.

Click here to watch the video.


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tuna marie    

i guess this will never end.

1971 days ago


Why would I want to hear that. It is depressing enough that it is Monday.

1971 days ago


Depressing - but video beautifully done.

1971 days ago


Very sad. It just goes to show that no head injury should be dismissed as 'minor', as Ms. Richardson appears to have done. Not wanting to bother people, or minimizing your trauma, can lead to tragedy. The decision to seek medical help - which apparently was right next door to her hotel (plus the ambulance that was sent back to its station) - should not have been made by her, but by those around her. The trouble is, if someone appears to be fine, as she appeared, it's hard to say "sorry, you're going for that brain scan and/or x-ray, like it or not". The two-hour or more delay may have made the difference in living and dying in this case.

1971 days ago




1971 days ago

ya right    

very sad video---but it was done nicely with respect to the friends and family of Natasha

1971 days ago


There should be a way to convey age-related medical needs without stating the patient's specific age. Like it or not, there is serious ageism in the world, especially towards women, and paramedics are likely to act faster for someone younger. This is not to suggest paramedics delayed care at all. This is only generally speaking.

Everyone would like to believe medical professionals act with total objectivity towards each and every patient, but study after study shows doctors are prejudiced for/against patients depending on their personal views. It is naive and dangerous to believe doctors behave with objectivity although certainly that is the ideal and the expectation.

Look at how the medic refers to it being a media story. That is code for "take extra care, we are being watched." There is no reason to state it is a media story - he only had to say it involved a ski accident. There is extra care taken when the cameras are on. The care should be the same with or without cameras, but it isn't. This is a universal thing, not a Canadian thing. Canadians actually seem to be more responsible and humane than most.

1971 days ago


A very beautiful video. Thanks for sharing TMZ.

1971 days ago


This video is very important and serves as an educational tool for everyone watching it including the personnel at the Ski Resort. If every reader understands the timing and all the details, they might end up by saving "A LIfe" one day. Thank you TMZ for creating awareness about dealing with emergencies.

1971 days ago


The education everyone should receive from this is don't go to Canada and if you do, you better hope you found the right God to pray that you don't require any serious medical attention.

1971 days ago

Money Talks    

I hope this video will put an end to disgraceful comments about how the Canadian health-care system was to blame for the untimely death of Ms. Natasha Richardson. Naturally some doctors in the US do not want a universal system, which would show on paper their annual income since they would be paid by the Administration. They would be unable to hide some of their income and therefore avoid paying taxes. An American friend told me that a survey shows that 75 % of doctors complain of not being always paid in full by patients unable to pay. These doctors would get paid in full if a system similar to the Canadian was put in effect. And stop using terms like "socialized medicine" which in the US scare people. I don't understand how something that can be good for you can scare you. Only the big rich doctors would suffer by losing their tricks of hiding their true income.

1971 days ago


What a respectful, decent, honorable homage to Natasha Richardson. I have never seen anything produced here in this country that comes even remotely close to what this Canadan film production crew achieved. It was simply beautiful.

Thanks TMZ for sharing!

1971 days ago


Ageism? She was listed as 41 - that's pretty young. Generally speaking, I don't think anyone is going to think that it's not so urgent since the woman who is hurt is over 30. I can't believe that anyone made that sort of comment.

Natasha's experience is going to save lives. It's tragic that she had to go, but I know that people who have experienced the same sort of seemingly minor injury will take it more seriously because they will remember what happened to Natasha. That's already happened. I saw a little girl on the news who credits what happened to Natasha when discussing how she got medical attention after she hit her head.

I thought the video was moving. Thanks for posting it.

God Bless Natasha.

1971 days ago


That video s@cked. The majority of it flew by before you could even read it.

She refused care end of story.

1971 days ago


14. Chantal #14: You're so very wrong about the quality of your medical care. I was involved in an accident in which I hit my head on the windshield. When the paramedics arrived, I didn't want to go in the ambulance, but they said it wasn't up for discussion. Once they're called, it's THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to make the a patient is alright. Your paramedics didn't do this. They went right past the patient, which shows how inadequately trained your EMT's are. The fact that she didn't show a physical injury was enough for them? The fact that she laughed it off was enough for them? So, stop the liberal bullsh*t, please. They could have saved her life. And, what kind of advanced medical system doesn't have a medical helicopter available near a ski resort? You keep your socialized medicine because if this is what we're in for, we're all screwed.

Posted at 2:58PM on Mar 30th 2009 by kitti


Stop with your lies. Treatment is optional, they can't make you get in the ambulance. They can't make you have treatment. They write treatment refused. I too was in a car accident and was hurt pretty badly. I refused to get in the ambulance and guess what... THEY DIDN'T FORCE ME BECAUSE LEGALLY THEY CAN'T!!

If a child has a bad injury the hospital won't even work on them if the parent isn't there to give consent. You have no freaking idea what you are even talking about so STFU.

1971 days ago
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