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"Wiseguy" Sues Guy Over Lost Fortune

3/31/2009 2:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ken WahlKen Wahl, the dude who starred in "Wiseguy," claims he's destitute and blames it on a conspiracy between his former business manager and Wahl's ex-wife.

Wahl's lawsuit, filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, claims he hired Henry Levine back in the day to take care of his finances. Wahl says Levine had the dreaded power of attorney. The actor explains how his career was red hot from 1983 to 1991.

But things changed radically in '91. Wahl divorced his wife, Corinne Alphen and gave her "ALL of the community property assets." Dumb move. The assets included a Malibu mansion and an estate in Boston, worth "many millions of dollars."

The suit claims during Wahl's marriage Levine entered into a "secret business manager relationship" with Corinne. He says after they got divorced, Corinne squandered Wahl's money "on plastic surgeries, facials, and massages" from the sale of the Malibu property -- Wahl says the proceeds were supposed to be held for their son.

More bad luck...Wahl got in a bad accident, broke his neck and was permanently disabled. Wahl says the business manager screwed him over, making him believe several million bucks were put aside to support him -- in fact, he says, his ex-wife got that loot too, thanks to Henry.

Wahl says he now doesn't have a pot to pee in and owes $250,000 in back taxes.

Wahl is suing Levine and the Screen Actors Guild. SAG is named as a defendant because he has a beef over errors in his pension contribution.

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Ken Wahl and his wife Shane Barbi are wonderful people. They care about people and animals using their celebrity status to help causes. They also rescue animals directly like their rescue cat and dog. Ken loves cats. Only real men love cats.

He was indeed taken advantage of by his management team. This happens to a lot of celebrities. He does indeed have a disability with his neck injury. I don't know why people would want to attack such a nice, caring, honest man. Maybe you people need to meet him in real life. Then you would know the real Ken Wahl, a great guy.

1991 days ago


Somebody is on here "writing" as me, calling themselves Jinky.

This is such a load of trash written by white trash. I remember Ken, a decent guy. I don't even know the new wife, never met her but she seems to despise me because I made a joke about her in my book. ( ) Nothing personal, just making fun of her a little (like I make fun of everybody including myself) so she's disproportionately angry. Actually, we're both on the same page when it comes to important issues regarding animal welfare.

I'm just going to say this, knowing Ken and his ex wife: They were very much in love and it's very sad that it had to come to this. They have a child together and for his sake, Ken's new wife should consider that. Corinne didn't ever live in an "Estate." The house in Boston was an inexpensive house in Lynn. It was hardly an estate, it was a modest, single family home in a blue collar neighborhood.

I don't think Corinne is the gold digging type at all, I've known her for 30 years. She falls in love for the romance and all these years, she's only been attracted to very masculine and gorgeous men. Most of them didn't have any money at all and she didn't care. She truly loved Kenny before he was a star, I met him first and wanted to introduce them. He wasn't rich then, they were living in a crumby apt. on Overland and they had a baby. They loved that boy, I remember, I was there when he was born. In all the years I've known Corinne, this was a genuine love.

There is some very negative energy around Ken and it's a shame. He is a very talented guy, had such a strong voice and face and could continue his career if he wanted to.

Furthermore, the comments about Corinne's son from a previous marriage: I've known him since he was a child and poor thing, he was diagnosed with an acute form of schizophrenia bi-polar disorder and had a terrible incident due to his mental health disability. This is very sad and anyone on here who is posting that he murdered someone is wrong. He had a violent episode due to his mental illness where someone was hurt, not killed. He remains in a mental health disability program, he is not in prison.

As for corinne "squandering" money awarded legally, after a divorce, that he caused by being repeatedly adulterous, Corinne lost that money in the stock market during the crash of 2000 like so many of us did. Corinne is being slandered and wrongly accused of conspiring with Wahl's biz manager. That's complete baloney. She's an honest person.

