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Chris Brown -- Let's Make a Deal

4/6/2009 7:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris BrownChris Brown's lawyer and the prosecutor in the Rihanna case have been engaged in "serious" plea bargain negotiations and according to one source, a "deal is close."

We know Brown will plead not guilty today, however the plea may just be a formality.

Sources say Rihanna has made it clear she does not want to testify in the case and wants Brown to cop a plea. We're told one of the reasons she's in Barbados right now is because "she wants to be as far away from this case as possible."

As we first reported, Brown was inclined to plead either guilty or no contest to a misdemeanor, provided he got no jail time -- but since we broke that story, the D.A. and Mark Geragos, Brown's lawyer, have gotten down to the nitty gritty.

We do not know if Brown changed his view and would accept jail time to avoid a trial. Brown will be in court today for the arraignment.


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Ummm Sorry to break it to all you know it alls but he has no priors, no one has ever stepped up and said " Chris Hit Me Too!" ( waa Waa Sob Sob! ) And he has already been making efforts at becoming a better man. That little b-ball game at UMW was not just a little pick up game it was a charity event to raise money for D.V. programs in the local area. Chris attended as he knew the Assistoant Coach and knew of the event. Which BTW was formed by a former abuser who wanted to educate young men on the importance of not hitting or hurting anyone. It is a very successful program... after the event Chris even donated an undisclosed ammount to the cherities that the program funds.... So if you want to hate on him go right on ahead and do just that. Even Judge Judy said he should get 5 years of probation and 1000 hrs of comunity service and also volunteer in D.V. programs to help others... So there it is from the horses mouth an official Judge who knows the laws very well .and she said because he has a squeeky clean record up till now...No jail time... Sorry all you who just hate on the kid... As for Rihanna... she knows her part in all of this and doesnt wnat to face it, which she would have to do in the courts as Judge Judy said this is a case of ASSULT not Domestic Violence,,, as they share no residence, have no children, and are not married. So let it go and move on... thats just what they are doing...If you dont like them then dont listen to them at all and stop tormenting your self by reading these stories... you will feel alot better and more at peace... BTW a plea doesnt mean he will cop to jail time either. It means he will be willing to do Anger management, physchotheripy, comunity service, and work with the Domestic Violence programs as a spokes person.... He is not beyond redemption, nor is he beyond forgivness... Because Christ died for us all so that we ALL may be forgiven our sins BIG and SMall!!

1991 days ago


yeah but if I slap a girl, I get time no matter what, right?

1991 days ago


please, give me break..we all know there aint gonna be no plea deal because c breezy should never been charged in the first place.. TMZ you have been spreading lies to get press time now you want to cover you asses.. you know riri was never hit or choked like you said. besides, werent you the ones who said last week that she was cooperating.. you have told too many lies that you cannot even keep track yoursleves.. such dumb people i say...the bitch went her crazy bajan self and chris just did what anyboody would do if you had a crazy chick on your know the judge is going to throw this case out the window like a tissue paper down the toilet..all the haters fall back and dnt believe for a minute that chris's career is over becasue it the that poll is rigged, chris should not go to jail.. the crazy bitch in barbodos should stay there coz when she lands, her warrant for arrest will be in...

1991 days ago


You guys honestly won't be happy until both their lives are ruined won't you. Chris obviously feels bad why do you think Rihanna forgave him. Rihanna doesn't want her boyfriend in jail she wants this to over.
I think if you guys see her as a victim maybe you would atleast respect her wishes for the case.

1991 days ago


#27. What does "black" have to do with this. I am a white woman and I find that an ignorant and insulting statement. You are the dope. Stop the hate, hater!

