Someone's After OctoMom!!!

4/16/2009 3:30 AM PDT

Someone's After OctoMom!!!

Nadya Suleman may have hit a speed bump in her pursuit to own the rights to the word OctoMom -- seems some other company may have beat her to the punch!

TMZ has learned a technology company called Super Happy Fun Fun applied for a trademark on the word one month before Nadya did.

Here's the catch -- for the most part, both Nadya and Super Happy Fun Fun are looking to apply the trademark towards different things -- with one exception.

Both parties filed for "Class 041 Status" which means they both seek to use the word in the world of entertainment -- including perhaps a reality TV show?!

It's unclear if the two parties intend to do battle over the word -- but we'll find the true "Octo" owner soon enough.