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Farrah Fawcett's Son Arrested on Jail Grounds

4/5/2009 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Farrah Fawcetts sonWhile Farrah Fawcett is reportedly fighting for her life -- her 24-year-old son is now fighting two brand new drug charges.

Redmond O'Neal was arrested around 9:30 this morning in Castaic, California -- and here's the rub, he was on jail grounds at the time of his arrest.

According to cops, Redmond had just dropped off two friends at a detention center to visit a jailed buddy, when an officer stopped his car to perform a routine security check in the jail parking lot.

Authorities say when the cop came over to the car, Redmond informed the officer that he was in possession of narcotics.

Redmond was immediately searched and then arrested for possession of a controlled substance and bringing narcotics into a secured jail facility. We're told one of the substances was heroin.

Redmond is still behind bars -- his bail has been set at $25k.


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Justsaying and toofastforyou are lovers.. Not judging but please keep out of TMZ boards,ok? Thanks, Peace

2005 days ago


what an ass, his mom is on her deathbed and he is out behaving like an idiot. great way to treat your mom, she is so ill and this is the last thing she needs right now. her grown son causing more trouble. i say lock the jerk up and forget about him. he doesn't give a damn about anyone else but himself anyway.

2005 days ago

Al Baby    


2005 days ago

Al Baby    

You guys are just jealous he sucked on those big nips of hers

2005 days ago


for god sake ryan leave him there he's never going to smarten up unless you stop bailing his butt out.

2005 days ago


Ok, your a known drug abuser with a record and a high profile. So , let's go to a correction facility and bring drugs along.Is there not a functional brain cell left in his head? This whole family is a lost cause.

2005 days ago


haaaaa haaaaaa looooooser !!

2005 days ago


The kid needs help, can't help but think he wasn't shown any support or guidance growing up, I feel bad for him.

2005 days ago


this kid is a real smuck BIG TIME spoiled selfish selfcentered caring NOTHING for his parents NOTHING - dont report on him its a disgrace what he has done to his Mother.

2005 days ago


How sad...I understand his mom is sick and can't help, but Ryan...could you possibly pull your head out of your a$$ for 1 second and help your son, who is desperately crying out for it?

2005 days ago


The kid is sick, he doesn't need enablers- that is not "love," and he may well die no matter what. In the end, only he can save himself. As for some of the ignorant and tasteless remarks here- what's Your excuse?

2005 days ago


I'm so sad for this family. It's clear that Redmond is so destroyed by his mom's health that he would rather be back in jail rather then watching her die. He will however (should he survive long enough) regret that he wasn't there to say goodbye to her. This is just sooooo sad.

2005 days ago


I feel a person has the right to do whatever they want to ...

as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.

Does anyone out there drink?

Well I guess you do legal drugs.

Also Everyone Knows...

that Booze is Bad News.

Leave the guy alone.

2005 days ago


Hey No.1. Thanks, but no thanks. You know what they say. The truth hurts. Yeah. It really really hurts. And now to Redmond. Idiot. A complete unadulterated idiot. It's rare that someone gets more stupid than this guy. He's like the guy who robs the hotel where it's having a police convention. Just an idiot. HOW'S THAT NO.1.?

2005 days ago


This kid has been helped soooo many times, it is useless. It's not like they haven't tried. He just doesn't get it. If he were mine, I would change the locks on the house and cancel all credit cards and money and let him find out what the REAL WORLD is like without famous parents!!

2005 days ago
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