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Howard K. Stern -- Ready for the Fight

4/7/2009 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern just walked into L.A. County criminal court for his arraignment in the Anna Nicole Smith drug case.

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Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, the psychiatrist accused of conspiring to fuel Anna Nicole Smith with illegal prescription drugs, also just arrived.

We'll be live inside the courthouse shortly. Refresh for the latest updates!


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Dawn Pomar    

My name is Dawn Pomar, and I am Anna Nicole Smith's twin sister, I have a real problem with the derogatory comments on this site regarding my sister,and people learn a little class if you dont have nothing nice to say, dont say it, and if you do, say it, Get a Life. Poor Anna Nicole has been manipulated since she was a child, it is sad to think, Anna's child will not have a mother, and Danny tried to warn his mother, and got killed, What is a mother who has lost a child, and what is a child that lost their mother. Someday Anna Nicole's baby might read this, and it will hurt the poor thing. Do you have a mother ? Are you a mother? Please keep the truth straight, and the derogatory comments to yourself, please, if not for yourself, for the child of Anna, I have a trust fund, can anyone tell me where it is, who is spending it? Ladimer Pomar, Angelina Collini Pomar, Carmen Collini,Alice Pomar Daniels, Dennis Pomar, Joanne Pomar, Rose Pomar, Walter Pomar,Helen Pomar, Ronald Fox married to Mary Carey Pomar Fox ? El Pomar Foundation ? Can someone set the records straight ?

1904 days ago

Dawn Pomar    

A young man the other day supplied Alcohol to someone and was charged. These people are doctors and lawyers who have an ethical oath, and severe repercussions for unlawful behavior, Why would someone of such alleged prominence, '
risk their reputation and career for a supposedly unimportant person ? Someone had to write the prescription, and someone had to administer. Who is to say drugs cannot be put in someone's drink or food without their knowledge. Why would you go look at a boat for someone else ? Where did the boat (yacht) go that Anna already had? What about the time of death ? Did you know that the Down Comforter can make it harder to determine time of death ? Howard looked nervous in the hallway of that hotel, and not a bit surprised ? When someone dies, even a stranger, it feels tragic, even on a movie screen, howard did not shed one tear for my sister. Holding on to someone else's child, gives me the creeps thinking about that. The possible murderer holding my sister's baby ? trying to retain custody ? Why if she was such an unimportant person, Howard was going to supprt the child on his own income ? yeah, right.

1904 days ago

Michael Madsen    

I need some pills... Oh, Howard!

1990 days ago


The charges are Bullsnit!! Good luck Howard.

1990 days ago

arte help    


1990 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Do you like my BODY ?

1990 days ago

that 'razzo is a RAT.    

God Bless him. He always looks so cool walking into court - with Anna, without her. He certainly has a presence. Look how crazy the media is about him. Streaming LIVE!?

Let the haters hate. It keeps them warm at night. :))))

1990 days ago


Nathan Collins is claiming that he frequently saw Howard K. Stern, the lawyer and alleged lover of Anna Nicole Smith, inject the former reality TV star with Phenegram, an anti-nausea medication. According to, Collins also claims that Stern kept Smith well stocked with a variety of prescription drugs like Xanax, Vicodin, and methadone.

1990 days ago

Not buying the B.S.    

How can anyone condone what the idoit Howard K. Stern has done? I hope they fry him and Khristina both for the death of Anna Nicole Smith! Let's see him wiggle his slimy ass out of this one! Hey Howard, I hope you cellie is big/ugly and just waiting for some of that HKS booty!!!!!

1990 days ago

Hawaii spring break    

Howard is the victim of junkie whore Anna Nicole who manipulated and used many people to get drugs and money.

According to Larry Birkhead's testimony Anna Nicole GAVE DRUGS to her son Daniel.


1990 days ago


Quote: Howard is the victim of junkie whore Anna Nicole who manipulated and used many people to get drugs and money.

No one forced Howard to procure drugs for her, to shoot her up with meds, to get doctors to over prescribe for her. He did that ALL on his own, of his OWN volition.

1990 days ago

just me    

No one told Howie to have drugs prescribed in his name for Anna that resulted in her DEATH!

1990 days ago


Anna kept Howard as a boy toy to be the one who passed the drugs to her possibly - but for him to be charged with the crime leading to her death is complete can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink...actually her drink...Anna did this all on her own...and I bet if she was alive shed tell all to get a grip

1990 days ago


Stern did what she wanted for the MARSHALL MONEY period.

1990 days ago


Stern is a tool. He was being manipulated by an aging whore yet he was being equally manipulative and controlling. They certainly didn't put the FUN in dysfunctional. He served a purpose to her in securing drugs, she was his sugar mama. As long as he provided her drugs she kept a roof over his head. Two fools don't equal a rational, intelligent, functioning human being.

1990 days ago
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