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Rihanna Down with the D.A.

3/30/2009 6:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Reports circulating that Rihanna is not cooperating with prosecutors in the Chris Brown case are bogus, according to prosecutors.

Sandi Gibbons from the L.A. County D.A.'s office tells us, "We deal with her attorney who says she is a cooperating victim."

Even if Rihanna clams up, the D.A. is used to prosecuting these cases without a cooperative alleged victim. That's especially true in this case, where there are graphic photos (the worst of which have not been seen), along with Rihanna's statement to cops that Brown has beaten her before and the violence was escalating.


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In response to #90, don't you get it? P. Diddy and the rest of them do NOT consider themselves role models. They know what th ey are, music industry whores. P. Diddy, a good one. Two of his memorable performances, stealing Sting's song on TV while former superstar Sting had to play back up and stealing an old movie and putting it on TV about how black people are crying and dying, while trying to keep their house in spite of the terrible white man menace. Oh, yes, and judging chicks who want to be in a band. He is really so yesterday. But, he gets to stand up tall, smoking a cigar and acting like a foster father to Chris Brown. Yes, P. Di ddy, your image is now complete. Big whoop. Too bad you didn't get on a jet ski right next to Chris in the water. Wouldnl't it be wonderful if they both hit a pier? Then they wouldn't appear no more and the thug crowd could have had a big funeral, memorial and a special on TV all about them and then in a few weeks, the rest of us could finally forget them. As for Rihanna, wash your face, girl. You look like a big pat of butter.

2035 days ago


who gives a freak about this. it has been on the news for weeks. there are more important things to talk about. she knows how to get herself out this mess . everyone needs to leave her alone so she can do so. this probably is not the first time she has been hit.

2035 days ago


Angie, you know this how? Because you were there? The man had not a single mark on him and she was covered in multiple contusions from being beaten with his fists. Glad the rest of the world doesn't define "primary aggressor" the same way your dumb ass does.

Posted at 6:31PM on Mar 30th 2009 by Mel

Mel, If you had bothered to look at the previous reports and the reports by law enforcement, you would have seen that she hit him first and he tried to get her out of the car but she would not get out. Did he take it too far, yes, he did. I am defining primary physical aggressor as it is defined in law enforcement. I am a cop and know the law. Unfortunately, not everyone follows how the law is written in high profile cases so it's not surprise to me that it's not being followed here. Go back to school and shut up unless you truly know what you are talking about.

2035 days ago

chitown lady    

She needs some sense bitch slapped into her and fast....One has to look at the fact SHE LIKED BEING SMACKED AROUND.......Her reputation will suffer......WOMEN LIKE HER ARE WHATS WRONG with the chris browns in the world. She condones his behavior so be it....The next time it happens she just might be killed and NO ONE WILL CARE.....SHe needs to do the right thing here for herself and other women...IF NOT YOU HAVE LOST ALL RESPECT......maybe your will deserve what you get.........SCREW YOU

2035 days ago

for comment #5 U are an idiot your making it seem like if its okay that chris brown beat her up... Its not alright that a man beat on a women.... Men are stronger and they can take it when a skinny boney girl hits him.... DAMM people are soo stupid and selfish these days.. he needs to be charged!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2035 days ago


It really amazes me the hostility being directed @ Rihanna calling her a bitch, saying she's playing both sides of the fence... I don't get it. Bottom line is CB is a tool. The anger and rage that he exhibited shows that there is something seriously wrong w/him as a person & as a man. Personally, I don't think there is anything wrong w/wanting 2 give someone you love the benefit of the doubt and believe in them as a person and their ability to change. But love and relationships are complicated and I guess she realized that this was a relationship that she didn't want to be in, and decided to part ways. If she was so concerned about her image, she never would've taken him back at all. You can hate someone for what they've done to you and still love them, that's normal. Perhaps she feels that all the heat coming down on him publicly will be what he needs for him to get help, rather than him going to jail. Similar to people who feel that addicts should get treatment and not be in prison. That doesn't make her a bitch or mean that she's playing both sides of the fence.

