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Jessica Simpson -- Can You Pass the Braid?

4/13/2009 12:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We don't know what she ordered inside, but whatever Jessica Simpson had at Beso this weekend came with a side of Ken Paves -- as in, someone totally re-did her 'do at the dinner table!

Jessica Simpson: Click to watch
Not everyone loved the mid-meal hair change though -- how else to explain the jackass who randomly pelted her with Q-Tips on the way out?!


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Give me a break    

Why throw Q tips? she looks clean....

1957 days ago


Pirst Fost!

1957 days ago


What a gross pig ... I think I saw some steak sauce on her shirt..
Talentless loser ..

1957 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Didn't Sharon Stone just by a BIG box of Q-Tips, Summer's Eve and Durex condoms? So, that means Sharon braided Jessica's hair, and flushed out the old money-maker at dinner and then threw the Q-tips at her as she walked out? So that begs the question: what were the Durex condoms for? Finger cots?

1957 days ago


what the hell is she wearing??

1957 days ago

J D    

She looks a mess and fat before she ate and after too.

1957 days ago


TMZ, sure is having "bad hair day".

1957 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Looked to me like the guy with the camera threw them. Real class TMZ

1957 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

The Q-Tip toss was completely stupid!

What, are the paps going to start THROWING things at celebrities now? Plus they could barely see with all the flashes going off.

Back off paps...seriously. This is going too far and has been for sometime.

1957 days ago


looks like she finally sheded some pounds off her sloppy azz

1957 days ago

Lady G    

What is she wearing? Her grandmother's hand-me-downs? How do people with stylists and a boatload of money actually think it is acceptable to leave the house in that? Tony Romo, wtf is wrong with you? You're a Brady in the making. First Bret picks Taya. Now this! We need some new celebrities, TMZ. Get your cameras out in New York please!

1957 days ago

Carrys F.    

Her hair looks terrible in both pictures. Didn't she have time to brush and get out of her jammies before she went to a public place? I've run to Wal-mart looking better. And no ones chasing me down for a photo op. It's called take out girl!! Don't go running around looking like that. I think she looked better in the mom jeans.

1957 days ago

You guys are idiots!    

I agree with LTB. Everybody has their moments where they earn (yes, earn) the negative attention. I DO have to say that If someone had their hair flyin' around while I'm trying to enjoy my dinner, that would cause a "problem". But throwing Q-tips?? I'm not a Jessica fan but this is just childish and ignorant. Grow up ass-wipe!

1957 days ago

Carrys F.    

Why did she dress as the bartender to go out for dinner? That is THE ugliest Hawaiian shirt (oxymoron?) that I've ever seen. What is with her stylist? First the nasty "mom" pants (which, as a mom, I took great offense to. I'd NEVER wear anything that ugly and neither would my mom friends. But, whatever) and now this hideous napkin, er, curtains, er shirt??? It's really weird that she actually thinks she's some sort of fashion icon. It reminds me of the Seinfeld Puffy Shirt episode.

1957 days ago

Carrys F.    

She looks terrible. Her shirt is ugly. Her makeup is nearly nonexistant. And the hair in the before and after is ugly, ugly, ugly. Doesn't she carry a brush and blush? How she passes as a celebrity is beyond me.

1957 days ago
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