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Shots Fired at 'Dog' Chapman

4/22/2009 10:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Duane "Dog" Chapman and one of his associates were shot at by a man they were trying to apprehend yesterday.

According to police in Colorado Springs, Colo., Chapman and bail bondsman Bobby Brown were attempting to bring in a man named Hoang Nguyen when he allegedly fired at least one shot at Chapman and Brown with a handgun before fleeing on a motorcycle.

Chapman and Brown were armed with paintball guns and returned fire.

Hoang was later arrested without incident by Chapman early this morning.

BTW -- Dog's film crew was there ... but missed the shot (pardon the pun).


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I think the added detail that they were using pepperballs and not paintballs is in order.
(Instead of using a can of mace, they use pepperballs to have better range)

2008 days ago

You're Killing Me Larry    

Wasn't taking a camera to a gun fight in a recent Robert Downey Jr. movie? Usually Mad-Dog Hound-Dog Chapman tries to capture someone shorter (5' 7") and wimpier than he, and then gives them a corrective talk before hauling them off to the hoosegow. Example: "Don't rob the 7-Eleven, go to school and always obey your parents." Someone actually able to shoot back isn't in the script because Duane's hair extensions might fall off in the confrontation.

2008 days ago


Artie you're such a mess, give up already. And by the way, regarding you're lie about being Brad and Angie paying for everyone's groceries at the store in NY -- now don't you think if that we're in fact TRUE that at least ONE of those people OR at least ONE single worker in that grocery store would have leaked to the media that kind gesture of theres? Yet not one single report was on any of the gossip shows or newswires. YOU ARE A LIAR ARTIE. I have no idea what is going in inside your brain that makes you think that you have to come onto TMZ and tell lie after lie after lie about doing this and that and with these celebrities, grant it, you almost always say positive things about them, but nonetheless YOU LIE. Now don't go log off and log back in as your so called friend Mike because I've figured that one out too, that's really YOU as well. If anyone knows a celebrity or even more than one celebrity, they ARE NOT GOING TO BE ON TMZ OR ANOTHER GOSSIP SITE "BRAGGING" ABOUT IT - OR IN YOUR CASE LYING ABOUT IT, that is why it is so simple to figure you out. So as long as you continue to come on here and lie, I will not leave you alone and comment about you lying because you see, I HATE LIARS. And since you've already commented on here about meeting Octo-bitch and what a sweet girl she is, why don't you hook up with her and her pathological lies, you two would make a great pair!!!!

As for Dog, ugh, I bet he and the film crew were pissed they didn't get "the shot." Come on now, how long have they been doing the show and no one ever takes a shot at them and really no "true" violence ever goes down, just a lot of running, yelling and commotion. I'm a fan of the show, but I only watch when all my other regular shows are in re-runs.

2008 days ago

Sears Jobs    

Armed with a paint ball gun? I guess that's because he has a record... but a paintball gun?

I've never been hit with a paintball but there must be a reason he uses that instead of something more aggressive.

2008 days ago


Duane "Dog " Chapman is a convicted felon so he is not allowed to own or carry a firearm. He may get an OK to go hunting, but he can not carry a handgun nor own one. Getting hit multiple times with a paint gun may distract a person long enough to grab them and put them on the ground, but he would be better off using a bean bag air gun.

2008 days ago


Good use of the pun missed the shot .

bb gun vs real live rounds i know what fire power i would rather have.

2008 days ago

artie help    

TERRI, everything that i comment on in TRUE,just ask Brad and Angie. Why is so out of the realm of reality that I do know these guys?? And as for Mr. Botz, he's GREAT GENEROUS FIXTURE AROUND THE "SCENE' THAT IS OUR LIVES, don't BE JEALOUS.

2008 days ago


Hmm, is it possible the big bad 'Dog' made this up to get attention? Survey says, yes.

