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Suze Orman Loves the Taco!

3/30/2009 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Penny pincher/financial adviser extraordinaire Suze Orman has some of the best advice we've ever heard for these hard economic times -- Make a run for the border!

Suzee Orman: Click to watch


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great idea - but since my sound card's broken on my computer i can't hear her comments - so WHICH ONE is she talking about?

surely not Mexico cause most of us have no desire to be beheaded and tortured in other horrible ways by those drug cartels but hey, they're moving in here FAST anyway

and most of the people down there have already or will move into our country illegally so we already THINK we're in Mexico!

I'd LOVE to run to the northern border and become a Canadian citizen (LEGALLY) or better yet, run to England, Scotland or Ireland if we only had the money

I still love the US - it's my country but I hate the way the politicians, greedy corporations and Wall Street tycoons as well as dear old AIG have bankrupted and ruined it for the rest of us

2032 days ago


well I feel really stupid lol

guess i didn't need sound, just needed to READ duh

TACO country sure isn't Canada so no thanks Suze - YOU can move down there if you want but I'll pass and simply get my tacos at Taco Bell up here since that's all I can afford to eat now anyway

2032 days ago


I thought she gave orders to all her viewers not to eat out anymore----even fast food...and here she's spewing a favorite menu item like shes at a drive through...

horrible example of how to live...this from a woman who says shes never ever never even kissed by a man...good grief, couldnt you have at least tried it before denying yourself?

Whateva...just shut your pie hole or should I say taco bell hole about who should eat out and who should not.


2032 days ago

I'm hungry    

i wish someone would shut this windbag up ... your 15 minutes of giving people bad advice is over ... just go away

2032 days ago


Kathy S:
Take England out of your choices of where to move from the US and the mess we're in. They have put their heads on the chopping block for the radical Muslims who are overrunning their country to chop their heads off (as well as some other European countries). Scary.

2032 days ago


The only time she is quiet is when munching on her gf's taco.

2032 days ago


Another lesbo. I don't know what you white guys are doing that are making white women run to each other like you all have some sort of virus or something. You guys had better get it together or sooner......rather than later......white people are going to go the way of the dinosaur.

2032 days ago


Just saying: Amen to that. The white race is dooming itself to extinction. They'd rather have pets than kids.

2032 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

This piece of blabbering crap is THE worst thing on TV. How people can listen to her--let alone look at her--boggles the mind.

2032 days ago

fans of President Obama    

I'd eat her taco ANY DAY.

2032 days ago

Sebastian Stoker    

LOL. How could she walk right into that? This clip is a good lesson to celebs to really listen to what is being asked and what they say in response. Watch out for double entendre and modern idioms. Maybe check out

2032 days ago



2032 days ago


I like her. At least when TMZ approached her she had a great attitude about it. Luv ya Suze!!

2032 days ago

Truth Hurts    

EWW! Ya'll are nasty TMZ. I guess u just couldn"t resist!

2032 days ago


"just saying" is worried white people going the way of dinosaurs. I'm worried Black people going to eliminate each other...what with BOB crime and all. Ya'll claim to be brothers and sister yet rob, rape, kill, beat each other at rates that make it seem like we're in South Africa...and you know how it is there dont? Take a trip there and see...Freed blacks killing blacks and whites at rates that rate with the gestapo. Anyone ever wonder if Apartheid kept everyone safer? Hmm, I dont see Bono and Little Stevie Van Zandt heading there too often since Black folks running things now. Those phoneys know when to stay away from danger.

anyway, we'll watch out for meteorites, you all watch out for each other. Most white folks figured you were all dangerous long ago so we keep our distance which has helped our survivability. I dont make the rules, just live by them.

Thanks for the warning though about dinosaurs.

2032 days ago
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