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Michael Moore -- Wont Sic O Just Yet

3/31/2009 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the burning question in DC -- will Michael Moore give Barack Obama the same treatment he gave Dubya ... or will M.M. go easy on the guy he already credits for creating "a better world" ... ten weeks into the new term?

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Pocketrocket. Bar-AIG Obama is well educated, but he is cannot manage the funds of; Stimulus package, bonuses, Christopher Dodd-lehead, as only one example. He signed the Bill....perhaps he can't read......"....Comma in the wrong place.? Don't concern yourself with giving the government your money all will be giving them more money....all your years. .& it won't be under your control. Excellent post, Chrissy.

1996 days ago


Chantal Bisso,
I am not sure what part of Canada you live in, but there is no effin way that I myself as a Canadian, likes this left wing nut who thinks he is important. He won an academy because all the people who vote in for them are demorats themselves. He is the biggest idiot I have ever seen, and for all you people out there who think your new health care is going to be great, it aint. I have a friend who couldnt walk at all, was in a wheelchair for 6 months waiting for a knee replacement, it wasnt life or death so it wasnt a priority. Please people, please, do not think that all Canadians are ignorant as this Chantal, she def doesnt speak for anyone in my family. What Hussein Obama is going to do to your country is going to directly affect ours and people are so stupid to realize this up here, because they have no education, speak french or speak english with peanut butter on the top of their mouth.

Some just make sure, that in 2012 the GOP wins, and there is no way for the Demorats to win a popularity contest and put another black/white idiot demo in office.

Thank you, a proud canadian who understands reality.

1996 days ago


Pocketrocket..Jesus, man_you can be bought for 80.00 ?

1996 days ago


Ms. Chantal Bisso. I would appreciate it if you would speak for yourself, as an individual, in Canada. You have no right to speak for all Canadians. I am Canadian. I work in an extremely large Canadian business. Many of us are worried, as we realize that our economy is also being affected., bu the present U.S. economy. Obama is not universally liked or respected. He has made some extremeley detrimental decisions, as a Senator, including financial & social associations. , that have directly impacted the American economy, with negative results. As presidident, thus far he is scraping by. I have seen hard core Separatists, denounce the Separatist movement, in the face of not being able to support their family. Charisma will not sustain Obama. Families in the U.S need to feed, clothe & support their families. Wealthy Obama. His family has no financial worry. They live & Spend.beyond Superlatively. As we have all noted. He & is family will not suffer financialy for his bad Management. .but the people of America will.And that may well permeate to Canada.

1996 days ago

Money Talks    

I do not hesitate for one second in stating that the so-called Canadians are either not Canadian at all or are from the province of Alberta, known to be more American than real Americans. Yes Canada loves and admires Mr. Michael Moore. It's none of your business what part of Canada I am from, but I am a real Canadian and proud of it. So long rednecks.

1996 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

That's right, Pete. Obama gave me a one time refund of $80 in my check. Let's see, can you keep up?? 80 x 26 paychecks a year = $2,080. That's a hell of alot more than Bush ever doled out, except to his obscenely wealthy friends.
Morgan - you are as grammatically challenged as Chrissy. It's either the same person, or maybe a bunch of hill folk who have their own language.
rush is a pig - the only Immaculate Conception, according to the Republicans, was Sarah Palin. She was 3 months pregnant when she married the First Dude. SHE wouldn't have premarital sex, would she?? Isn't that against her morals and principals?? Like mother like daughter.

1995 days ago


I don't know if Canadians love Barrack Obama and I don't care. He is the President of the United States and so far he is bankrupting this country just like Bush did. He isn't much different and Micheal Moore has a lot to criticize him for but he wouldn't because Democrats don't care if a Democrat bankrupts the country. Hypocrites come on both sides and Micheal Moore is going to be a large one.

1995 days ago


"Posted at 4:55PM on Mar 31st 2009 by pocketrocket

44. Shame on Bush for lieing to get us into a war!
Shame on Bush for dropping the ball on capturing Bin Laden!
Shame on Bush for allowing maniacal Cheney to allow torture and compromise the principals of our country!
Shame on Bush for allowing maniacal Cheney torture tactics create even MORE people that want to destroy us!
Shame on Bush for sitting by and letting deregulation tank our economy!
Shame on Bush for handing out contracts to his buddies at Halliburton to build showers which electrocuted HUNDREDS of our soldiers, (and killed almost a dozen)and then, not fixing it, lying to cover it up!
Shame on Bush for allowing our brave soldiers to come home missing limbs and then be ignored by the Veteran's
Shame on Bush for allowing illegal wiretapping of American citizens!
Shame on Bush for not prosecuting ONE detainee at Gitmo!
Shame on Bush for ignoring Katrina for days!
Shame on Bush creating the worst unemployment in 20 years!
Shame on Bush for shrinking the middle class by almost 15%!
Shame on Bush for just plain incompetence!!!!!!!!!!
Why put more taxes on the rich?? Because I am sick and tired of seeing them buying $45,000 trash cans and $100,000 desk chairs. They don't make more money to give people jobs - it's just to line their own pockets so they can purchase a private jet and their 5th house. I'm with Obama...$500,000 salary for all corporate CEO's. No one needs more than that - filthy, stinking, greedy pigs don't scream Christian values to me at all. Ever heard of Bernie Madoff?? Yeah, his ilk really need a tax break."

