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Lindsay Lohan -- Third Club's a Charm

4/10/2009 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Reputed actress and rehab grad Lindsay Lohan drowned her "We're on a break" sorrows last night -- and we got her doin' it at three different bars.

Lindsay Lohan: Click to watch
And it got us thinkin ...


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She is looking so trashy....ewwww

1966 days ago


Hold on a minute!!! Where is Artie?? I'm POSITIVE he was there and will be on here to say LiHo is "just fine"

1966 days ago


She's just confused. I dont even think Lindsy is a Lesbian. I think she's just a single, young, partying, movie star who has WAY too much available to her and she can't see anything except a blur. I wish her luck. I hope one day she gets some clarity. Like it seems Britney has. And yeah, her family is all messed up but arent' we all in some way or another?

1966 days ago


Isn't this the chick who sang a song sbout being left alone, and being tired of being followed? What a PR whore! Seriously, she's bellyaching to People magazine and any other rag that'll listen to her for attention. She hasn't worked on a movie in what three years? Her rep as a diva bitch who really hasn't got the acting chops to back it up has taken its toll I'm afraid. She's the world's next Dana Plato - mark my words.

1966 days ago


God should just kill her already and get it over with.

1966 days ago

al loanese    


1966 days ago


Hey totally contradicted say you LOVE Lindsay's jacket and go on to spout about how Lindsay should learn to dress...:-? I don't get it...also, I would feel sorry for Lindsay with all the paparazzi around her not leaving her alone if she would just STAY HOME for one night in a row. bout keepin a low profile for once?

1966 days ago

You gotta be kidding me...    

Drunk alert! Drunk Alert! Arrogant self centered entitled no talent Drunk alert!

Looks like WHOREhan is back to drinking like a fish. It was just a matter of time, as being a full blown drunk is an arrogant self centered thing, and this bitch is fully self absorbed. I suspect that she'll be dead within a year, and, to be honest, that's ok with me...

1966 days ago

Money Talks    

Having never set foot in a nightclub I wonder what there is to do in those places except drink perhaps. LL should stay home and learn to become a good housewife: cook, clean, knit, what have you. She won't get any offers for good roles by going out every night doing God only knows what. Her parents can't do anything since she is over 21. A very sad story, I'm afraid nobody can help her. Ms. Ronson tried, I think, but could take no more drama. Like Redmond O'Neil she is a lost cause and maybe they both should be forced by law to go to the hospital for detox. Good luck to both of them, sad children of Hollywood.

1966 days ago


LOL @ #21 my thought exactly, I too expected Artie to have left a comment saying he was out with her and consoled her and she'll be just fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. LMAO! I too expect she'll be in rehab soon. As for her public outbursts (even while with Sam) I can't help but think she's plain and simple a media whore, she loves it, no matter how much you see her shield her mug. What else has she done career wise to keep her name in the news -- absolutely NOTHING. Well Linds too bad you missed your shot at being on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew (for drugs & alcohol problems), unless you suddenly want to develop an addiction to sex (LMAO) but I'm rather certain they've already started production of the show. Yes, we all have issues, make mistakes, people learn to forgive, but helloooooooo spoiled rich brat, you need to get your sh!t together and want to help yourself first and walk the the talk, not pay for rehab and than a month or so later be seen somewhere with a bottle of booze in your hand. Yes, you come from a screw up family, so do millions of other people, that's no excuse for your own continued whacked behavior. As I said on the first site about you....I'm sick of you being in the news. Fix yourself.

1966 days ago


Once again your on-line poll is missing the "who gives a sh-t" option....that one gets my vote!

1966 days ago


WOW what a waste of time that was,obviously she wasn't wanting her picture took,obviously you can never UNDER-ESTIMATE the intelligence of a paparazzo
AS to Linds' next lover probably a dude,either way it will be fun for them up 'til its gets to serious,anyway Linds would probably do 3 bars whatever her excuse,as longs as she doesn't drink and drive,she'll probably live a reasonably long life,I HOPE:!o)

1966 days ago


I'm seeing spots now thanks to that dude with the light...

1966 days ago


why isn't she dead yet.......more fun to morn her sad life

1966 days ago


oh yes I did!

1966 days ago
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