Ken's new wife is set on destructive slander of decent people, including me. She likes to sue people as a means of making money. She has no other way. Now that she can't make money with her birthday suit, she tries to make it with frivolous lawsuits. The new wife always hates the old wife, especially, when there's still something there in their hearts. Now she's taken it too far. It's an act of desperation.
Carole Raphaelle Davis
I'm the only one signing my real name, btw. It's cowardly to attack people anonymously.

1989 days ago


Ken Wahl and Shane Barbie are pathetic!!! They are both liars who have taken a small amount of truth and twisted it and interjected it with lies to slander and malign his ex-wife, Corinne. The fact that the IRS is going after Ken Wahl for money that he owes from 1983 (when Corinne was only married to him for 2 months) and is using this vicious attack on her to get them out of the line of fire shows how low they will stoop. Corinne has stood by him through thick and thin even though their marriage ended because he was cheating on her with everything that walked -- including her own friends and her young son's teacher. She HAS NEVER gone public with all of his dirt and now, just to get himself out of financial difficulty, after 17 years, he tries to smear her name and her loyalty. These two are publicity seeking hounds that have absolutely NO INTEGRITY.

And just so you ALL know, MOST of these posts were written by SHANE herself -- so don't believe that there is all this public support on their behalf. Leave the woman alone you litigious losers.

1989 days ago

ex fan    

Used to love Ken Wahl, saw him at a club back when people actualy still knew who he was, he was married to his ex Corine, but coming on to EVERY girl in the club!! Didn't matter if they were young or old or thin or fat, whatever!! I talked to him and he was soooo full of himself, couldn't believe it!! He was drunk and VERY coarse, trying to get someone to go out to the parking lot with him for sex, no class at all, he lost a fan that night. He was showing pictures of his son, just a baby, I asked where his wife was and he said 'Home with the kid where she belongs'. What a JERK!! I lived in LA for a few years and met quite a few actors, most of them were nice people, this guys ego was sooo inflated, after all he was just a TV actor and not even that good looking in person. I was so turned off. I was never going to watch his show again, but didn't have to worry about that, it was soon canceled and he never did anything again that I know of, just showed up in the gossip mags when he supposedly had a brain tumor then it was cancer, whatever, he was healthy as a horse, just loved his booze and pills. I heard he hurt himself falling down a flight of stairs, drunk as usual, then he said he had a motorcycle accident 'cause he thought that sounded cooler!! Wasn't there a picture of him on the cover of some mag with a Pinochio nose?? I find it hard to believe anything he has to say, and besides, who CARES about a guy no ones heard of since the 80's?? Please devote your show to people who are current rather than has beens!!

