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Madonna Injured While Horseback Riding

4/18/2009 11:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MadonnaMadonna fell off her horse while horseback riding in the Hamptons this afternoon and was taken to a local hospital.

The Material Mom's injuries were not considered serious, the NY Post is reporting, but she was taken to the hospital for precautionary reasons.

Madonna was at the home of photographer Steven Klein at the time, according to the paper. She was reportedly wearing full riding gear, including a helmet, when she fell.

Back in 2005, Madonna fell while riding in London on her birthday -- she suffered several broken bones.

UPDATE -- Madonna's camp blames the whole incident on a paparazzo. Her rep released a statement that says, "Madonna who was thrown off a horse earlier today has just been released from Southampton Hospital with minor injuries and bruises ... The accident occurred when the horse Madonna was riding was startled by paparazzi who jumped out of the bushes to photograph the singer who was visiting friends on Eastern Long Island over the weekend. Madonna will be having further tests and continues to remain under observation by doctors."


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Hate this narcissistic bitch. Glad it happened to her. Believe me, she only makes the world a worst place. Her becoming the another Natasha Richardson would only make the world a better place. Sorry if it sounds harsh, but I don't care. It's the absolute truth.

2014 days ago


Awww. that Madonna. I agree with everyone's comments...that old cron-hasbeen-neverwas...whatever was said. What would be funnier is to hear about your mother falling from a horse- or better yet- your grandmother. What a riot! Piss off douche bags. Madonna is as real a human as Princess Dianna was. Are we still laughing at her in the tabloids?

2014 days ago


I love how the whore that sleeps with baseball players and 20 somethings for publicity is complaining about the papparazzi.

Sad that this crap person is still alive while Natasha Richardson couldn't survive her injuries.

2014 days ago


Maybe that stupid, selfish cow should stay in the yard with her kids and spend some time being a mother and not worry about her own idiotic recreational pleasures. She SICKENS me.

2014 days ago


Hey #33 - Way to be an insensitive prick putting up a post like that! Really mature.

2014 days ago


How tragic is it that we lose a TRUE talent like Natasha Richardson. A talented actress in the prime of her life -- both in personal family life and career -- yet are SADDLED (no pun intended!) w/ a washed-up old whore like Madonna. Me thinks we lost the wrong one! :-) But I wish her well.

2014 days ago


HAHAHAHA did granny break a hip we can only hope:)

2014 days ago


I bet that sickening kickbacks (-taking) fatass Perez Hilton (talentless hack!) is beside himself with worry. But only 'cause he's afraid if this OLD WHORE dies, he won't continue to receive that steady flow of nothing-but-positive "news" (actually paid product placement) in exchange for money. He's on the payroll of WHOREdonna, (HIS) "Saint" SLUTgelina (the homewrecker) and Lady GAGworthy. [F] piece of [s]hit banned my IP on his site for telling it like it is. He doesn't like that. Stupid pedoriffic Mario likes to LUST after minor celeb boys and HATE after minor celeb girls. He's the worse. Wish that washed-up old whore fell on HIS fatass.

2014 days ago


man why couldnt she have landed on her head like superman did

2014 days ago

J D    

I guess the dumbass didn't lean the first time you can tell her and Rosie know each other neither of them show any signes of braines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2014 days ago


Them old bones do break easily. Seriously, why is this event world news? She sucks!

2014 days ago


Maybe the horse doesn't like skanks and wanted to get away from the old whore.

2014 days ago

mellon bruse N    

I`am so over it!.

2014 days ago

Mickey von Dutch    

#38, If this is your idea of "being funny" you should have your head examined. I love my daily shot of celebrity gossip, but I sometimes get the impression that I'm amid an angry medieval mob ready to stone anyone who is randomly accused of being a witch. The WWW was supposed to bring us progress, but now it's starting to look as if we're going back in time. On the upside: all wrongdoings will be right once we hit the The Age of the Dinosaurs.

2014 days ago


I am Not a Madonna fan — but this is just too much; she could have been seriously injuried. She's somebody's Mom (X3) and was on private property doing her personal thing. Lest I echo that famed crimson-lipped hermaphroditic Britney fan shreaking "leave her alone," on YouTube ... indeed, live and let live paps!!!!!!!!!

2014 days ago
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