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Chris Brown -- Extreme Makeover: Baby Edition

4/14/2009 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown posed for pictures with a baby in Los Angeles on Monday. The baby's parents clearly don't have access to the Internet, read the newspaper, or own a television.


Sorry Chris, this photo doesn't make this photo go away.


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Michael Madsen    

The kid does look like he's been slapped around a little.

2019 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

He was asked by the parents of the baby to pose with the baby! And then they sold it to TMZ.. Chris isnt a child molester nor did he harm ANY child.. Get off his back! And you know what I would let him hold my kid too! You people need to get a life and leave this kid alone! As a matter of fact because I believe in the one and only TRUE GOD who forgives us thousands of times over and over ... I will forgive Chris and I'll stand in a picture with him any day... AND fraim it on my wall! SCREW TMZ I'll keep that picture for my home! He is HUMAN just like all of us and he is imperfact just like all of us.. he is flawed... JUST LIKE ALL OF US!! You dont like him... Feel you are above GOD himself and sit in judgement and non forgiveness on him... Then STOP tourmanting your self and dont click on stories about him... Just hope that for what ever you might be doing, that no one else knows about.. and its a crime or wrong in any way... YOU will not be forgiven either... And your dirt WILL float to the top soon!!! And IF you want to hate some one... HATE on the MEN who beat and molest their wives and children EVERY DAY!! Chris messed up ROYALY sure, but he is not a DANGER to any one else nor is he a danger to you... LIVE AND MOVE ON!!! EVERY ONE ELSE HAS!!!

2019 days ago


go cubs go! cubs fans would also like to forget about the past...

2019 days ago


I actually would love a photo with Chris B
only with some boxing head gear and vest on

He's still quite artistic though even after the bad news
and he's one of the good dancers ive seen out there
where does he get all that energy?

2019 days ago


I, for one, am glad that TMZ isnt sweeping this whole Chris Brown thing under the rug!! He needs to have what he did rubbed in his face for the rest of his career -- if he still has one.

2019 days ago

Fyuk Yiu    

CHRIS CLOWN With his signature FAKE SMILE! Dang that's a real low. Posing with some kid? You just beat the DUNK out of RIHANNA and now i'm suppose to forget that?! FAKESMILESAMEDANCEMOVENOMMASKILLHAVINGCORNYSELF! CHRIS CLOWN needs to have his glasses on when he dresses with his no matiching self! Big Bad Califronia, Now what? 866k

2019 days ago


tmz leave chris alone this pic is amazingly cute and u guys are bein mean to him for no reason

2019 days ago

Linda Mott    

The kid couldn't testify.

2019 days ago

Ut Oh    

As long as the kid doesn't try to grab Chris's car keys, he should be fine

2019 days ago


He should be glad anyone doesn't wince when he's around.

2019 days ago


this is ridiculous! lay off him already, patchetic storys like this just make your site look wanky

2019 days ago


Wow, Chris Brown must hate TMZ, almost as much as we hate Chris Brown.

2019 days ago


D$m , is this guy reaching or what?? What a buffoon! I think he is pandering to the judge or possible jury. Hey, look white people! I like y'all, I really do! This is why rap must die! It has moved way beyond embarrassing . What a pathetic loser!!!!

Sweet! Just got confirmation of my KORN tickets!

2019 days ago

faith 'N 'd philippines    

ohh'hh c'mon TMZ!! just live chris brown are really a one sider site!!
he is not a perfect one nor even YOU!!So, think of it!!Can't you just forget about all the things happen?It was already done remember that JESUS forgive the people who commit mistakes knowing that he is our CREATOR how much more "you" "us" which is only a HUMAN BEING..We dont have the right to judge him even if he is a celebrity but you dont really have the right to tackle his personal life!!

Even if i live in a small island in the Philippines miles away from Chris but i just want you to know that i CARE for CB.

2019 days ago


look all i have to say is that i know that chris beated rihanna but people change we all do mistakes and we learn from them.
and chris brown looks really cute with that baby you know TMZ you people don't really know the true story about rihanna and chris brown but i know the truth because i belive in him he will always be my role model so whether not you people stp seeing chris brown as the monister around here i am still his fan i what ever chris does is right for me i am a female too but i might be from south africa but i know what a girl is capable of to make a man look really bad

i'm beging you people to live and move on stop looking and chris brown in a bad way please!!!!!!!!for my sake

2019 days ago
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