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Chris Brown -- Extreme Makeover: Baby Edition

4/14/2009 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown posed for pictures with a baby in Los Angeles on Monday. The baby's parents clearly don't have access to the Internet, read the newspaper, or own a television.


Sorry Chris, this photo doesn't make this photo go away.


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Being a White Sox fan,i'm laughing my ass off at the TV version of this story!

BTW:Cubs fans,invite Chris Brown at Wrigley Field soon,he has more hits that the rest of the Cubs!!!lol!!!!!

1951 days ago


obviously they kno chris brown and obviously wouldnt have a child be put into some stranger's hand, be smart when you talk ish, ohh yeah he does look fine,....

1951 days ago


ya'll shd stop hating on cris..just keep doin' ur thangggg CB!!n' ya'll haters shd av sm sympathy n' get sm psychologists to xplain 2 u that such kids who were raised up lyk cris can easily beat up their gf' blame it on his parents who raised him while witnessin' ol the abuse b'ing done to his mum bt dnt blame cris...LET CRIS BREATH,HE'S HAD ENUF!!!!!

1950 days ago


Figures a Cubs fan would let Chris Brown hold there precious baby.

1950 days ago


damn... i wish i was that baby right about now. chris is so sexii, and i hope he can learn a thing or two from this situation.

1948 days ago


WOW! He beats Rhianna pretty much unconscious bites her like a coward. He says he's sorry for what he did in the media, but to the court he back-peddles and pleads "Not Guilty"

1948 days ago

Dee Dee    

We Don’t Know
– To Chris Brown

He’s only human
He made a mistake
We shouldn’t judge him
For the mistakes that he made

I feel that he’s sorry
I know he has regrets
It’s gonna take a while
For him to get through this mess

Some people really hate him
And he really should care
How do they know what really happened
When they were not there

So I will keep buying his music
I will keep watching his films
I won’t participate in the gossip
That’s not encouraging him.

I’ll only post on his website
All the up lifting things
I will keep on praying for him
That he will still succeed

There’s three sides to every story
So while your listening to the news
Remember there’s a side A and a side B
And then there’s the truth.

You know I also heard all the stories
And I even saw the photo
But what led up to this
We will never know

I use to be a huge fan
Of them both before the fight
But I just can’t put my finger on it
I feel like that Chick is not right.

So I’ll keep buying him music
I will keep watching his films
I won’t participates in the gossip
That’s not encouraging him.

I’ll only post on his website
All the uplifting things
I will keep on praying for him
That he will still succeed

Dee Dee (04/21/2009)

1947 days ago


Your poem was cute, but the fact is men who hit once will do it again.

1947 days ago


"The baby's parents clearly don't have access to the Internet, read the newspaper, or own a television."

1942 days ago


For Immediate Release
April 27, 2009
Philadelphia DA Lynne Abraham Join Paul “Earthquake” Moore AND STATE BURNER MOTORCYCLE CLUB and "JAG#EXPANSION GROUP "at the 8th Annual Skating Party and Motorcycle Ride for Peace
Southwest Philadelphia activist, Paul “Earthquake” Moore, has once again teamed with top dignitaries in Pennsylvania and the surrounding regions to promote a weekend of peace and unity in honor of slain police officers, especially Philadelphia Police and Officers a round the State,S killed in the line of duty
The 8th Annual Weekend of Peace and Unity Skating Party and Motorcycle Ride for Peace, begins May 15 , 2009, at the Elmwood Skating Rink, 71st Street and Elmwood Avenue where skaters are invited from 5-7:30 p.m.
The Motorcycle Ride for Peace, begins at 11 a.m. Saturday, May 16, 2007 at Broad Street and Pattison Avenue. Riders, including Abraham,scheduled to help kick off the ride, will line up and motorcycle North on Broad Street to Cheltenham Avenue. Once there, bikers will turn around and motorcade back to the stadium area. A reception will follow the ride at the State Burners’ Motorcycle Club House, on Woodland Avenue, near 52nd Street in Southwest Philadelphia.
The skating party is designed for kids and parents to spend quality time together. Children from all over Philadelphia and the surrounding areas are expected to participate. There is a $7 donation to enter the rink, but for less fortunate kids, entrance if free.
A wreath will be on display as well as the urn of an unidentified youth shot in a senseless act of violence. Moore hopes that these bold reminders will make children and young adults see what can happen to them if they choose to behave violently.
“This wreath and urn will symbolize racial harmony and peace among all of us,” said Moore. “But I want children and young adults to see that this is what can happen to you. This is how you can end up. So parents, it’s time to take control of your children, be accountable, take responsibility, and be the parent you’re supposed to be.”
The motorcycle ride is the eighth for Abraham, who will make the trip on the back of a motorcycle of a member of the State Burners Motorcycle Club, whose riders will escort her and join other motorcycle clubs and enthusiasts in the tri-state area. Moore said Abraham is always willing to lend a hand to promote any of his activities that helps curb violence in Philadelphia. However the entire weekend is a tribute to slain Philadelphia police officers and their families. Their deaths and those of other Philadelphia citizens, are grim reminders to all Philadelphians who want gun violence to end.
For more information about the weekend’s events, or donation, please contact at
PO Box 5323 Phila Pa 19142 Or Write earth_quake1@hotmail

1942 days ago



1939 days ago


Daaaaamn ! 71 % says no?! WTF?
omg people ! its between him and Riri. they were fighting and some times things could go wrong, like if you would see a man hit his woman on the streets, you wouldnt talk that much about it. i mean c'moon! its only because he is a celeb, thats why people talk about it tooooo much. he is human too, it hasnt happened 10 times hasnt it? so please?
i know that it was very very wrong of him. but humans do forgive.. just hope that he doesnt do that again..

PEACE homies

1936 days ago


why did rihhana blame it on chris brown datt he hit her she is a lier i now he would not put his hand on her cuz he now he would go to jail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1154 days ago
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