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Paris Hilton's BFF

Slams Head in Car Crash

4/23/2009 6:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany FlickingerThe winner of the MTV reality show "Paris Hilton's My New BFF" was involved in a three car smash up in Hollywood last night -- but escaped with minor injuries.

Brittany Flickinger claims she was on her way to a Hollywood party at around 10:30 PM when the car she was riding in smashed into two stopped cars on the 170 Freeway.

Flickinger says she wasn't wearing a seat belt at the time -- and slammed her head into the front windshield. We're told she went to a nearby hospital where she underwent X-rays and CAT scans -- but was only diagnosed with a chipped bone in her leg.

According to Brit, the other people involved in the wreck are all okay.


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Why are you all leaving such mean comments abt Brittany?!? What has she done to you? Nothing.
First of all, the poor girl could have gotten really hurt! Hello? Secondly, she did not hurt Paris, and if she uses Paris, SO WHAT? Paris uses others all the time. Thirdly, Brittany seems way cooler,more down to earth, and smarter than any of those hollywod bitches so you losers who trash her can go to hell. I wish Brittany success in her career and personal life.

1991 days ago


Brittany seems like a nice girl i think people just try to give her a hard time because she was on that show. I think your a pretty cool chick Britt!! :)

1990 days ago


This show was a fake anyway.
Zui said so anyway on stickam.
I don't see what the big fuss is anyway.
They probably weren't even real friends.
But, I like Brittany.
She's pretty and she seems to be cool.
I'd pick her as a BFF, rather than Paris, even though I like her as well.

1990 days ago


Goodness...what is this ****! paris's best friend? she is picking them like she would pick a dog to pet? and these greedy lowlives turned up? did anyone lose the meaning of the word friend? this seemed to be a joke show at first by which paris would show the world what not to act on else this is what you get. That wouldve been great...look what you should not base your behavior on. Seems like these ppl are really thinking being treated like a dog kicked in the stomach and coming back with a bowed head is the way to go. Die in hell, these are lowlives. Paris is equally disgusting if she is not doing it to teach these lowlives a good lesson. you seriously dont see her motive? this is literally a rat race, and a play of power for her satisfaction.

1987 days ago


Too bad about the accident...nobody deserves to actually die. Sorry girl, maybe you can see the big picture some time soon.

1987 days ago


Paris is an ignorant,selfish, lazy whore. Brittney is a nice girl. and people who watch TMZ are idiots too....get a life

1984 days ago


Gosh , People , LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE ,, [ha this makes me sound like cris crocker] But she didnt do anything wrong. She got in a bad car accident , jeez , at least be sorta nice . & Who cares if they're still BFF's that show was just for Paris' publicity , i mean come on , who really finds a BFF on cable televison?

1983 days ago

Your Mom    

STOP HATING ON BRITTANY! She didnt do anything wrong. Paris just dropped her as a friend for the money mtv was giving her to make seasons two and three. Watch next seasons winner will be dropped, just like brittany was. You guys should be hating on Paris for being superficial and just doing this for money and publicity. Brittany is a good girl so you all need to stop hating. Whoever won the 1st season would have been dropped, not just Brittany.

1980 days ago


still like her if she isn't PH's BFF....

1977 days ago

see it happens    

That girl sucks for taking advantage of Paris. I'm glad Paris put an end to that since Brittany was using her and now she's searching for a new bff. Even though Paris is rich and all no one should hate and use someone like that it will come back to you for been a bitch.

1971 days ago


Please people...get a clue! Did Paris really think that Britt's career wouldn't take off?? I mean cmon Paris KNEW Britt was a singer when she chose her for her BFF! She brought her on stage with her, to parties..etc...Did Paris expect that Britt was NEVER going to pursue her career??? Gimmie a effin break! Paris dumped Britt because she was making a name for herself! Britt was probably getting more attention than her..God forbid! I mean cmon..when would Britt have time to kiss Paris' ass if she has a singing career too!?! Paris is a snooty b**ch who expects everyone to kiss her ass..... if she REALLY wanted a true best friend..she would have called up Vanessa, or Onch..and built on those friendships...but instead she has to make ANOTHER show. Hah... She' calls people attention whores...or hungry tigers...has she looked in the freakin mirror?? She was NOTHING until daddy left her all of this money....then all of the sudden she's famous.. She a hypocrite and Britt, you deserve better!

1968 days ago


What a colossal fool, too bad she didn't chop her stupid head off, there's obviously NOTHING in it anyway!!!

2011 days ago



2011 days ago

John D. Genovese    

Maybe that'll knock some sense into the stupid bitch and tell her next time wear a seat belt. It's the law you know.

2011 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Whore...chipped bone in her head....

2011 days ago
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