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Hugh Jackman -- Don't Be a Dumbass

4/30/2009 8:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hugh Jackman is always on his game -- and even when he's a little grouchy and facing "dumb questions" after a long ass flight, he's more talkative than 99.9% of celebs at the airport.

Hugh Jackman: Click to watch


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Foot Fetish    


1999 days ago


wow he's so nice!! I know that wolverine WILL take the # 1 spot at the box office! look at its competitors OBESSED! with Beyonce and some other Corny movies out... its the perfect time for a good action flick

1999 days ago

Linda Mott    

Hugh is right. He always talks to TMZ and they should have some good questions ready to ask him.

1999 days ago


awwwww it's so cute how big of a crush tmz has on hugh!!

1999 days ago


Hugh is definitely GAY.

First Hugh sings and dances on Broadway.

Second his wife is plain and older and can't bear children.

Third, his kids are all adopted.

As Seinfeld would say, "not that there is anything wrong with that".

Still a decent actor, will continue to watch.

1999 days ago

Irish Lass    

Firstly, why do people still feel the need to slag off Hugh and the fact that he doesn't have biological children?! His wife had 2 miscarriages, so do you not think if Hugh and his wife could have had their own children naturally they would have?!

Secondly, his wife seems to be a lovely woman (extremely lucky, I might add!!!), but a lovely woman, who is constantly ridiculed by her age, looks, etc. Hugh and Debs are in love, get it?!!!

And thirdly, if the last comment is anything to go by, then ALL men/couples who adopt must be gay. Someone should ring up Brad and tell him that!

Hugh, continue to make all your fans happy, by being your gorgeous, sexy self. Your true fans love you, and appreciate what an amazingly talented actor, performer, all round entertainer you are. Just ignore the negativity. Love you. xxx.

1999 days ago


I am very happy for Hugh Jackman and his success - his star is certainly ascending and shining bright. He always seem to be gracious, good natured, and possess healthy ready humor. The fact that he cares about his fans - buying them meals and drinks while they were waiting in line to purchase movie tickets outside a Arizona theater - was certainly a wonderful generous gesture (that not many 'stars' would think of doing). $4100 may be a drop in the bucket of his wealth but comparatively, very few of his contemporaries would be willing to part with especially to benefit others. Kudos to Hugh!

So, naturally - there would be people who are cynical, envious, and jealous of him - to the point of knocking him by spouting unwarranted and unjustified negative accusations and rumors at/about him. I think reprehensible actions by those people speak volumes about their own negative character and personality.

Well Hugh - if you are reading this - I think that you are a very talented thespian and should continue to act, sing, and dance - and keep us all entertained for many more years to come.

Many many many BLESSINGS on you, your wife, and (adopted) children.

1999 days ago



Hugh actually spent $4308.87 for 67 breakfast trays(platters of bagels, muffins. croissants) and 80 gallons of coffee (!!!).

1999 days ago

sid schneider    

saw him on regis and kelly yesterday, never looked better. couldnt takke my eyes off him. what a smile,personality too. damn id turn gay for hom,,oh yeah ,, iam me hugh

1999 days ago

sid schneider    

he looks so fine. caught him on regis and kelly what if he is gay. cant wait till the day, we brilliant talented great looking people dont have to hide behind sham marriages ..our day is coming,,you have your black president, well half black president, its only a matter of time.

1999 days ago


He is just so cool, so down to earth and so cordial towards the paps, compare him to the likes of that bull James Gandolfini, you give the paps a bit of your time and play nice and you reap the rewards in good publicity, don't get why some stars got to be jerks.

Went to see Wolverine last night, absolutely brilliant, Liev Schreiber was brilliant as Wolverine's brother Victor.

1999 days ago


actors/actresses that have gone crazy on paps, take a look at this. yes some questions might be annoying but yet hugh gives style and grace with how he answers those type of questions. hes a great great actor, seems to be a wonderful dad and a very loyal husband. its tough to find hollywood still married these days. way to go hugh jackman!!!

1999 days ago


Sorry to burst your bubble number 1 fan, being in the business, it is a well known fact that Hugh Jackman is indeed gay. Hugh's wife is a beard, plain and simple.

Those tell tale signs are indeed tell tale.

Other noted gay celebs include Tom Cruise, Jodie Foster, surfer dude Matt M., etc.

1999 days ago


Guys don't want "lovely" women, they want hot chicks. Of course his so called wife is a cover for his gayness. This is an arranged marriage to keep the career going and to keep clueless Hugh fans in the dark.

If you're a woman, you have no shot with Hugh. Never have, never will.

1999 days ago


the marriage was to keep hugh fans in the dark? you're an idiot. when he got married 13 years ago he had no fans. He was a "nobody". It was way before he even dreamed of going to hollywood.
And what a shallow human being you are. Guys only want "hot chicks"? I've seen guys married and in love with not so attractive women. Maybe they're just better guys than you are.

1999 days ago
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