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Report: Shots Fired at Tom & Gisele's Wedding

4/5/2009 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

That popping sound you heard at the wedding of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen may not have been champagne bottles -- according to a local paparazzi, gunshots were fired!!

A local Costa Rican photographer claims security at the wedding fired at him when he refused to fork over his film. Doesn't look like anyone was injured -- besides the Suzuki.

Say cheese!


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Joyce,I agree with you. She is either extremely vindictive or a little obsessed about B. She had much to say about a 4month fetus being just a speck when Jack was a 4month fetus as she was expounding her views on abortion. Then when the baby is born she sends a onesie with supermodel imprinted on it. Then she marries in B's church with B's child in attendance, as if that baby will remember that performance and now we hear the 100% mom stupidity. And with all the catholic churches in LA! I'm also very disappointed in the priest who participated in this. And I am a practicing catholic.

2025 days ago


I'm no fan of Gisele but that "Supermodel" onesie story is not true. You guys surely don't fall for that one do you?

2025 days ago

Elaine 27    

I am curious to know how Tom Brady's parents feel about their new daughter - inlaw, considering that they are such staunch catholics. My reason is that I feel so embarass looking at Gisele's nude and provocative pictures in Vanity Fair and I saw some pictures of her on You Tube and the first thought that came to my mind is Tom's parents. I wonder how they would feel after attending mass and their friends mention the pictures of their daughter in law posing in the nude. You would have thought that when some men are ready to be married, they do not want their wives to seen in magazines posing almost naked for the world to see. It's like there is no novelty there. I saw a picture of Gisele in a pair of shorts ripped strategically to expose her buttox. I was just kind of wondering if that was the daughter in law Tom's parents were hoping to get from him. I know that she makes millions of dollars modelling underware and skimpy clothing, but sometimes, it not just about the money.

2025 days ago

Elaine 27    

Have you guys notice how Gisele had the baby in the sea with no life jacket on. When I saw the pictures of her and the baby in the sea, I said this was all for the photo up and her using the innocent child as a prop. There is no way no how, a birth mother would throw caution to the wind and be in the sea posing with a toddler without any life jacket on the child. I cannot believe that Tom would allow that. I have seen some pictures with tom and the baby and it does not seemed in my opinion that he has bonded with the baby. The pictures of him and the baby just seems like he is posing for the paparazzi. I wish that poor child well. I have also notice that Bridget called him by his nick name Jack and Gisele calls him Johnny. It is as if Gisele is doing the opposite of what the birthmother-Bridget does. I hope that they do not confuse the poor baby's mind.

2025 days ago


Madam Gisele will soon see how stupid it is to date a man while he currently has a baby on the way. It's a sure sign of what a deadbeat loser he is. Abandoning your girlfriend of 3 years soon after she becomes pregnant. Thank you Giants for whipping their a$$es in the superbowl. I'll give this marriage no more than 5 years and then maybe Tom's "baby Mama" can let Gisele cry on her shoulder. It'll never last. I guarantee it. Men cheat in general; more so men who are athletes. Have fun now Gisele. Then you and Tom's ex can raise his baby that he avoided until it became unpopular and then the baby can be 50% yours instead of 100%.

2025 days ago


Shots fired, really? Is there no police in Costa Rica?

And shut the hell up with your first posts, kids. No one cares.

2025 days ago


I love how people comment that Tom is a deadbeat dad, Do you know what a Deadbeat is? He wouldn't be seeing his son as often as he does and do you think for a moment if he wasn't paying his Child Support his ex would be in court and it would be all over the news. So he is the Dad and to me he looks very much like a loving Dad. Just because you get pregant it doesn't automatically make for a happy marriage, I know, my sister did that and it was not a happy time for any involved. They are divorced and happpy now, friendly and both have moved on. The fact that you claim that Bridgette has more rights is stupid, i am a mom and my husband is more important now to my son than I am. I can't teach my son to be a man only he can do that. We both love him and he needs us both. I just think you need to understand how important a father and son's relationship is, and Bridgette is in Canada filming a movie. I bet when this "incident" is investigated it will not be the work of Tom and Giselle but probably of the photographers themselves, any publicity is good right and how much have they made fromt this bogus story. I just don't see a trained bodyguard doing this. Like I have said before Harvey has a MAN CRUSH on Tom.

2025 days ago


One more thing, THEY were broken up and he was already dating Gieselle when Bridgette notified him of her pregnancy. Get your facts straight, it was the booty call on Bridgette's part. They were 3 mos apart when she told him. I think if you want to blame anyone look at her. Where was her birth control. As a woman, I have always practiced safe sex esp. when I knew I was ovualating, we know, well most of us do. It's not 100% acturated but I never got pregnant until I wanted to and that was when I was married at 34 and knew I had better hurry up. I got pregnant the first tme we tried. So to blame him is just wrong, Women need to take just as much or even more responsibitly when it comes to birth control.. I believe she wanted a child with him, she thought it might get him back or even give her financial security. I'm sorry but I know too many women who have done this,

2025 days ago

MDCRAB you always say the same trash    

Oh my gosh, why people spend so much time writing about these couple? Are they so important? And for the haters, you are so wishing to them to divorce aren't you? You can't stand seing rich people getting happy. Get a life loosers.

2025 days ago


If that was my kid and he was at a wedding where shots were fired, I would immediately stop the visitation. Bridget will surely wake up and realize the danger her son is in after this. Bridget lives a private life in which her son is protected from crazy living. Gisele should have her own kid and see how she feels about Tom's new girlfriend saying the kid "it" is 100% hers. She is an uneducated, classless, truck driver like drag queen whose cartiledge is starting to grow on her ears and her nose. She will soon look like a witch. Hope someone does something to keep that baby safe, like visitation in a safe place where there are no paparazzi and no guns being shot because of a picture or two. My money is on Bridget deciding that this is too much risk, letting her son travel all over the world with two people who don't seem to want to keep him out of the limelight and court too much attention for his safety. Paparazzi are dangerous, aggressive and single minded people. Remember Diana and how she was hunted. This little boy needs to be taken out of this celebrity focused life that is Tom and Gisele. It is about the interest of the child and certainly gun toting crazy bodyguards are not necessary if you try to live a normal life.

2023 days ago
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