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Rihanna Down with the D.A.

3/30/2009 6:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Reports circulating that Rihanna is not cooperating with prosecutors in the Chris Brown case are bogus, according to prosecutors.

Sandi Gibbons from the L.A. County D.A.'s office tells us, "We deal with her attorney who says she is a cooperating victim."

Even if Rihanna clams up, the D.A. is used to prosecuting these cases without a cooperative alleged victim. That's especially true in this case, where there are graphic photos (the worst of which have not been seen), along with Rihanna's statement to cops that Brown has beaten her before and the violence was escalating.


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its me in oc.    

ist! get that punk!

1995 days ago


I am glad to hear she is cooperating. I am also glad that she has been seen out and looking good and without Chris Brown. I hope she continues to send a good message to other women.

1995 days ago


If Chris is going to get charged, she needs to be also. She was the primary physical aggressor in this instance. Nobody was an innocent party in this so they either both need to be charged or neither of them.

1995 days ago


I really think Much of her, and if she wants it all to dissapear than i do to (Not in this Life Though)...unfoutunately...people put it out there that she wasnt cooperating, jsu t to get some fact(Which we are all seeking for yet, chris or Rihanna has not spoken out about jack Squat)...any way , Chris did mess up, but we must learn to walk in forgiveness..As long as God and Rihanna has forgiven Him, PEOPLE there is seriously nothing that we can do, we have to forgive, no 1 is pressuring anyone to forget, but pleas, i Beg u, forgive him before you die and go to, i will be praying for both parties...Chris commited a crime and he is obligated to pay his Debt to society..He needs to have a more formal apology as well, There are ways that u should do things and ISSUING A STATMENT IS SO INDIRECT, BE A MAN AND SPEAK UP....As for Rihanna Baby Girl you need to Pray and be around you mom, the one who will never turn ure back on you..thats who u come from, all them people in ure face cant save you, nor Give you the love that ure heart is longing for, only Mama/Grandma can do that... So please pray and read on Forgiveness and Just Live ure Life, Continue to bring us that Good Music and Blossum Like Never Before Girl...I love You!!!

1995 days ago


for commenter # 5..please go bury ureself because u seem to be a waste of LIFE you IDIOT.....YOUR LITERALLY SICK IN YOUR MIND......U NEED JESUS TO COME IN AND RIP THAT HEART OUT AND GIVE YOU A NEW ONE YOU IDIOT

1995 days ago

m dennings    

Hmm, and wouldn't those reports be coming from you, TMZ?

1995 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

WHO CARES!! And if she does... She better EXPECT her DRAP will hit the fan too!! She carries as much guilt in this as he does!! So THERE!!

1995 days ago


Do the right thing RIRI

1995 days ago


Who REALLY cares one way or the other what these idiots do. Free publicity must be great. A victim and a bruiser.
After all is said and done they'll get back together after having wasted everyone's time. Flush...

1995 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

Excus me I hit the wrong key.. I meant to say:

SHE BETTER EXPECT HER CRAP TO HIT THE FAN TOO!!!! she is as guilty as he is in all of this. If the police would have got to them while the fight was going on they BOTH would have been arrested for ASSULT!!! NO WINNERS HERE JUST TWO SERIOUSLY SCREWED UP PEOPLE who clearly do not belong together at all!! I PITY THEM BOTH... BUT HIM MORE. Like it or lump it thats my opinion and I am entitled to it just as much as anyone else on here!! AND IM KEEPING ALL OF MY CHRIS BROWN C.Ds because the music is AWESOME!!!

1995 days ago


5. If Chris is going to get charged, she needs to be also. She was the primary physical aggressor in this instance. Nobody was an innocent party in this so they either both need to be charged or neither of them.

Posted at 5:25PM on Mar 30th 2009 by Angie

Angie, you know this how? Because you were there? The man had not a single mark on him and she was covered in multiple contusions from being beaten with his fists. Glad the rest of the world doesn't define "primary aggressor" the same way your dumb ass does.

1995 days ago

tmz should be close down    

to #3 and all those who can't read you need to learn how to comprehend it said that she is not cooperating.....any bet you're just a kid

1995 days ago


Thug Thizzle! Keep worked well for Nicole Simpson!

1995 days ago


Rihanna Sucks

1995 days ago

Illinois person    

I feel this bitch is enjoying playing both ends against the middle. While it seems she really doesn't mind Brown slapping her face silly, after all it's her face, but then to keep the police at bay is bulls****. Frankly she and so-called man of a boyfriend can both just go away. Really TMZ there's so many other people doing wonderful things with their lives unlike these two freaks and that Octomom ya'll love to report on too. Take the cameras away and who or what are they? Nobodies just running around Hollywood a la Paris Hilton just searching for the nearest camera!

1995 days ago
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