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Cops Taser 'Suicidal' Former Basketball Star

4/27/2009 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jayson WilliamsFormer New Jersey Nets' star Jayson Williams is now under psychological evaluation after cops say he was acting "suicidal" and "violent" in a NY hotel room this morning.

According to the NY Post, cops were forced to remove Williams from his Manhattan hotel room at around 4 AM after he allegedly went ballistic and barricaded himself inside -- trashing the room in the process.

Cops were forced to use "an electrical device" on Williams -- aka a taser -- and then shipped him off to the St. Vincent's Hospital for evaluation.

Sources tell TMZ the original 911 call was made by a female friend of Williams at 4:28 AM, who said prescription drugs or alcohol were a factor.

Williams was acquitted of aggravated manslaughter after the 2002 accidental shooting death of his limo driver, 55-year-old Costas "Gus" Christofi. Williams currently faces a retrial for reckless manslaughter.

UPDATE: Cops say they found empty bottles of prescription drugs in the room. Also, Jayson's ex wife just visited him at the hospital -- followed by his lawyer.

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Ya Think    

The police should have used live rounds on Jayson like he used on Gus Christofi, who he shot as a joke. Let Jayson Williams off himself, who cares? My, how the mighty Jayson Williams has fallen. Karma, Mr. Bigshot...

2002 days ago


Karma. Gotta fight off those demons

2002 days ago

Wc from Sc    


2002 days ago


you know, for someone who was so hot, handsome, and everything else he has turned out to be a really bad loser which is very very sad. my goodness what is wrong with him?

2002 days ago


It's a shame that his life has turned out the way it did, all because of poor decision. He has got to be caring guilt for taking a life, and those are probably the demons that are driving him to this point. I have had dealings with him prior to this happening and he was one of the nicest people, always a smile and a kind word. I don't care what people say about him, I don't think he is a monster. Although none of this can compare to the lose Gus' family has suffered, it's just a sad situation all around.

2002 days ago

Jomica Man    

Much like Phil Spector, this idiot should have been convicted back in '02. Yet he remains free for a re-trial. I recall the story of the so called accidental shooting. There were many quest of his that saw the shooting take place in his home after a late night of drunken partying. These friends/quest know what actually took place that night with Jayson pointing the shotgun at his driver and pulling the trigger. These low life friends were on his side in court that prevented a rightful conviction. You wonder if this is a ploy to get mental issues involved in the next court case?

2002 days ago


They pretty much gave him the Laura Bush treatment after a the slap on the wrist she received for "accidentily" killing her boyfriend. Jayson was a helluva star. My prayers go out to him and whatever he is dealing with! I refuse to go the name calling route which I am sure a lot of people will do on here. Get better JW!

2002 days ago

big joe    


2002 days ago


Ugh, we're 7 years later and he's still waiting to face reckless manslaughter, what the hell? Oh yeh, I forgot how damn slow the wheels of justice turn when you have money to pay the attorneys to keep filing motions to delay this and delay that when next thing ya know we're 10 years down the road after the crime. Suicidal? Ballistic? Barricaded himself in and trashed the room? Hmm, my guess would be more like drugs and alchol rather than an actual suicide attempt.

2002 days ago


Why he did it?
The video from the scene:
Jayson Williams-"suicidal"

2002 days ago

artie help    

peter north was found hog tied in his closet.

2002 days ago


Seriously, power trip much?

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2002 days ago


Why he did it?
The video from the scene:
Jayson Williams-"suicidal"

2002 days ago


"we're 7 years later and he's still waiting to face reckless manslaughter, what the hell?"

There was some prosecutorial misconduct that lead to appeals that have caused the delay. If anyone is suggesting that Williams intentionally shot the guy, that is silly. It was an accident. The issue is whether Williams was reckless in the actions that produced the accident.

2002 days ago

Donald Ray    

I would LOVE to have seen a bunch of paps on the scene asking this BIG, CRAZY mfkr. a bunch of their USUAL stupid questions. I KNOWE he would've had them whinning like the btches they are. "Please don't hit me, Mr. Williams". If they thought Woody Harrelson was a problem, Jason would've shown them.

2002 days ago
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