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Woody Harrelson Attacks Another TMZ Photog - REDIRECT

4/9/2009 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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Hey TMZ get a clue....leave people alone who don't want to be bothered!!!!!!!!!!!
Yor camera man is a dumbass! I would have punched him too!

1989 days ago


After Woody was wound up the photog should have backed off. That was really wrong and irresponsible of TMZ to encourage such behavior from freelancers/staff members. There was clearly enough evidence to go after Woody when he was holding the camera at the beginning - back off and get the authorities envolved don't be Punks!

1989 days ago


yea for woody!!typical wussy cameraman you cowards violate peoples privacy and then cry like babies..when they do it to you!!!too bad he really didnt give that punk pap some good knocks!!

1989 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Summer, people like you make me sick. YOu come on these here websites and ya post your dumbass, useless irrelevent opinion... oyu're a nobody, doing nothing, going nowhere and you're doing it at the speed of light...
You are bald, smelly, and stupid... and if you really cared about people you'd carry barf bags around with you so that when people got a whiff of you and hurled at least they could keep the street clean.

Woody would kick the sh*t out of you too if you crossed his path... you parasitic vacuumbag.

1989 days ago



1989 days ago

just saying    

If the camera man wants to sue for assault then I would sue the pap guy for stalking. That rude pap deserved a country ass whoopin. lol

1989 days ago



1989 days ago


If the assault was so bad, the photog should've called the police and stayed a safe distance away. In video #1 (on the left) at approx 1:45, the photog laughs as Woody chases him. He then follows him for another up to 2 minutes MORE. If he was that scared, he would have stayed away from him while monitoring him but he chose to continue to egg him on and follow him.

Next time, take your own advice and "CHILL OUT DUDE"..leave the guy alone, You Jagoff.

1989 days ago


Finally! Woody just did what every single actor/actress should do when approached by idiots with cameras asking really annoying questions. Good job Woody! Maybe next time he can take a swing at the guy paying these idiots...whats his name...oh yeah HARVEY LEVIN! You purposely irritate actors to get a response like this! All these camera men get paid a ton of money to get shots like this because Harvey pays them well...again I wish Woody would have knocked that fool out.

1989 days ago


Nice job Woody! I think the photog deserved it for constantly shoving his camera in Woody's face. Clearly he didn't want to be bothered. There's no reason to keep following him and shoving the camera in his face! I wish Woody would have knocked that douchebag out!

1989 days ago

Arkangel Trujillo    

I would sue the hell out of him if he touched me like that or broke anything of mine.

1989 days ago


# 35, I agree with you people like SUMMER, make me want to hurl my lunch.. They are so rude and condescending.. Summer we all have a right to come here to express OUR opinions. Whether you agree with them or not. We can also press NO on the POLL if we want. If you don't like it screw off. Find another site to be a big azz PEST.

1989 days ago

Michael Madsen    

hey, Showens... mind your own business you imbecile... that's right... mind your business... because if you don't... you're just the same as Harvey and Co..
Stuff that one in your Looms and where to bed...freak.

1989 days ago


You guys don't know when to quit-he obviously didn't want to talk to you. You couldn't just walk away you have to keep antagonizing him knowing damn well he's gonna go off on you. You do it on purpose and you know it. Your lucky, I would have run your a$$ over

1989 days ago


woody is still sexy and I woulda paid top dollare to see em beat the snot outta that dumb azz cameraman who seems to want a reason to be beat down GOOO woody tmz love u but seriously RESPECT look it up famous people are still PEOPLE lol the cameraman is lucky woody didnt stop at starbucks in the airport cause i woulda scalded the guys face with a caramel latte !!!! KANYE LIIIIVESSS!!!!!

1989 days ago
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