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OctoMom -- Brought to You By ... OctoMom!

4/15/2009 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMomGet ready for a world where you can go out and get yourself your very own pair of OctoMom Jeans.

Nadya Suleman, better known to the world as OctoMom, has filed an application to trademark the name OctoMom -- for the purpose of creating products such as "dresses, pants, shirts, and textile diapers."

She's also looking to use the name for the purposes of creating a TV show, according to papers obtained by

If only she'd patent a device that would make her disappear.


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fo real    


1928 days ago


I thought this trashy nutjob "hated" the word "Octomom"? Nothing like an opportunist...Why can't this heifer just take care of her babies and not bore us with the details of her pathetic existence?

1928 days ago


You don't patent a name, you trademark it and since she didn't come up with it, she can't use it.

1928 days ago


I'm sick of this freak. Isn't it about time her 15 minutes were up? Hopefully no one cares about her in a year, she has her rats she spawned taken away. So if she's filing "Octomom" is she gonna sue any woman that gives birth to a litter of 8 kids?

1928 days ago


Good for her. That's creative thinking, looking for a way to earn a living.

1928 days ago


Well as long you guys keep posting her on here, shes never going to go away. She makes me i'll.

1928 days ago

Betty Davis Stamp    

I don't approve of what she did to bring all the kids into the world but I can't stop reading about her. It's better than reading about women that kill children.

1928 days ago

Donald Ray    

#1, I don't think she's White, trash, YES. I thought this DISEASE, hated the name Octomom and didn't want it used. Now, as USUAL, she's about to get paid on it. Oh, and TMZ, did I ruffle your feathers? Both my comments on the Samuel Jackson story and the Oscar Delahoya got zapped.

1928 days ago


#5, I'm sure she'll still accept food stamps and Welfare checks!

1928 days ago



Please give us the name of the network involved in a TV show, and any known potential sponsors, so we can tell them what we think of the exploitation of 14 small children by their money-grubbing nutcase of a mother and her associates.

1928 days ago


To TMZ ... Why don't you help her disappear by not posting about her? You, and other media outlets, do this all the time. Complain about the press someone is getting in the very article where you are giving him/her the free press they seek!?!?! When will you realize that we your readers honestly don't care about ever seeing or hearing of her again? She is not news-worthy. TMZ - Stop being a part of the problem!

1928 days ago

go away    

Well, TMZ if you want her to disappear then STOP following her around and taking her picture. Just a thought.

1928 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

Octomom clothing. Yep, that will fly like a lead balloon.

1928 days ago


She is only still around because ppl like you and all the other media people keep reporting on her!!! idiots!! If you would just not report on her she would vanish!!! So a comment like that at the end is rediculous!

1928 days ago


"If only she'd patent a device that would make her disappear." Well it would start if TMZ stops talking about her.

1928 days ago
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