2035 days ago


wow 99 comments about how Chris is a punk and should be locked up. Again ShamWow guy just got arrest for beating a woman and 110 comments about how she deserved it??????????????? Umm why because she gets paid to have sex? When Rhianna came out reports were that she was F'n for tracks so as far as we know they are one in the same. Ok so maybe it's because the prostitute is reported to have bit his tongue. Ok some reports say Rhianna started hitting Chris possibly even with the heel of her shoe. Just like to you it makes no sense for the prostitute to hold on the his tongue until he beats her away it makes no sense to me that Rhianna gets beat to death and sits on the keys LOL so now the only difference is one situation involves blacks and the other whites and Rhianna is percieved to be a good girl while just because of her job the other is a low class whore. Hell as far as we know she is a laid off VP for Circuit City HAHAHAHHA

2035 days ago


TMZ you do write some S*** youre so sly to not make the >> REPORTED

2035 days ago


As a male, It's very interesting to see some of the female comments on this page. Interesting and incredibly sad. Particularly women who are of THIS generation - How do you not know better?

2035 days ago


Look yerhh i dnt undastand any of ihh cn sum1 explain 2 me plzz in english and nt dis big wurdzz...thank yewww:D

2035 days ago


BW: Most of the sillier comments are coming from a "special" group of women--the Chris Brown fan clubbers. Don't get it twisted.

As for this story, yawn. The D.A. and Rihanna's attorney said she was cooperating all along and she still is. There's been no reports stating otherwise. Roger Friedman of Faux News decided he wanted to know the status of her involvement so he made up a fake "source" to say she wasn't helping and was mad that her picture was leaked to get a yay or nay from the D.A.

Which brings me to my next point: Yes she is probably pissed with her pic being leaked, though. Thanks, TMZ!! (Now that picture has become an art exhibit:
So now they have to try and act all "go girl" to Rihanna because they know they screwed her over. And they released that picture on her 21st birthday. Yeah, they care about her and DV all right. I bet that leaked picture really messed with her head, too. Think about it, she seemed to be doing just fine up until that point. Her actions made sense. She told the police what happened, seen a DV counselor and then went to see her family in Barbados. She left Chris alone. Then that picture leaked and reports came out saying she felt humiliated and angry. The people that were supposed to "help" her ended up selling her out for $$$$!!! Someone got paid on the LAPD. Who do you trust? I mean, who really had her back? To makes sense that she would be vulnerable enough to run back to the "devil she knew"--Chris "Beatherdown" Brown. She has said that he was one of the few people that she trusted. She trusted him the most and he hurt her the most, but she knows him. And they have a lot of the same friends, associates, producers. They toured together, he got tattoos to match hers, and wrote songs for her. Come on, it is not hard to see how she would go back to what she knew, even if it's just to end things in a way that felt satisfying given all the time they spent with each other.

But there is forgiveness and there is holding up a criminal investigation. Rihanna and Chris may have ended things on their own terms, but she must have told him that she will not obstruct the D.A.'s case for him. The dye is set and he set it himself. He is the one who left her there for the police to scoop up. LOL!! Dumbazz!! He called someone and got picked up, but he should have called someone and had HER picked up. No one who have known about this......but then again, that's a scary thought. I wonder what would have happened if this was swept under the rug? Would she have ended up dead eventually? Everything happens for a reason I guess.

He went back to VA because she's done all she was willing to do for him and he knows that. Now he'll just have to wait and see if he can strike a plea deal with the D.A. That's all there is to it.

As for her waning sales, I just read that her single "Disturbia" that Chris Brown co-wrote, went triple platinum. She still has TI's "Live Your Life" in the top 100 songs too. And her CD Good Girl Gone Bad has never been out of the top 100 so......

2034 days ago

Miss Bu    

There' an old saying out there "the prettier a woman is the dumber she is about men." That being said many many woman are in this same position everyday, some of us grow up and move on some don't. We would all like to save Rihanna but if she dosen't want to be saved thats her choice. The sadness of this all is that these two famous ppl are in the limelight and somehow as we have seen with paris , nicole , lindsey etc... just how long would CB go to jail 3 or 4 mins. Then upon his release their " handlers" would take advantage of the free publicity and with the right spin everything will be all right in their world.

2026 days ago
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