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Hulk: I Took the High Road -- Didn't Slash Wife

4/16/2009 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan says he was taken out of context when he was quoted as saying, "I totally understand OJ"... referring to the conflict with his ex-wife Linda. But Hulk's explanation may have made things worse.

Hulk Hogan: Click to watch
Last night in Clearwater, FL the Hulkster said his Rolling Stone interview was a 3-day long affair, in which he said he was really the anti-OJ Simpson. But here's the thing. Last night, he explained, "I didn't do the OJ Simpson thing. I took the high road."

The high road -- not slitting your wife's throat.


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Hulk should just shut up and pay! everything is his falf he make her like that because he thought more bout $$$$$ than is famley! they r what he made them! i hope se gets everything he has.he makes me sick!

1995 days ago


I'm a chick, and I have to say that I agree WITH Hulk. That big fat greasy ho is walking around FLAUNTING a BOY that would NEVER turn twice to look at her, if she wasn't paying him to do so! She knows she is worthless, and ugly, and no one else in the world wants her, so she is trying to make Terry mad with that twin of her son's. That whole family is a dis-grace, and she just shows you WHY it is. Your parents lay the ground work for what you will be, what you are ... they both did a "bang up" job on their failures! They are "so proud" of their kids ... PROUD OF WHAT?!?!? The whole family is simply paid so they can be a joke to the world ... NICE!

1995 days ago


Bubba the Love Sponge. Give him credit, say it!

1995 days ago

honest t    

Chris Rock said basically the same thing in a show and I thought it was in very poor taste. I also found it offensive to hear well educated women with good careers say they could see how Lorena Bobbitt could do such a thing if their husband did this or that.
People say things at times that may be legal to say but are still creepy and out of line.
While you may have the right to refer to a notorious case it's in very bad taste and you know it.

Do you think she would date a boy if she did not think it made you upset? Doubtful, do you think he will want anything to do with her in a few years? Be thankful you are away from one another, even if it cost you three times as much.
Think before he speak unless you want to keep paying your attorney and her attorney to fight it out so you all can act like children over material things you both probably want to leave your children if you don't spend it all on legal fees.

Stress will age you and take years off your life, if you're feeling sorry for yourself go do something nice for someone in need. With the money you are spending on attorneys you could do a lot of good helping other and be a much happier person.

1995 days ago


Sheeesh! C'mon Hulk! EVERYONE knows that OJ didn't kill Ron and Nicole!

1995 days ago


He's proving to be about as bright as OJ too. This guys is just another Professional Tool. He is playing right into Linda's lawyer's hands. Hope she cleans himout. Somone needs to remind him that he has kids, and like her boyfriend or not, she's the mother of his kids. Is this what the high road is like from rich rednecks from Florida?

1995 days ago


Come on everyone give Hogan a break he body slammed Andre The Giant. How quickly we forget. Hulk Hogan is a frustrated dude. This is America the dude can say whatever he wants. Freedom of speech. Its wasnt the coolest thing he said. But come on he should loose all his money to her because of it? She's the Ultimate Whorrior!! She wears more face paint then the original Ultimate Warrior. Linda isn't good people.

1995 days ago


Why is so much being said about her 19 year old boyfriend, isn't anyone looking at HIS GIRLFRIEND???? Is it so socially acceptable now days for a man to take a 20 year old girlfriend, but unacceptable for a woman to do the same thing??? What is up with that? Its like this people-Men do whatever they want and expect it to be OK, but if women do it too, then there are many names for the woman and they are all bad. Stop pointing the finger at Linda. She's doing the same thing you are Hulk Hogan! Isn't your girlfriend driving YOUR CAR? Living in YOUR HOUSE, Sleeping in YOUR BED?? Spending YOUR MONEY???? WAKE UP MAN

1995 days ago


Why is it that these people say something and than once they put their foot in they come out saying that it was taken out of context. What they need to do is THINK before saying something they really mean to say. This guy and his family are just a bunch of idiots.

1995 days ago


Terry Bollea needs to listen up and listen good. He has shot his mouth off in the past as a paid cartoon figure in the so called wrestling ring. After his son goes to jail he shoots his mouth off putting the blame on a man in a coma for life, saying God layed some heavy crap on where does he ever say "look son, you are just as responsible". Now he says he understands why OJ did what he did. He understands why a guy stalks an ex wife, who doesn't even live in his mansion, and brutally murders her while their children are sleep upstairs. Now he changes his story and says he took the high road. Give me a break. If Linda pushes his buttons, he needs to ignore it all. How many times did he expose her and his kids to his affairs? He is supposed to be a role he has condoned murder . I don't feel sorry for either terry or Linda. Yes, she makes a first class fool of herself with a pimple faced 19 year old but if he gives her something that marriage to Terry never did, it says alot about their marriage. Frankly she is an idiot and her affair with that kid will forever alienate her from her children. But what about terry? It is fine that he has a younger girlfriend who resembles his ex wife and daughter? It is fine that he watches his daughter use a stripper pole during her so called concerts? It is fine that he blames a guy who is clinically dead from a wreck in which his son was the driver? But still he has some folks who feel he is an okay guy and he deserves everything no matter what he says or does. Yes Simpson was aquited of murder and nothing will ever change that...yes the majority of people believe him to be guilty. Yes some folks even feel if he is guilty he had every right to committ double murder. For Terry Bollea to say he "get's it" is beyond stupid. So if your ex, be it wife or husband pisses you off you have the right to kill them? I had an ex stick a loaded 38 in my face but I never wished him dead. I just went on as best i could...never asked for one cent...just a divorce. No regrets. I agree that divorce courts can go overboard with the women....I am a woman and I don't believe that a woman should take a man for all he's got. You want your freedom? It has a price. But murder should never be a part of that. The Bollea/Hogan saga will eventually end and I imagine someone may end up dead. Possibly a murder/suicide...unless terry and Linda get their heads on right and grow up for God's sake. Simpson's 2 kids with Nicole are adults now and it is only imaginable what they think of their stolen childhood and life in the limelight. The Bollea kids seem to thrive on the limelight but the fall will come and come hard. Terry and Linda for the sake of your kids, grow up. Maybe they too will grow up. Terry, you owe the victims of crime and their loved ones a huge apology.

1995 days ago


what a dirtbag to even talk about assaulting the mother of his children.
this guy is one mixed-up nitwit.

time to stop with the steroids -- or whatever drugs this guy is taking.
he's liable to assault just about anyone -- his new girlfriend may well be next!

1995 days ago


I don't care if he was taken out of context or not, why would he make any comment/connection with OJ?
Who does that? I'm shocked by this!! He deserves all the bad press he's getting.
I'm not a big Linda fan, but "any" threat is just that....a threat!!
Thank God she's taking this seriously!! Better safe than sorry!

1995 days ago


What a horrible thing to say.... His marriage broke up because he was a cheater, so why should he be mad because his soon to be ex found someone to replace his lame ass!!! People that are celebs shouldn't marry, none of them last anyway, only like one in 10,000....

1995 days ago


So he's thought about it. Nice.

1995 days ago


Not slashing your exwife to death is taking the high road? Does this idiot have one brain cell that's not full of steroids? It seems to me Hulk was running around with a girl half his age (who looks like his daughter yet) before Linda hooked up with a younger man. Hulk was married to Linda for many years and she is the mother of his children. He needs to keep his mouth shut for both moral and legal reasons.

1995 days ago
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