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Hayden Panettiere -- Victim of a Jewelry Heist

4/23/2009 3:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Hayden Panettiere's Los Angeles home was burglarized last week -- and thousands of dollars worth of jewelry was stolen.

Law enforcement sources say Hayden returned from vacation on April 15th and discovered around $15,000 worth of jewelry was missing.

We're told there were no forced signs of entry -- and sources say there were several people who were in and out of the house while she was gone.


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Some posts here are totally unneccessay and innappropriate. Hayden Panettiere is definitely blessed to be born next me 12 years after me. I believe we have something ver special and adorable when we both meet each other. First, I want to say to you haters on this post you have no idea how much hell and high water Hayden Panettiere has been though. You, think seeing her in commercials, movies and television shows is the real Hayden no I don't think so. The real Hayden is the one you see suffereing while being blessed because, God is sending her messages to get her life on track with him. The smoking thing is probably a political and publicity act for her to promote a lifestyle and self-righteous act in secret while talking about the environment. Hayden I love you so much baby I want you to be truthful in and out of public so many people want to be like you and have admired you I am one of those billions of people. Second, her house being robbed while she was on vacation is just the sickest thing or close to it that anybody can do to a 19 going on 20 year woman. New Jersey man I know that you are close to Hayden Panettiere and criticizing her and giving her good advice to move into a better neighborhood in Los Angeles, California would have been a better way of keeping her calm and getting the authorities to catch those 7 people that robbed her house. You, jerks that called her those profane and degrading names are that yourselves jealousy and envy destroys people. God, has her where he wants her and she is doing this unaware that God is testing her and going to make her a miracle blessing. Hayden, may not know it but, God is watching over her and taking her trhough a major crisis. The assualt charges on her father Alan Panettiere, her arrest, Hayden having her Identity almost stolen and now a couple months ago jerks robbing her house. This, is Satan at his best in the physical realm.

Hayden, ignore those wolves in sheeps clothing they are not your friends and only want to bring pain and suffering to your life. I have been treated the same way called, things that are unethical, character assassinating and degrading but, I know who I am and they don't.

Love You, Hayden!!!

Those thieves are in for a big surprise when your attorney and
the police catch them. They will be doing serious jail time
and community service.

1945 days ago

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very good!

1994 days ago


FIRST!!! You people are slacking...

2009 days ago


All that money and you can't buy lock's for your house?? Thats what you get when you let some many people in and out of your house while your away!!

2009 days ago


Hayden is stupid.She thinks she's an actress.I think she'a a dumb,blonde person.Buy locks stupid ass!

2009 days ago


That sucks! She's still gorgeous

2009 days ago


This has happend to so manny stars recently that I am begining to think thats how they make extra cash ; "I spent so much money on vacation........I KNOW! I well just go home and make it look like someone stole $15,000 worth of jewelry. Yea!, it well be like going on vacation for free!!!!!!!!" < Hayden Panettiere.

2009 days ago

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Hey, tough luck kid, I'll send my boys over from Jersey and they'll sort it for you. Fiesty little actress she is, should have an alarm system in the house, told her that when I helped her move in. Should have moved into a better neighborhood, I told her, but she didn't listen to me. I'm well connected in the New Jersey entertainment industry, you know, so I know everything.

2009 days ago


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2009 days ago


Eat youself DUDE!.

2009 days ago


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2009 days ago


Jersey thug...I don`t THINK so so who the HELL are you artie pook pook?.EVERY BODy knows JOHNNY TITTS

2009 days ago


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2009 days ago

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Poor Hayden :( Hope they catch that thief!

2009 days ago


Inside job.

2009 days ago
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