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Britain's Got Pornstar Talent

4/19/2009 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's probably fair to say most people wouldn't pay anything to watch a homely, 47-year-old woman lose her virginity on camera. Nonetheless, Susan Boyle, the "Britain's Got Talent" never-been-kissed singer, has been offered $1,000,000 to porn it up.

Susan Boyle - Octomom

Kick Ass Pictures has put up a cash offer to the YouTube sensation -- asking her to lose her v-card in front of an international audience in return for some big bucks. They've even set up a website where users can help choose a name for the sure-to-be blockbuster.

"The 47-Year-Old Virgin" is our personal fav.


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59. Must not be any black men in Scotland. They would have popper her by now. Blacks will have sex with any white woman no matter how old.

Posted at 7:47PM on Apr 19th 2009 by Max Man

"Max Man" you have to be one of the world's most pathetic souls. You have the audacity to write this crap??!! What you wrote shows exactly what kind of person you are=and that is no compliment in any stretch of the imagination!! You are disgusting, prejudice, immature, and sick. Why this way of thinking, did you get dropped on your head or what??? Something is obviously wrong with you. Are you a closet racist or openly racist?? Anyway you look at it, you are one sad animal!

2011 days ago


I for one think this is an awesome idea, and I hope she takes the offer.
It's about time someone says "Okay, I'll take the dirty, easy money, it's way easier than taking the high road."
Would I buy or watch it? No.
Still I'd like to see it happen.

2011 days ago

cupcake mcbloujob    

wtf tmz?
Susan Boyle is an amazing singer and deserves to be respected
she is a nice lady who doesnt deserve this kind of harrassment
remove this please

2011 days ago

Proud American    

Prosetution. bottom line to sell her virginity.

2011 days ago


how dare you tmz calling susan homely have seen one of your reporters on tv looking pretty UGLY!TMZ SUCKS

2011 days ago


All you people that are supposedly upset, disappointed, and disgusted by TMZ please get a life. If you had that much of a problem with TMZ you wouldn't have been on the website in the first place, so stop with the crap. Besides, TMZ isn't the one who offered Boyle the money to do porn, it was Kick Ass Pictures. If you want to direct your anger anywhere then direct it toward Kick Ass Pictures. If you really don't like TMZ that much then don't support them by visiting their website idiots.

2011 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

lol guys are HYSTERICAL!!!!!!! lol

2011 days ago


it's not the post that's so's the actual poll...your mother?...come on world...that kind of sick question is what is sad....i am just so glad to see the majority of people are w/me on this get the couple of morons who have to post asinine comments...that's a given but i'd.start praying and work on an answer for why you are such an ass while living on this planet you're gonna need it!! start now!! you might have time!....disgusting people defend disgusting things...takes one to know one....i respect others and love life...i need no excuse....gnite all!

2011 days ago

Michael Madsen    


2011 days ago

Dyna ™    

What worries me is the 10% that voted for their own mother...... ewwwwww

2010 days ago


That is something I really shouldn't have to think about at 7 am! What kinda question is that! YUCK

2010 days ago


Now this is truly disgusting. A rare women comes along who is not only talented but has morals, and unlike most people in this day and age she hasn't slept with have the guys she met. What do people do?.....why they automatically try to take her morals and dignity away. I mean honestly this is beyond low, this has truly got to be one of the most horrible things that I have read on here. If you don't like the woman leave her alone! Making fun of someone for being a virgin is lower than low. I am glad to see a regular everyday person who isn't worried about the way she looks turn out to be so talented.

2010 days ago


are you kidding me with this crap, I mean really how old are you its like none of you have reached puberdty with your sophmoric attempt at humor. You are friggin vultures. Really Harvey cant you get a respectable job? Stick with the peoples court, you tool.

2010 days ago

Think about it... You be the Judge...    

Hi, Well, this is a breath of fresh air to have someone who is real for a change on TMZ blogs. Thank you TMZ and let's keep this beautiful women's from getting any hurtful messages.
If you would do some research before you post your negative responses, just maybe all of you would learn something from what this beautiful represents and what she truly has accomplished in her life.
They say, "Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder" maybe you haven't learn what real beauty in a person. I feel sorry for all of you passing judgement because you're the one's that are losing.
So let's all enjoy her for who she is.... People like her only come along once in a lifetime.

If you feel you need to let out some of your anger, try using another TMZ Forums. Go post on OctoMom

2010 days ago


You really need to take this down and apologize!

2010 days ago
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