2008 days ago

Mike Botz    

Terri, Mr. Help told me to take a look at TMZ today. Wow are you way off base, or perhaps off your meds today. I am taking time from my New York trip to the Tribeca Film Festival, to comment on your blog. I showed it to Bobby DeNiro and Edie Falco and they got a kick from your comments about Mr. Help being a liar. They know the truth and so do I. Terri, you have no idea how big a player Mr. Help is in Hollywood.

2008 days ago

David Clark    

d you are an idiot. Put the crack pipe down and go get some fresh air

2008 days ago

Whatajoke thinks somebody is smokin' a fat one...............(playing Twilight Zone theme)..........

2008 days ago

Bill Cosby    

Artie and "botz"... Anyone with a brain can see that "both of you" are writing from the same IP address! HAHA! I guess that joke is finished! I have no idea what kind of conflict you and this "Teri" person have going on, but it is pretty stupid to pretend you're two different people writing FROM THE SAME IP! Time to give up that game I guess? Next time know how to play such games. Duhhhhhh!

2008 days ago


You're drivel Artie. DRIVEL (and a liar). For you to insinuate jealousy is just plain LAUGHABLE. I've already explained to you more than once why you're a liar, go back and read it again. I know you may have a hard time remembering factual information, it may be hazy for you since you're so caught up with posting lies on here. Let's see now, if my memory serves me correctly, and do not test me Artie, because I have damn good memory recollection, I recall thus far you posting on here (since my time here anyway), you've met & said Octo-bitch (she's a sweet girl or was it she's a nice kid), Conan O'brien (he gave everyone popcorn in the park), Dennis Rodman (you were there, he was just having fun, he bought drinks for everyone), Kenny Chesney (again he bought drinks for all and you supposedly went out w/him afterwards), Woody Harrelson (lemme see, what'd you say, he was just having a bad day or something like that? he's a nice guy), Lisa Rinna (you had margaritas with her right after her bikini beach pic), Brad & Angelina (you were in the grocery and they bought everyone in their aisle groceries) -- did I leave anyone out? I might have, I'm not sure. Oh I did just remember another, Lindsay Lohan (and the leave her alone statement you made on her and you being at the damn doctor's office that she was at)!

LIES, LIES, LIES all your lies. If that is your life Artie and you do know these people, than do tell us all HOW or WHAT YOU DID IN YOUR PAST PROFESSION TO COME TO KNOW ALL THESE CELEBRITIES? Think really, really hard Artie, make it a good one or at least try to make it believeable because I don't believe liars easily. I'm telling you right now, you're an old man living in a fantasy world.

Let's see what celebrities I've met and have their autographs, Pete Rose, Fawn Rose (his daughter), Sammy Sosa, Tony Perez, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh (my personal favorite) and who I have shaken hands with, both President Bushes and President Carter.

2008 days ago


Oh I knew Mike Botz (aka Artie) would show up in defense of Artie (aka Mike Botz) LMAO. Artie pulls Mike out (or in other words he simply switches his name on the computer) when things get a little too true for Artie and Mike (one in the same). What meds? I just like exposing liars for what and who they are and you simply have been an easy mark. How big a player? You are sooooooooo funny ArtieMike. How big a liar is the correct terminology. And I'm quite certain Robert DeNiro and Edie Falco is so interested in a TMZ web site -- again laughable and more lies.

2008 days ago


I want to be a bounty hunter when I grow up, but all I have is a cork-gun. I'm 48 now, I hope to become a bounty hunter in the next 20-30 years. The reason Beth dresses like she does is because Dog insists she dress like that. Brad Pitt still owes me money! I am now going to announce that Lindsay Lohan is pregnant with my child. I'm not going to be the kind of father that runs from his responsibility, so I plan on marrying Lindsay. I would like to take this time now to publicly apologize to Tom for the affair I had with Gisele. Sorry Tom, Gisele's right, it was just sex. I would also like to announce that I signed on to be the next Batman, because I've always wanted to work with Kevin Smith. I saw Zac Efron buying some twizzlers, a box of condoms, and a loaf of bread at 7-Eleven yesterday. Did you know that Ellen DeGeneres is a registered republican? I gotta go, they just announced medicine call!

2008 days ago
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