I was a young woman in my 20's and I was beaten for simply doing nothing. I was sitting next to him and he just went nuts., broke my jaw in four places and left me on the floor. I am from an upper middle class environment and let me assure you, it happens to men and women in all classes. For those of you who say that she deserved to be hit because she attacked him; wrong! Chris Brown should have picked up the phone and called the police for being hit. Men get beaten by women too. Ri is a very stupid young girl. Her silence speaks volumns about weakness and not taking this matter seriously. She has the perfect platform to speak out with her celebrity. Her PR people should be fired for not pushing her in that direction. Damage control is not their forte. Her heart is ahead of her head. I will no longer support her, and she deserves to have her career stilted. Boycott her records; as well as Brown's. Don't go to the concerts either. Write to Cover Girl and ask them to pull her ads. I have. If she will not speak up on behalf of all women, and men, who have been beaten; then all of us should do so by boycotting. Show the world that there are men and women ou tthere who will speak out against such violence. It seems apparent that she lives in a dream world of denial.

This is not a black or a white issue. It is a violence issue. STOP THE VIOLENCE! There is enough hate in this world. All we need is love (the Beatles had it right) and care about each other. BOYCOTT!!!!!! Those of you who continue to support Ri and Brown are just as bad as they are.

Peace People!

1991 days ago


I still think Rihanna did something to upset Chris, why else would she not testify. Shes going on all these trips and partys, if it were me i would make sure his @$$ get locked up and let his cell buddies teach him a lesson

1991 days ago


She needs to testify so that his ass can sit in jail! She should be doing everything possible as a role model to young women, to stand up to her abuser and to help keep him from getting to OTHER women also! If she doesn't have the respect for herself to do it on her own behalf, at least do it to prevent other women from being abused by him!

1991 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

One is being silent due to legal matters... the other because that one doesnt really care about how people feel or what they think... now do the math and figure which one doesnt give 5 cents about you or anyone else but HERSELF!!!!

1991 days ago


You guys really are ignorant. So you acknowledge that Rihanna attacked him first but because Chris responded to her assault he should go to jail. I pray you don't have sons and tell them it is okay for them to endure a female abusing them. You sound very naive to have something like that come out your mouth. I mean seriously go out into the world and look at the black community this is a black issue because they are the only women that attack their men like that. This is a different type of violence. They are both guilty of assault. They both need counseling not jail time.

1991 days ago


## 35, you nailed it , outstanding!

1991 days ago


Let's hope that Rihanna and her lawyer are smart enough to be using the threat of her testifying to force Brown into a plea agreement. That said, hopefully, she wil ltestify if Brown calls her bluff. I don't blame her one bit for trying to avoid a trial. That would be horrible for anyone to go through. Hopefully, Brown is smart enough to make all this go away and pay the price he needs to pay, whatever that may be.

1991 days ago


Chris may think he's a big, tough man, but he's nothing more than a punk a$$ coward if he has no more control over himself than to beat a woman. Any man that would beat down a woman like that is among the lowest forms of human garbage there is - right there with child rapist. Chances are, he won't do any time. At most, he will do a couple of anger management classes (what a joke) and maybe a little community service, then he will probably be out laughing about it with his friends and bragging about how he got off so easy. And chances are pretty good he will do it again. And for those that say "he's just a boy", or "he came from an abusive family" I say "who cares?" Most elementary school aged boys know you don't go around beating on girls. Obviously our judicial system will make HIM out to be the victim. I just hope that a REAL man finds him out somewhere and teaches his punk a$$ a lesson.

1991 days ago


People need to stop acting like Ri is the victim. Is she acting like a victim, No!!! She's mad people think she got her ass kicked when she was the one who started the fight. No one deserves to be hit even Chris. If he goes to jail we are sending a dangerous message to young girls. Is it okay for a woman to abuse a man emotionally and physically but when a man gets tired of it and responds violently he is the one at fault get real people we don't live in the 1800's women aren't the little angels we think they are. Rihanna's silence says it all.

1991 days ago


# 37, you are correct, Harvey is Fascinated over Rihanna, and he works hand in hand with LAPD, they want him to do jail time, anything to to keep Chris a way from Rihanna, Like he say's I'm a lawyer.

1991 days ago


Nejxn how are you any better than chris condoning violence with violence...

1991 days ago
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