Hugh Jackman & Ryan Reynolds Marvel at What Could've Been!!! Coffee and Laughs in NYC

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are teasing the hell out of their superfans ... giving us a glimpse into what never happened on film -- Wolverine and Deadpool just kicking it over coffee.

Can't ya just hear the witty one-liners looking at Hugh and Ryan chumming it up Thursday in NYC? The duo had just left Hugh's Laughing Man coffee shop in TriBeCa, and even snapped some pics with fans.

They were spotted talking and laughing for about an hour in a nearby park before Reynolds walked home and Jackman took off on his bike.

Seeing how well these guys get along in real life is kinda bittersweet if you're a fan. As you know ... Ryan tried, unsuccessfully, to get Hugh to return to his Wolverine character and do a movie with Deadpool -- a pairing fans desperately wanted.

They've been engaged in a faux social media war for years -- which is part of their charm -- but announced a truce back in February to pitch ads for each other's companies.

You'll recall, they agreed to make awesome ads -- for Hugh's coffee and Ryan's Aviation American Gin. Classic Hugh & Ry humor.

Anyway, soak up their real-life bromance ... 'cause, for now, it seems like that's all we're getting.

Makeshift Wolverine Claws Seized by UK Officials

Somebody took their obsession with comic books a little too seriously....

Border agents in the United Kingdom seized these razor-sharp home-made Wolverine claws at a postal hub in Coventry, England recently.

The claws were discovered during a Christmastime crack down on illegal goods being shipped into the country. Along with the claws, authorities tell us drugs and weapons have also been confiscated.

No word on where these claws ended up ... bub.

Wolverine Needs FBI to Catch Cyber-Villain

He's made a career out of stopping super-villains like Sabretooth, and Magneto -- but Wolverine needed the help of the FBI to catch a dude who allegedly violated his rights on the Internet.

Some 47-year-old dude from The Bronx named Gilberto Sanchez was arrested this morning after federal agents claim he ripped a copy of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and uploaded it to a website back in March.

Sanchez has been charged with unlawfully distributing a pirated copy of the movie -- which could land him three years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine ... bub.

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Wolverine Is on 'Top Chef'?

Here's Hugh Jackman as clawed mutant "Wolverine" (left) -- and "Top Chef" season 2 runner-up Marcel Vigneron at an event in L.A. on Monday (right).

Pack your knives and go.

We're just sayin'.

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Jackman & Craig -- Can You Hear Us Now?

Wolverine and James Bond are not to be messed with, especially when they're doing the whole acting thing.

Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig were trying to perform their play "A Steady Rain" Wednesday night in NYC -- but some nitwit forgot to turn off his mobile phone. Jackman set the dude straight -- staying in character all the while. Minutes later, the ring tone echoed through the theater again and Craig's response was Tony-worthy.

Neither actor seemed shaken or stirred.

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Hugh Drinkin' in the Day, Keeps the lbs Away

Hugh Jackman has finally revealed the secret behind his ridiculous physique: Drinking his booze in the morning.

Favreau Irons Out Details on Stark vs Wolverine

Wouldn't it be awesome if Iron Man Tony Stark duked it out with Wolverine and his adamantium skeleton to see who was the ultimate master of the metals?

Well it's never gonna happen -- even though they're both Marvel characters -- and Jon Favreau explained to us the dream-crushing reason why it's impossible.

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'Wolverine' Star -- What About Blob?

Here are a few things you shouldn't do when you meet Kevin Durand, aka "The Blob" in the new Wolverine movie:

- Ask him about the bootlegged copy of the film that hit the Internet
- Tell him you haven't seen it in theaters
- Then suspiciously compliment him on his great performance

But piracy shmiracy -- the flick still pulled in $87 million this weekend.

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Hugh Jackman Names His Man Parts

Ladies of the world, meet Roger ... aka Hugh Jackman's little friend.

At least, that's what he calls it (skip to the :45 mark to here the reference). Considering his "Wolverine" flick took in $35 million on Friday, maybe an X-Men themed nickname would have been better.

Beast? Cyclops? Nightcrawler? It doesn't even seem like he's trying.

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Hugh Jackman -- Don't Be a Dumbass

Hugh Jackman is always on his game -- and even when he's a little grouchy and facing "dumb questions" after a long ass flight, he's more talkative than 99.9% of celebs at the airport.

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Watts and Schreiber's Son Released from Hospital

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber can breath a little easier now -- their son has been released from hospital after suffering from respiratory issues.

Liev was noticeably absent from Tuesday's "Wolverine" premiere in L.A. -- and we now know he ditched the event to fly to New York to take care of his ailing son, People is reporting.

Liev's rep says the couple's young son was released today and is feeling better.

When Hugh Met Pooh

Hugh Jackman, The Sexiest Man on Earth, took his family to the Happiest Place on it yesterday -- where Wolverine found a fan in Winnie the Pooh. Stranger alliances have happened.

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Hugh Jackman Goes Over the Edge

Being Wolverine, the Sexiest Man Alive, a great dad, husband and all around bad-ass just isn't enough for Hugh Jackman -- apparently he's gunning for Spider-Man's job too.

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Photog Saves Ryan Reynolds' Breath

Notes to TMZ photog re: Ryan Reynolds video
-- It is customary to wait for an answer before asking the next question.
-- Avoid telling a movie star you've seen a bootlegged copy of his movie before it's released.
-- When they are married -- especially to someone really hot -- don't ask about former GFs.

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Sting -- Hugh's Rubbing Off on Me

Sting must be gunning for Hugh Jackman's job, because with that beard yesterday in L.A., he looked like he was an Adamantium skeleton away from being the next Wolverine.

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Hugh Jackman -- Training (Wheel) Day

If you don't go "Awwww" at least once during this video of Hugh Jackman and daughter Ava in NYC, check your pulse -- you might be dead.

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