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David Blaine -- Trick With Dolla Make You Holla!

4/2/2009 12:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With all those lame ass stunts he's been doing lately, you might forget David Blaine can actually do magic. Consider this a reminder.

David Blaine: Click to watch
We've watched it in slow-mo and still can't figure it out.


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Tom B    

Sandra #4, the only 1 that meets TMZ's criteria for that is when they see them looking back in the mirror. A bunch of sorry suckers IMHO!

1841 days ago

Tom B    

oops Sandra #7

1841 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

He can do magic on me day or night. Yummiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee.

1841 days ago


Daniel Garcia developed this illusion, it's been out for a few years. To the people wondering- Yes he was able to move the letter from one side of the bill to the other, leaving a blank area where it should be.

1841 days ago


Very easy. He forced the bill. The original is in his left palm before the guy signs the fake one.

1841 days ago


Do you guys remember his special when he was levitating on the streets? Did anyone ever figure that one out?

1841 days ago


One thing you'lll never see Blaine do when performing this trick. He'll NEVER allow the mark to copy down the serial number of his dollar bill before Blaine touches it.

1841 days ago


He is using an ALTERED Bill that you are unaware of and he hopes you dont notice at first, cause your not looking for something to be worng ..... then he has the guy sign the BACK.... then notice how he doesnt show the camera the entire front face of the well as check the location of this thumb...... then abrakadabra...he move his thumb.... and there is the symbol ... yeah THANKS FOR PLAYING.....Lame!!!

1841 days ago



1841 days ago


I agree that the stunts have detracted away from his awesome impossible-to-figure-out tricks.

1841 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Yup, like the other people said, he switched the bill immediately and 'produced' the magic results. Even simple tricks fool people. Like putting your feet together and standing with your back to your marks and then 'levitating' a few inches. All that is done is you raise up on the ball of one foot while keeping your feet together. They can't see the bottom of your shoe when your foot raises up your body. Of course, it only works with your back is to people, but....
Even simple tricks never fail to amaze people, especially drunks at bars. If you have steady hands, place a small stick pin between your fingers (index/middle finger) and hold a quarter on your flattened palm, above the pin, while facing your target audience. You then use your other hand to push the pin between your fingers into a straight, perpendicular position to your palm and the quarter will 'magically' balance on the tips of your fingers. It looks really cool and a little wobble only adds to it! Also be sure to angle the pin slightly so that the dull end still sticks out just enough between your fingers so that your other hand can move the pin into position-like at a 45 degree angle or so. When you are done and people want to check your hands or the quarter, simple throw/drop the pin away to the ground. The bottom hand that moves the pin also helps steady your your upper quarter holding hand. Keep other pins handy, like safely stuck into some clothing to repeat the trick. People will be amazed at your ability to balance a quarter on your fingers and they will never catch your doing it, as long as you are halfway smart about it! Simplest trick in the book, yet it never ceases to amaze people. Just like switching out special dollars.

1841 days ago

james spector    

Check out David shocking John Mayer with this magic effect on!

1841 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Another quick way at bars to mess with people.
Either splash a very small amount of liquid on a table or bar or wipe a wet towel over the surface and without anyone noticing it, sprinkle just enough salt into the liquid where is almost is completely dissolved and then challenge people to balance a raw egg, standing on end. Just don't let them do it where you are sitting or it will work for them. The salt, even dissolved, should provide enough support to balance the egg on its' end. People will go nuts and will sometimes spend the rest of the night trying to balance their eggs. Be sure to stealthily wipe off any salt from the egg if people want to check it. Of course, practice it once or twice at home, alone, to get the amount of salt/liquid right. You just need a little salt and it's best to not use a shaker and simply drop some down that you sprinkled into your hand first. Never fails and drives people nuts!

1841 days ago


Just a couple of seconds into the trick, he keeps telling the guy to hold on to the bill in his right hand, that's when he palms it into his left hand.

Watch it again, but look at the left hand and not the right.

1841 days ago


This is a trick called "Fraud" designed by the guys over at Ellusionist. Very easy to set up, very easy to impress.

1841 days ago
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