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Bono, Jovi and Bill

Who's the Bigger Rockstar!?

4/22/2009 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was an aging rock star convention last night as Bono, former President Bill Clinton and Jon Bon Jovi joined forces at a charity event in NYC.


Fun fact: While 48-year-old Bono has over 20 Grammy awards, 62-year-old Clinton actually beats Bon Jovi with two Grammy wins (Best Spoken Word category) to the 47-year-old's one.

These days you don't even need to know how to sing to make it in the record biz.


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President Clinton gets richer and more sexier with each passing year.

1949 days ago


The "aging" rock stars are still better any of the new acts far...

1949 days ago

Mike Botz    

Hey toofartforyou, Bon Jovi lives in Rumson NJ you fool. Whats with the tunamelt? No one gets your stupid jokes. Face it, you're just not that funny.

1949 days ago

artie help    

toosoftforyou, Botz is the man, and a permanent fixture in the "SCENE". STOP WITH YOUR PERSONAL ATTACKS.

1949 days ago


bono is the biggest jerk...he bites hands that feed him...he supports the performance tax on radio stations which mean that most of your favorite radio stations will go out of business or you'll have the all "whatever recording label hour" on each station. Look it up--it's a huge scam. H.R. 848/S. 379 was introduced on February 4th on behalf of the Recording Indusrty Association of America (RIAA) and the big, internationally-owned record labels.
A recent economic study concluded that the promotion from radio airplay is directly responsible for $1.5 - $2.4 billion dollars worth of music sales for the big record labels - and that figure doesn't even include the additional billions in promotion for concert tickets and merchandise sales. In fact, 85% of listeners of all audio services identify radio as the place they have heard new music.
When you consider what local radio stations provide to communities and listeners around the country, including emergency alerts, AMBER alerts, and local news, weather, local community programming, it's critically important to maintain a vibrant radio industry.
All parties are fairly compensated by today's system. The free promotion that record labels and performers receive from radio airplay drives album and concert sales, which ultimately results in compensation for record labels and performers. Although the recording industry has seen it's revenues decline over the last decade, local radio broadcasters are not the reason the recording industry is losing money, and it should not be the industry to fix it.
The existing system actually provdes the epitome of fairness for all parties: free music for free promotion.

If you would like more information on this issue please visit

1949 days ago


U2’s Bono backs royalty.
The politically active Irish rocker has issued an unequivocal statement supporting the effort to create a performance royalty on radio stations. Bono says he appreciates all that radio has done for U2, but he believes a royalty is "only fair" to artists.

1949 days ago


Dumb dumber and the dumbest...

1949 days ago


Stupid useless libral nut jobs

1949 days ago

allen antrim    

The Clinton dork was dedicating another holocaust museum-those Jews must really be taken with this guy. The last one he did that slaughter in Africa was going on despite the dork saying that it would never happen again. I wonder if he made the same fool of himself in Iowa? But then the sucker public is only interested in profound words.

1949 days ago


Here's an example of good reportage, you tell us that Clinton is a former President, explain who he is, but Tesese you don't tell us who the hell he is?? Give us all the information, on all stories. Tell us who these people are that you are talking about. Not everyone knows all these people that's why we come to TMZ to find out. You better change your ways! or I'll never come back and tell all my friends.

Daniel ..................... Toronto

1949 days ago


You know if we could just get these 3 to share their wealth we would help about 100,000 or more poor right there. We could save thousands of homes from forclosure. Let's get strated with these 3 now. Take 3/4 of there wealth & split it up with the poor, no more loop holes either. I can hear them now "We want to help people, just as long as we can still live the rich life"

1949 days ago


Bon Jovi doesn't even belong in their company.

1949 days ago


A few good men!

1949 days ago


They look great, aging very nicely. Bono is my favourite and U2 is simply THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD!

1949 days ago

Just Facts    

Bill is an impeached president, Bono is over-rated, and who is the other gye? Give me a break.

1949 days ago
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