"Dr. Phil" Shoplifters -- eBay Entreprenuers

3/31/2009 2:29 PM PDT
It looks like eBay could also stand for electronic black market -- because the couple who confessed to being professional shoplifters on "Dr. Phil" just happen to have sold a TON of stuff on the website.

An eBay account connected to the address of Matthew Eaton -- whose house was raided after he and his wife appeared on "Dr. Phil" -- shows an unbelievable 628 positive feedbacks (and only 1 negative) on items sold in the last year.

During Matt's filmed shoplifting trip on "Phil," he guessed he had stolen around $700 of "mostly Lego stuff" -- and there just happens to be, coincidentally, a ton of Lego stuff sold on this eBay account... over $5,000 worth in March alone.