Hey Idiot! Everything Bush did. He also had to go through Congress for Approval. He can't just do what he wanted. The War was approved by all at thew time! All those people who were tortured were terrorists Terrorists that Obama has since set free. Terrorists who now have for the most part disappeared! You blame Bush for all the soldiers who came home with missing limbs and death. Why don't you go check out Clinton's history with Kosovo! A War there that still is going on and has killed more soldiers than the Iraq war has. Also lets not forget how Obama now has deployed more troops to Irag and Afghanistan. Bush was not the perfect president. No one ever claimed he was. But He did what was right for the time. Especially when American was all for getting those who attacked us during 9/11.

1995 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Chrissy - are you really sure they were terrorists?? I don't recall the Bush administration getting around to trying any of the "so-called" terrorists BECAUSE HE DIDN'T!!!!! Just why is that?? Maybe no evidence?? Maybe false evidence, which is usually what you get when you torture people. I'm pretty sure Jesus doesn't approve of torture.
America was "all for" getting those who attacked us on 9/11...did we get them?? No, BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT IN IRAQ!! Bush had 8 years to get Bin Laden. Why didn't he??
The Congress voted to go to war because Bush, Cheney, and Powell had everyone convinced that there were WMD's there. Remember Powell holding up the vial of Anthrax?? Scared everyone. Too bad Cheney ignored the CORRECT information so he could get his oil buddies into Iraq to make some big bucks.
And you call ME an idiot when your first sentence reads "Everything Bush did." What the hell does that mean?? And you wrote "But He did what was right for the time." Why capitalize the H in he - do you think Bush is God??
And, honestly, you really want to bring up Kosovo? You must not have checked into it much yourself. The Nato bombings lasted just over two months and he is actually seen there are "a savior from Milosevic." It IS important to remember that these were NATO endorsed bombings, not just the United States. Bush went into Iraq without full NATO backing. There are roads named for Clinton and statues of him in two different parks. What else would you like to discuss about Clinton and Kosovo?? Clinton and NATO got Milosevic, Bush failed miserably in getting Bin Laden. Let's see, we are into our 6th year in Iraq and I don't see alot of Iraqi's clambering to build a statue of Bush, but maybe they will, just so they can throw shoes at it!!!

1995 days ago


Pocketrocket, mr. Ob-acorn was directly responsible for unemployment & welfare. He will be redirecting troops from Iraq.not back to the US, but to Afghanistan. His stimulus plan lined the pockets of AIG bigwigs................And Himself. Oscama is all talk.he does that very well as long as his teleprompter is in front of him.& doesn't move. Yes Oscama talks......but that is all that he does. Anyone can Pass Gas. Just don't light a match. Fannie Mae was conflagration enough.

1995 days ago


Kiki. Actually, Clinton detained Bin Laden. He released him. Thank you Clinton for 911. My son was killed.

1995 days ago


And Kiki.May Clinton one day, rot in the hell that I have had to live everyday. perhaps if he was attending the Nation,s business rather than oral sex in the Oval office.more sons would be alive today.

1995 days ago


Michael Moore and Barney Frank would make the perfect couple. 2 Fat a&& hairy lisping liberals.

1995 days ago


Bisso. I will reiterate, you do not represent Canada. You can state your opinion as an individual....but it is not within your realm to to represent Canada. I can assure you, I am Canadian . I am not from Alberta. Just who are you to label any Canadian, based on province or any other criteria. Vous etes tres ignorante. Vous n'etes pas vraiment Canadienne, mais une malcontente. Ce n'est pas vraie que les Canadiennes aimaient Michael Moore. Je pense que vous etes Quebecois...pas Canadienne. Est-ce que vous etes embarasse de votre province. ? Vous manquez conviction ? Insecure? Vous avez peur ? Certainement, vous parlez assez bien , le marde { sh-t }.

1995 days ago


Do you actually believe another liberal would attack the other? And Moore would never go after Lord Obama, his so called life is already over now that Bush is out of office. Not onbly will you not see Moore trash Obama, but you will not see the calenders mocking Obama either. Moore shouild never have made a dime off his propaganda and false crap. He should be investigating for all the lies he has told.

1995 days ago
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