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Swine Flu No Match for the Speidi Pandemic

4/29/2009 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While under quarantine on their honeymoon in Mexico, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are masking their love ... and all it took was a worldwide influenza outbreak.


Symptoms of swine flu include head and body aches, cough, sore throat, chills, trouble breathing, vomiting and/or diarrhea, which were also the side effects of witnessing Speidi's wedding this weekend.

There is no known cure for watching "The Hills."Launch Photos


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sicko Lambert    

Dumb and Dumber Blondes!

2001 days ago


FFS I suppose this was done for the tv cameras to be shown on that stupid show the Hills. Shakes head. Well I heard on the news a few hours ago there has been over 140 deaths in Mexico so far, I am hoping, so hoping, these 2 get infected and than they impose a quarantine on Mexico and than the pigs (the Montag pigs that is) get stuck in Mexico for a few months oh yeh and too bad for you MTV cuz I'm sure you'll have to foot the pill for the swill and swine (LMAO).

2001 days ago

L. P.    

Would anyone mind explaining why these 2 are hated so much? I had never even heard of them much before seeing this story? Do they both work on "the Hills'? So why are they hated? Well, thanks for all the great laughs anyway!

2001 days ago


Just when I think that these idiots can't get any dumber, they prove me wrong.
Please stop watching the Hills people!
Everytime I look at them, i feel my IQ dropping significantly. How dumb can you be to go to Mexico when over a hundred people are dying from a flu over there. Plus, they can bring it back to the US. Seriously, please stop writing about them. They're pathetic.

2001 days ago


Chelsea Handler is gonna have a field day with this picture hahahahah dumbasses!

2001 days ago


...please do not stop posting these two! they are laugh out loud hilarious. i have yet to see a photo of them that hasn't made my day. this one is worth a thousand words, starting with those ill-fitting masks on the open beach...i agree with other posters that they probably didn't know about the mexican connection to the flu, and have no idea how honeymoon photo-ops at this particular time come across, but the fact is, their show, and family for that matter, saw them off, or at least didn't stop them, and, well, it's all simply priceless....

2001 days ago


What a bunch of F'ing morons!
Dumb & Dumber

Hopefully they won't be coming back to the U.S.

2001 days ago


I cannot believe that she married such a inside and out ugly person. When I see him I have to look away he is so gross.

2001 days ago


they should wear two masks to cover their entire faces.

2001 days ago


Can these ridiculous people get more pathetic? Who are these people, anyway? I hope they get nice facial tan marks that makeup can't cover. Idiots. P.S. I have to admit: These are the most attractive pictures I've seen of this weird guy.

2001 days ago


OH MY GOD!!!! WHAT TOTAL IDIOTS!!! ROTFLMFAO!!!! Why not just slap a DEPENDS across your heads, you'd get the SAME EFFECT!!
What f*cking MORONS!!!!!

2001 days ago


Please let these two get the flu and die so we dont have to see or hear about them ever again they have to be the biggest idiots on the planet and not because they went to Mexico

2001 days ago

i dunna believe it    

LOL!!! this is so fake, people. this is a photo op somewhere on the Cali coast. i mean, really... Speidi is not the sharpest pair of utensils in the drawer, but there's no way they'd really risk getting this thing. this is fake. i just hope all of the drug smugglers/cartel actually do get this thing. it would do wonders for the war on drugs.

2000 days ago


There Best Look Ever . -.-

2000 days ago


I dunno about the size of her make, but did you get a load of the size of her feet?!?!? LMAO FLIPPERS OR WHAT?!

2000 days ago
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