1989 days ago

ex fan    

It is my understanding that Shane Barbie Wahl expends most of her animal activisim energy , towards investigating other animal activists to try to dig up dirt on them, as is her mission in life, to destroy others. She is such an unhappy individual, she hides under the guise of kindly animal activist, meanwhile in reality she is a vampire thirsting for others blood. The shame is that she hurts the people who are really making a difference in saving animals lives, while Shane is sure to show up at any Red Carpet fund raiser, I don't believe, she has ever written an article or shut down a puppy mill or done ANYTHING signigicant in the way of moving the animal activism world forward, it's all about the publicity for her. When her Pin-up calendars fizzled out and the public yawned about all her anorexia and bulemia issues, she then tried radio, that didn't work out, what was left for her?? I know, I'll be an animal activist!! She is an obvious publicity seeker at any cost!! Oh, by the way, to my knowledge, Ken Wahl has NEVER appeared at ANY animal activist event of any kind, Shane just throws his name around, though for the life of me I don't know what kind of weight an out of work actors name carries.
Shane is unstable and anyone who comes into contact with her learns fairly quickly that she's just not all there!! She sues EVERYONE!! Look up public records on lawsuits and her name comes up again and again, there is something truly pathetic about this couple, and it's not that they have been taken advantage of, it's that they try to take advantage of everyone they meet. For some reason they feel they should not have to work like everyone else, that the world owes them. Shane now has Ken suing people!! I've managed a few actors in my time and was lucky enough to deal with people who had principles and know of Ken's ex manager through mutual friends, and I use that word because that is what Ken and his manager were until his manager refused to take Shane on as a client and that's when it hit the fan and the accusations starting coming!! It is well known in our industry that Shane Barbie is unstable, she has serious issues, and not just with Bulimia!! Maybe some of her lip injections went to her brain!! Ken always had a reputation as being difficult and hard to deal with, but talented. Shane always had the reputation as being really, really difficult and with no talent whatsoever, accept her unusual appearance, if she hadn't been a twin there never would have been any interest in her in the first place, why don't we ever hear about the other one, her twin?? Maybe she's the sane one, oh wait, I just remembered the TV interview they did, I take it back, they're both wacko!! I usually love TMZ, but this whole Ken Wahl thing is ridiculous, are people really buying into this my ex manager and my ex wife made me broke?? Wasn't he divorced from that Penthouse Pet over 10 years ago??!! As far as I know he's been married to Shane for MANY YEARS, so who's really to blame for them both being broke?? Just how much has she spent on plastic surgery over the years?? She looked better BEFORE all the surgery, now she's kinda scary looking. Well, I've vented, tired of managers getting blamed for actors not knowing how to handle the fact that no one wants to hire them and they didn't save any of the money they made. I'm sure Ken had a decent divorce lawyer and that he got a fair shake in his divorce. They did have a child together, so why doesn't he feel she and the child should have been taken care of?? Sounds like sour grapes to me!!!

1989 days ago

ex fan    

This saddens me greatly!! What is being written about my family!! Nothing is more important to my family than family itself and Kenny has been a part of our family from the first day we met and fell in love with him!! Ken Wahl may just be an actor to you, but to my family and myself, he has always been a much loved family member. He and my sister were together a long time and have a son together, we still think of Kenny as family and always will!! He was like a Dad to my sisters' older son, who has had his share of problems and I'm proud to say that Kenny is still in his life, giving frienship and advice. My sister and Kenny have managed to do what most divorced couples cannot, they have remained friends and have always respected one another, I am so surprised to see what is on this website. I find it really hard to believe that Kenny would make such accusations against my sister, he has a great deal of respect for her. They had a very amicable divorce, Kenny even came and spent vacations with all of us for several years after the divorce!!! We all love him very much. I have only fond memories of Kenny. My sister was heartbroken when all the temptations of being a Wiseguy sex-symbol caused the break up of their marriage, When Corinne met Kenny she was living at the Penthouse mansion in New York and dating multi-millionaires, Kenny was just getting started in the business and living in a tiny apartment in a not-so-desirable neighborhood of LA, Wiseguy was years away!! With Penthouse, Corinne traveled the world and was presented with so many opportunities, she walked away from it all, for LOVE!! She met Kenny and that was it!! She gave up her upscale, New York lifestyle and moved to a questionable LA neighborhood, to be with Kenny. With so many good looking actors out there looking for work, it was likely that Kenny wouldn't make it in the business, but Corinne didn't care, she loved him. It was lucky that someone recognized the fact that Kenny was very talented, he is highly intelligent and can memorize anything!! With his good looks, brains and talent he should have been right up there with the Paul Newmans of the acting world, but for reasons I'll never understand, it all fell apart. He loved his wife and his son and his step-son, and acting, there should have been a fairy-tale ending, but there wasn't. The temptation of all those adoring female fans was just too much, I know from my talks with Kenny that ending the marriage was the last thing he wanted. Corinne and Kenny were very much in love, I believe she was the love of his life and he was the love of her life, but no matter how much you love someone, there is only so much humiliation one can take!! They had the most agreeable divorce that I know of!! Kenny was quite content to keep all of his vintage automobiles, most of them in Indiana, his house in Indiana, his bike, most of his cash, while Corinne kept the house in Malibu where she and his son lived, keeping his son in the Malibu schools that he was used to and close to his friends that he had known since birth. Corinne also got to keep the old Victorian house in her hometown of Lynn, Mass., hardly a mansion (Lynn doesn't have mansions!!) Although beautiful, it needed complete restoration and had to be sold. Corinne NEVER recieved millions in the divorce, that's all on record so why exaggerate the settlement when it can so ealily be checked out?!! As for any dealings Kenny had with Hank, they were in business together BEFORE Corinne ever even met Hank!!! Kenny ALWAYS spoke very highly of Hank, I only met Hank once, with his wife Margie, seemed like nice people, but can't form an opinion from one meeting. Corinne always stayed out of Kennys' business affairs, he didn't even show her the bills, which was fine with her, Hank handled everything, and she always thought everything was just fine. If things weren't handled properly, that was between Hank and Kenny, I hope Hank didn't violate Kennys' trust, but it has absolutely NOTHING to do with my sister. My personal opinion is that all this talk about Corinne, comes from Shane. I don't really get it!! Shane in her own right has been in Playboy and other magazines, her jealousy of my sister is pathalogical!!! I don't believe for a minute that the other negative comments are coming from different sources, it's ALL SHANE!!!!!!!! She knows that Corinne was the Love of Kennys' Life and it gnaws at her!! She also can't stand the fact that Corinne is still so beautiful while she has lost her looks, Shane, get over it, get a life!! Shane knows my sister lost quite a bit of money when the Tech Stocks crashed, yet she goes on and on about Corinne squandering money on plastice surgury, she's met Corinne, Corinne admits she's had the normal amount of Hollywood plastic surgery , but Corinne was beautiful to begin with!! It is insane that Shane is slandering my sister stating that she squandered the d

