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Hugh Laurie Spotted at LAX

4/7/2009 2:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hugh Laurie, 49, knows TSA won't let you bring a piece through airport security.

Launch PhotosIs there any Propecia® in da "House?"


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he has tricky combing techniques. you can't ever really tell from the front or sides. and yes that is him in both pictures he has been balding for a loooong time. the show covers it up not him. he doesn't wear anything to talk shows or award i said he has a good hairstylist, he even thanked that person at an award show once i think!lol. and he is incredibly handsome either way.

2021 days ago


Hugh Laurie is an incredible talent bald or not. He is not one of your self obsessed pansy actors that pass for "men" nowadays. He takes pride in his work and has brought a breath of fresh air to the countless people who watch House for it's uniqueness. He plrobably doesn't give a jot for your pics anyway he's not that "up himself",

2021 days ago


The women calling him hot and sexy have to be blind or need glasses. Or they must be really ugly themselves. Just look at the man...he is not attractive at all!!! Great actor...just NOT good looking!!! Sorry!

2021 days ago


I don't give a damn if he is bald or not! He is still sexy!!!!!

2021 days ago


Baldness is a sign of virility. Hugh is so freaking HOT.

2021 days ago


I don't care if that man is bald or not, he's still one of the most sexiest men on TV right now, whether he's playing Dr. Gregory House or himself, Hugh Laurie. Love him!

2020 days ago


I don't care if he is going bald. I think he is a great actor and I love the show house! I do have to say when TMZ did show the clip of him being bald I lmao! I was like wow, then I was like oh well that's life! Hair or no hair he is a great actor! My son on the other hand was like no way! He's bald there? He had a good laugh. He now has that pic of Hugh hanging near his computer. My son also just loves that show.

2015 days ago


Who cares about the hair. He's still adorable, even in transit -- the man is amazingly sexy even right out of the gym. Hot hot hot. His wife is the luckiest woman on the planet!

1958 days ago


First to antonio..look closer..Sreet piece...apparently its the show not HUGHIE who wants the piece...Check out......well how about ...leno,letterman,sat night live..etc...This guy is So Sexy who needs hair..LOVE THIS man..anyway,anytime anywhere...also...Zombie Hugh ??? I'd say tired Hugh

2012 days ago

Why Worry    

With those blue eyes, who needs hair?!?!

2007 days ago


Yep, I was pretty surprised the first time I saw a picture like this of Hugh Laurie (sorry to say this is old news, guys). The show does a really great job of covering it up, I never would have guessed.

Now, to the people who say he's ugly -- actually, my mother said the same thing. She, however, still gushes about how incredibly sexy Charles Bronson was. Go ahead, google him.... Now, wouldn't you say that's a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black? Sorry boys and girls, but sometimes beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

So no, he's not classically "good looking", but he IS sexy/attractive/hot to a lot of people -- the two can be mutually exclusive, I'm afraid. For the record, I think he's sexy, and losing his hair doesn't diminish that.

And isn't it interesting how male celebs who deal with their baldness by shaving their heads are so often seen as virile, even though they have no hair at all? I guess Hollywood is really an 'all or nothing' kind of place.

2000 days ago


he is not bothered obviously as goes about his daily life and high profile award shows as he is-balding. Recent talk show with stephen fry he had the camera panning all around his head.

He is not shallow or bothered about it.
It will be the producers and american programme controllers that have decided to cover it up for the best interest of the viewers.

1353 days ago
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