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Paris Hilton's BFF

Slams Head in Car Crash

4/23/2009 6:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany FlickingerThe winner of the MTV reality show "Paris Hilton's My New BFF" was involved in a three car smash up in Hollywood last night -- but escaped with minor injuries.

Brittany Flickinger claims she was on her way to a Hollywood party at around 10:30 PM when the car she was riding in smashed into two stopped cars on the 170 Freeway.

Flickinger says she wasn't wearing a seat belt at the time -- and slammed her head into the front windshield. We're told she went to a nearby hospital where she underwent X-rays and CAT scans -- but was only diagnosed with a chipped bone in her leg.

According to Brit, the other people involved in the wreck are all okay.


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Hey,yo haters: Listen Up,if you don't like Britt you better Shut your mouthes Up! She needs support now and not haters on her nerves.She has enough problems so please have respact(if I can't ask you for more) and let her alone.Understand that she's a human being too and have heart,soul and she needs love and not your injures (maybe now more than ever).Please!

1944 days ago


f*** HATERS !!! britt is awesome!!! im glad shes okay:)

1944 days ago


I just want to say to those who are saying things that they clearly don't know about please keep comments to yourself. If you watched the show Brittany clearly said that she wanted to start her band when she interviewed with Ryan, she is not using Paris at all. And then at the slumber party Paris stated that she wants her friends to become successful. If you don't know her don't say anything about her. She is loyal to her friends. She actually have time for them and she sends them personal comments and emails. Have Paris wrote you any? And if you paid any attention but the Reality shows have shows on those who were a part of a Reality show like NEW YORK, it's about money PEOPLE! We have to understand that Reality shows are not real and they make these things happen so their ratings will go through the roof. Until you get the facts, please be respectful and shhhhhhhh.

1944 days ago


banged her head and minor injuries?

not wearing a seatbelt? Do we need more proof?


1944 days ago

Oh Please    

She is lucky to be alive. Look what happened to Vanessa Richardson with her head bump. I have had a chipped bone and it hurts like hell. I am sure her neck and head is aching this morning. I hope she will remember to always wear a seat belt. I am glad she is ok. I really know nothing about her, I saw the show maybe 2 times. I would not wish harm on anybody, not even my enemies. Karma does get you back, trust me on that one. You shall see :)

1944 days ago


I'm so glad Brittany wasn't hurt too bad.

Everyone needs to lay off her. Their are some really heartless people online. Thank goodness people don't have the balls to talk quite like this in person or this world would be far worse than it already is. Are you not capable of being nice?

So her and Paris are no longer friends... haven't you noticed by now that Paris trade's up every chance she gets.... Doug is her new BFF right now so she tossed Brittany to the curb. Brittany is awesome and Paris is just not a very good person!

1944 days ago


I went to high school with Brittany and let me tell you.....she IS as FAKE as you are all saying. She is nice enough but only wants to be famous. She was NEVER that "rocker chick".....that persona came out of nowhere in order to stand out on the show. Sorry to let all you fans down, but she really is just a fake person who uses people.

1944 days ago

Courtney Chaos    

Everyone should stop being mean to Brittany!!She never did anything wrong and you should all leave her alone. Love you Brittany :D

1944 days ago


wow what's with all these hateful comments? britt's a chill girl, ever since before those paris hilton days.
she's the farthest from fake, and she didn't use the show to get publicity for her career. she's always been doing music and the show just happened to be a break for her. if you don't really know someone, don't use what you hear from the media or other people to judge, cause a lot of the times, it could be wrong.
i'm just glad britt's okay

1943 days ago


You People Are Horrible!!
The Poor Girl could have really gotten hurt there! I for one am glad she's OK, Brittany seems like one of the coolest people ever! She's not a Weirdo, She's not a Stupid Bitch, She's not Ungrateful (I think it was Paris that dumped Britt) people seem to live off the misery and misfortune of Celebrities. You all need to get a Life and stop worrying about "Hollywood" it's because of you that the paparazzi exist to ruin lives and annoy in general.
I'm looking forward to the Music that Brittany releases in the future. She Rocks, End Of Story. No Go Apologize or this NYC Boy will have to kick some Major Butt!

Glad You're OK Brittany!

1943 days ago


im so glad the accident wasn't too serious & that you're ok. just so you know no matter what happened to you or whatever happend between you and paris you are still loved. people just need to leave you alone and stop being so cruel.

1943 days ago


sooooo brittany is generally a nice person, and i actually do know her. i dont think shes crazy. i mean, im not a fan of hers. i dont know what happened with her and paris, but i do think that that isnt even what this is talking about. no one should ever WISH injuries upon someone, like em or not. not our place to judge//pan out.
apparently none of you watched bambi when you were little.
also, vanessa always had a coo coo bird air about her.

1943 days ago


Idk what you all are talking about! Brittany is soo nice! I LOVE HER! And when I heard about the crash I was so upset! But I am glad she is ok.. And stop giving her crap about not being Paris' BFF! It just didnt work out between them and that is ALL that is need to be said..

1943 days ago


Does anyone on this site actually know her personally? LOL i love how everyone is like..... she was nice but now she is mean!!! Paris doesn't have the best track record with people, she has a new freind every 2 weeks like a 3rd grader, britney is probably lucky she got away with her sanity before Paris destroyed her life like she has ruined everyone elses life! Paris likes to play the innocent card she is hardly that!

1943 days ago


everyone get a life stop being so fu**ing hateful

1943 days ago
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