1989 days ago

ex fan    

Jinky aka Shane Corinne DID go visit her son she loves him very much, she even tried, as you well know, to get Kenny to go visit with her. Why are you so spiteful?? To Lillian, it was the Barbie twins THEMSELVES who said in a TV interview that they Both had sex with Kenny, I saw the interview!! If they were joking, it's a weird sense of humour!! To Busybody, the charge was assault, not murder!! He lost his temper, and he paid for it, he is home and doing just great. To Nirvana Moon, where's your compassion for the accused? You don't know the truth, only what Shane has put out there, using different names, not strong enough to sign her own name. I sign my own name, I am Corinne's sister, Robin, she has done nothing wrong, only fell in love and had her heart broken. A gold digger?? She passed up many a chance to marry wealthy and went with her heart, money was never the issue, that's why she never had any idea about his financial situation. Shane, coalition to stop Malicious Rumors??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! You are the Queen of Malicious and you don't have to trace my identity, I, unlike you, sign my own name to what I write!! Kenny, what were you going through when you met her?? In my opinion, there is something seriously wrong with her!! I am entitled to my opinion aren't I Shane or are you going to put me on your list of people to sue?? How many lawsuits would that make?

1989 days ago

ex fan    

In my opinion, the negative comments posted, are ALL posted by the same person, Shane, am I wrong?

1989 days ago

Vondrick Harrison    

This is a perfect example of why we (men and women) should be careful of who we marry and have as our business partners. Caution in these areas of life can saved us all a lifetime of headache and heartache!

