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Someone's After OctoMom!!!

4/16/2009 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMomNadya Suleman may have hit a speed bump in her pursuit to own the rights to the word OctoMom -- seems some other company may have beat her to the punch!

TMZ has learned a technology company called Super Happy Fun Fun applied for a trademark on the word one month before Nadya did.

Here's the catch -- for the most part, both Nadya and Super Happy Fun Fun are looking to apply the trademark towards different things -- with one exception.

Both parties filed for "Class 041 Status" which means they both seek to use the word in the world of entertainment -- including perhaps a reality TV show?!

It's unclear if the two parties intend to do battle over the word -- but we'll find the true "Octo" owner soon enough.


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tired of octo-lips    

If octonut thinks that anyone would pay to have her name or logo on something that they buy she is just sooooooooo crazy.......I don't think that there are too many people out there that even like her enough for all that.............She just needs to give up those kids so that they have half a chance at a decent life ......... and just go to work like a real women would...........and get over least she hasn't been in the spotlight every other minute lately...............maybe this will be the end of her 15 minutes.............lets just hope

1935 days ago



1978 days ago


She Makes Me SICK,,,,,,,,,,,,,, CELEBRITY PUKE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

1978 days ago


How about OctoMom brand condoms. They'd discourage procreation without leaving the box--a guy could just look at Suleman's picture on the packaging and voila, instant sex hex!!!

1978 days ago


All you people before me are mean.. I think Nadya should be able to get the trademark. The word wasn't even thought of, till her... Come on, people, play nice...

1978 days ago


How about she go away because Im sick of hearing about her. Having children isn't a hobby. Pick up knitting or even join a bowling team. Those are hobbies, not having kids that you can't pay for you crazy-ass.

1978 days ago


Why be upset Nadya? There's always Octonut and my favorite Octo-to-injured-to-work-but-can-carry-eight-babies.

1978 days ago

Ms. Hysterical    

Anyone know a hit-man looking for work.

1978 days ago


I wish you would stop printing stuff about her.

1978 days ago


Why can we not think positive for the kids? They need clothes and food and diapers. They need a home life where strangers are not on the lawn 24/7. They need money. I don't care about the mother. THINK ABOUT THE KIDS.

come on let's help the kids.

One day very soon these kids are going to be writing to TMZ here or in court.

1978 days ago


I think TMZ had the name first. Wouldn't that be quite the battle!! Hurry Nadya -- send Harvey a check for $10,000 of our tax payer money -- I mean Dr Phil's money -- I mean your publicity money -- I mean your hard earned cash -- so you can win the rights to the name! You go girl! Who needs food and diapers? You are going to be a celebrity!!

1978 days ago


um Jay.. #10... that is exactly why she HAD so many damn kids.. so that she would get money and endorsements and a show.. etc..etc.. all in the name of "lets think about the kids"... because the most sure fire way to get people to give you free stuff and money is to throw a bunch of babies.. or a bunch of cute animals in your face.. and we break down every time.
she had them.. she should pay for them.. no one twisted her arm or held a gun to her head to have all those kids she can't afford. i have 2 kids.. why don't i have 3 kids?.. BECAUSE I COULDN'T AFFORD 3 KIDS... that's what responsible people do!

1978 days ago


TMZ, please don't provide any more fodder to this octomom case. She is so depraved, she'll stoop to anything to get a few bucks. Someone above put it succinctly: octo-slut.

1978 days ago


OOPS.. SORRY.. i mean't #11... sorry joanne!

1978 days ago

Jesus juice    

I guess now we can call her Octoc*nt!! (Maybe she'll go for a trademark on that!!) Wasn't she the one who didn't like the term "Octomom"? I think she enjoys pissing off the public. Personally, I'll be LMAO when 1) the government wipes that greedy little smirk off those ugly fake lips, or 2) those unruly kids become teenagers.

1978 days ago
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