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Sam Ronson Changes the Locks on Someone...

4/5/2009 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Let's connect the dots here: So on Friday night, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson reportedly get into yet another fight. Then on Saturday, paps spot a locksmith at Sam's place, changing the locks on the front door. Hmmm ...


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She has had way too many second chances already.
Poor Samantha, LL was some crazy and expensive puzzie.

1966 days ago


15. Maybe she ought to put a lock on her tongue, fingers and those strapons she uses and unlock the door to god. Yeah...I know.....I'm a homophobe. So is god.

First God is spelled with a capital "G", so stop being disrespectful.. Don't judge lest ye be judged. JUST SAYING

1966 days ago

Rap sucks    

seems to me like sam wants to leave her but somehow lindsay the worthless slut, has her in some kind of demand.

1966 days ago


Oh boy. Lindsey can't get a boy to date her, and now she's been dumped by a girl. I guess she'll need to find a tranny now.

I would feel sorry for Lindsey if she didn't cause so many people so much grief.

1966 days ago

Knock It Off    

Lindsay and Sam need to get one of their long drawn out fights on video and sell to the public. They would make a big chunk of money. The Love Hate Screamer

1966 days ago


It's about time!!!! Lindsey has pulled Sam down with her. I'm glad to see Sam is Finally getting back up and getting away. I just hope it stays that way. No one can help Lindsey....shes a lost cause

1966 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Obviously these two women have become trapped in a toxic relationship. Now, I realize not everything in the press is necessarily accurate, but this story is always the same...unhealthy.

1966 days ago


Yet another fight? These two sure spend a lot of time making up and breaking up. They need to just give it up....

1966 days ago

for now    

Lindsay needs to get far away from perversion
and clean up her act.
She's a good person but sodomy is killing her.

1966 days ago


Seems everyone failed to notice that she got her teeth capped like Hilary Duff did a while back.. They look like giant chicklets.

1966 days ago


How about a 'who the hell cares' option.

1966 days ago


Lohan is obviously, once again, using drugs. Seeing that pic of her in the car this morning, speaks volumns. It will not be long before we hear that she is dead; I am sad to say. She's on her way.......

It goes to show, you can have all the celebrity, money, and so on and so on, and happiness it does not bring. I hope she finds here way, but I am quite certain if she does not, she will die young.

1966 days ago

You gotta be kidding me...    

Say goodbye, WHOREhan. No one likes you, no one wants you, you have no money, you have no talent, you have no job. Time to move on to being a bl*wjob specialist on a porn movie set...

1966 days ago


No15. You're just like every other person who can' fight the truth. You look for bite your teeth in. Caps for the word god. Do you really think that's important. Secondly, where....please tell me my Blog did I judge her. Now for an english lesson. There is a unique difference between judging and stating a fact. And one more thing no.15. You need to stop being "politically correct" in trying to make everyone around you happy. Political correctness will get your butt thrown into hell faster than almost anything else you can do. You see, political correct people have to dump certain things in order to make others happy. The first to go is god. There's no room for him in's too crowded. Secondly, you have to discard your own personal beliefs. You do this so that your beliefs will coincide with those whom you want to impress. Third. Your moral fiber has to go. Forth. Common sense goes out the window. So you feel anyway you want about me but believe me, I'm not putting god on the backburner just because I want someone to like me. Believe me, when you die and are standing before god and he's looking into your book of life, Ellen, Rosie, Sam, Elton John, nor any other lesbian or homosexual will be standing beside you pleading your case. They are going to be too busy covering their own pun intended.

1966 days ago


The interesting thing is what happens to Ronson without LiLo? She was making big money mostly cause she got LiLo to come along with her. Without LiLo, she's just another DJ, of which there are plenty.

1966 days ago
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