1930 days ago

ex fan    

i wish people would get the story straight Ken Wahl never had a broken neck, he never had cancer, he never had a brain tumor--what he has is a pathology, he is a pathological liar. his ex has already been cleared by the irs of any wrongdoing. he was so bad to her he cheated on her with everyone including her best friend. his ex wife paid for her best friend to come to calif and introduced her to agents and to all of her friends, then Ken Wahl seduced her. he also seduced the baby sitter, and had affairs with almost everyone of his costars. he felt entitled. his wife was always faithful to him and he begged her not to divorce him, but she just couldn't take it anymore, she had forgiven him and forgiven him, while he promised again and again to be faithful, he did not keep these promises. his current wife does not mind sharing him, but that's the way they choose to live, most wives expect and deserve a faithful husband. Ken Wahl was in business with Henry Levine years before he even met his ex wife corinne. i knew corinne and Ken, lived in the same neighborhood, she was sweet and crazy about him, he was arrogant and full of himself. he even came on to me, with my husband in the next room, he was so surprised that i got upset, thought it was funny said i was no fun. never met anyone so arrogant. all corinne did was stay home and take care of Ray and i had to talk her into getting someone in to clean for her, she did it all herself. she was always taking Ray to classes, karate, ect. her life was her boys, Ken included. she did a little acting here and there, but her main focus was her family. i know Ken loved her, he just thought she'd stay no matter what. when they got divorced, i couldn't believe how little she settled for. i would have nailed the bastard to the wall. he cheated on her with everyone she knew and didn't care how much it hurt her. i recommended a good therapist to her while she was going through the divorce, she was truly having a breakdown, she loved him so much. even her divorc lawyer said she could get so much more, but she wanted to be fair, one word to describe her is nice, she's too nice. she should have been a bitch like the rest of us, she let him off way too easy. guess she still loved the guy inspite of all he put her through. i'm not surprised he's going after her now, he never did get over her dumping him, he's got one hightly inflated ego. but Karma wins out in the end, he married the craziest chick ever, Shane. living with her has got to be pure hell, it's not nice to make fun of people with problems, but she is such a bitch, that nice goes out the window. she is nothing if not trouble. no one in the industry wants to answer a call from her. she starts out ok then sues. anyone. she's suing a cat food company for the death of her cat that was already at deaths' door way before the tainted food incident. she'll cash in on anything, including her beloved cat. someone said something about her botox body in a bathtub with her dog, she doesn't have a dog, niether does his first wife so what are they talking about? and Ken never broke his neck, he hurt his foot on set and got hooked on pain pills, never had a broken neck. those 2 do exaggerate. she 's said she was pregnant a couple of times, she's never been pregnant, just figured it was a way to get Ken down the aisle. well she got what she deserved, Ken Wahl. he's not faithful to her, but i don't think she cares, she's sort of an unwoman. enough time wasted on these 2 just had to add my 2cents i liked the ex wife, think she's getting raked over the coals. she's no gold digger, she keeps ending up with jerks that she falls in love with, not a rich one among them./ she's just too nice.

1985 days ago


Hi everybody!
I hear that Ken Wahl is already divorced of Shane Barbie, ¿Is that true?
Whatever, Ken Wahl is a great actor, his only problem, his big problem, is the fact of he never sell his soul to the Hollywood system, he always despise the hipocresy of this world, and for all this is paying a hard price.
He`s a honorable man, a person with integrity, no matter how many evil gossips the media published.
¿He like`s girls? ¿who doesn`t? ¿Sometimes had bad choices? ¿Who doesn`t? Please people, nobody can throw the first stone...
I really like to see him back in movies or tv, but it seems like he don´t mind.
Dear Ken, people of all the world supports you and pray for you!

1983 days ago


Hey!!! can`t see the comment`s... by the way, what`s going on with Ken´s - Corrine trial?

1976 days ago


i dont care about watt happnd too him i noww its wrong what they did yesss... i think he has a goood heart n yea he was naive to trust those people but you cant blame himm thats how it is sometimesss i love you too deathhh im sooo freakin in love w youuu n i dont care i hope you are better .... n hope to c yu n another moviee soon..... loveyou KEN WAHL

1413 days ago


Man I wished I never googled this guy. Just saw some episodes of Wiseguy and wanted to see where this hunk went- Geez in my view he needs to get a better taste in women.... Stay away from the neurotic plastic tramps and get one foot in reality.
This blog seems to be a battle between all these women (and their poseys) and it is becoming rather pathetic. Who knew that a man who actually seemed to have some talent would turn out to be so crude and tasteless when it came to his personal life. I am sorry that he created this life for himself but he is not a victim. Life is what you make it.... God luck and Godspeed Ken. Hope he wakes up one day.

1307 days ago
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