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Paula Abdul Is the New Hannah Montana

3/30/2009 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Abdul was attacked by a Hot Topic store this weekend...

Paula Abdul
... there were no survivors.


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Thanks loads, TMZ... I would pay money to "un-see" that picture. Ick.

2036 days ago

Triple Play    

I wish that Idol would fire her old ass. She is an idiot. She repeats whatevewr the other judge ssay and id sfe is supposed to be unbiased, why does she stand up and dance for certain contestants?
She was the original lip synching queen long before Nilli Vanilli. What does she know about singing?
BTW is she is a Janet Jackson look alike contest? Plastic face old fool

2036 days ago


Sounds like ageism to me. Interesting that a forty something Paula in this look would create such an emotional response. So what if she wants to wear this? Why limit what someone wants to wear by their age? And where is this kind of outrage when the rolling stones or other old guys do the same? Just wondering . . .

2036 days ago

Triple Play    

Wow that takes the cake. An old fart like her trying to be a cool chick. Paula the train has left the station and you are not on it. You look silly and if you have anymore face work done you'll look like a Jackson.
Bottom line is Idol should fire her and let Kara take over at least Kara knows something about music.

2036 days ago

Triple Play    

How sad. Paula trying to look young and hot.She is neither. She is a tired old hag trying too hard to be cool.
She is an embarassment to American Idol, telling the blind guy to lose the piano. I am sure glad the she didn't tell Stevie Wonder to lose the piano.
Old Fool

2036 days ago


i'm so embarrassed for her & everyone who knows her.

what was she thinking?

Although physically she's 46, mentally, she's 15. Poor girl.

2036 days ago


She is too old to be wearing this outfit. She looks like a complete fool.

2036 days ago


Im jealous of her, I think she looks great. I would love to be fit like that.
I am the same age, and sadly, am not close to that!!
She was at a kids awards show, so she looks dressed for the part.
i think some of you are like me, JEALOUS!!!
You go, Paula, you look great!!

2036 days ago

stewie griffin    

I'm 35 and would feel ridiculous wearing a getup like that. And, yeah that may be "ageism" as someone put it. But, why dress in clothes from the junior dept just because your ass can fit into them? It looks silly. Pills and alcohol do impair one's judgement. Just saying...

2036 days ago


She's just a TAD young for this look, but I have to admit she's got a hot body. Most 40+ year olds would be thrilled to look as good as she does.

2036 days ago


She is a little odd, but i love her.

2036 days ago


Someone please tell the cow she's not 14! who do these stars think their fooling? you get old they need to act their age but she'll be trying to be hip at 85 and failing just like she is now

2036 days ago


i watched this show live with my kids, and not only did she look silly dressed this way, but she barely made it to the stage, slurred thru a couple of words at the mic, then stumbled off with david archuleta. She could barely see thru the slits of her eyelids. they co-accepted an award for best reality show.

2036 days ago

Obama is Gay    

#24 snort a lot of cocaine and smoke some crack. youll be looking like paula in no time

2036 days ago

I Love Memphis    

She stutters when she talks. Knows nothing about singing at all. Simon go back to Terri. She had class. Wish they would get her off of idol. What are they waiting for??? Kara on the other hand is a beauty. Intelligent., beautiful, and sexy.... We love you Kara!!

2036 days ago
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